Several articles, written around the time of Benitoite's discovery and more recently, provide accurate information about the gem's properties and history.
Louderback, George Davis. " Benitoite, Its Paragensis and Mode of Occurrence." 1909. The University Press. Berkeley.
Louderback authored this article two years after naming the gem. In it, he provides several images of the gam, with maps of the area and mine.

Jezek, B. " Uber Benitoit von Kalifornien." Bulletin International de Academe de l' Acadeemie des Sciences de Boheme. 1909.
Article by B. Jezek on benitoite.

Marcher, George. H. " Story of a Gemstone Christening." The Mineralogist. May 1939.
Giving a history, and some intrigue, of how Benitoite came to be named.

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