Images of specimens

Plates from George D. Louderback's 1909 Article on Benitoite

Crystal illustrations
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Explanation of the crystal illustrations
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Benitoite. -- 1 and 2. Gem in ordinary reflected light, natural size; 3. in transmitted light, extraordinary ray; 4. in transmitted light, ordinary ray. 5. Crystals in matrix, 4/5 nat..
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Natrolite, botryoidal aggregate. Slightly reduced.
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Natrolite druse showing equant groups perched on soda amphibole fibers. Natural size.
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Natrolite, crystalline aggregate, tabular habit. Natural size.
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Neptunite prism in natrolite druse. The inner pure white natrolite is separated from the soda amphibole rock by a layer of greenish natrolite.
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Portion of vein split open to show drusy interior. Benitoite and neptune crystals, and white natrolite veinstone partially coated with a limonite film. About 1/9 natural size.
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