Business Challenge: Provide access through the Web to non-book museum and archive collections at the University of California at Berkeley. Create flexible, reusable centrally managed applications in a rapidly evolving technical environment. Migrate existing two-tier client/server X Windows applications to multi-tier Java and XML-based web applications.

Solution: Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.5, Sybase Enterprise Application Server, Sybase technologies for Java and the Apache project's web server technologies.


The university and the world now have Web access to museum and collection databases, which contain more than one million records linked to tens of thousands of digital images.
Accelerated deployment of Web-based applications to a growing number of collections through use of "write once, run anywhere" components, which are centrally managed and activated at runtime.

In 1998, MIP's Digital Museums and Libraries at Berkeley application was nominated by Sybase, Inc. for the Computerworld Smithsonian Award for the 1998 Innovation Collection in the category of Education & Academia.

MIP is collaborating with Netimage in the application of the Jpeg Tiled Image Pyramid (JTIP) image file format for the network presentation of high resolution images. Using Netimage software for JTIP file creation, file indexing, and image registration, MIP has developed prototype Repository Services components for a repository of images created by MIP and supported projects.

Of particular importance for the development of repository services is our collaboration on Luna Imaging's Insight to operate within our application development architecture to access image collections and associated collection catalogs.

The Insight client program will provide a commercially supported general-purpose tool for browsing image collections and associated catalog databases.

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