How to navigate through the Benitoite Exhibit


This is the Main Menu, found at the bottom of pages. Each segment, as described below, is linked to a specific page in the exhibit.
Return to the front page of the exhibit
Progress to view the gem images. Smaller, thumbnail size images are presented first. If you wish to see a larger image, select that one.
Progress to view the articles.
Articles are presented page-by-page. At the bottom of each image, you have directional choices.
Progress forward to next page.
Retrace to the previous page.
Return to the very first page of the article.
Progress to view the maps. Like the images, a thumbnail is presented first, with options to select on a larger (spatial and file) size. Additionally, several topographic maps are presented. At the bottom of each page, you are given the option to progressively view more detailed (greater scale size) maps of the Benitoite Gem Mine area.
Progress to view images of the mine. As with gem images, a thumbnail is first presented, then you may select to view a larger image.

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