19th Century California Sheet Music - Department of Music & School of Information Mgmt & Systems: This is a virtual library of 2,000 pieces of sheet music published in California between 1852 and 1900, with related materials such as programs, song sheets, advertisements, and photographs. As of July 2014, the California Sheet Music Project has been transferred to the UC Berkeley Library for long term preservation and access.

Archival Catalog & Circulation System - Berkeley Language Center: This is a redesign of the stand-alone catalog and circulation system for the collection of audio tapes of current and endangered languages.

Cinefiles - Pacific Film Archives: This is a database of reviews, press kits, festival and showcase program notes, newspaper articles, and other film-related images and documents that constitute the main body of data for analysis of film history. The collection contains documents from a broad range of sources covering world cinema, past and present.

Collections Information System Re-engineering Project - Museum of Vertebrate Zoology: This project redesigns the mainframe database of museum holding of mammals, birds, and reptiles and then migrates the legacy data to Sybase.

Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative (ECAI): This is a collaborative project which combines global mapping, imagery, and texts. ECAI provides scholars and other users with a research resource based on digital technology which presents complex combinations of data from multiple disciplines visually and immediately.

Earthquake Image Information System (EQIIS): This is a collection of images used to analyze damage to structures as a result of earthquakes.

Library of UC Images (LUCI): This is the instructional image database of the University of California. LUCI 1, was funded by IAPIF, and united resources from several visual collections from the Berkeley, Irvine and Riverside campuses. LUCI 2 was funded for the 2000-01 year by UCIRA, and also include the Davis, San Diego, Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz campuses as participants.

Physics Lecture Demonstrations - Department of Physics: This physics web site is an effort to make available an online source of information and pictures used for preparing and performing undergraduate lecture demonstrations.

SAGE - UC Botanical Garden: This is a database of the garden's living plant collections and a tracking system for propagation efforts.

History of Art Visual Resource Collection (HAVRC) - Department of History of Art: HAVRC is the visual online public access catalog to the 35mm slide and photographic print collection of the History of Art Visual Resources Collection at the University of California at Berkeley. The analog collection numbers nearly 400,000 slides and 230,000 photographs and is used as teaching aids by faculty in art practice, art history, and classics.

Specimen Management System for California Herbaria (SMASCH) - University & Jepson Herbaria: This project, funded by NSF, is a database of text data and images of specimens that document the distribution and classification of California flora. Since 1992, data from over 300,000 specimens has been entered.

Slide & Photograph Image Retrieval Online (SPIRO) - Environmental Design Visual Resources Center: This is the visual online catalog of slides in environmental and urban design, the histories of architecture, landscape architecture and urbanism, building sciences, design methods, materials and methods of construction, visual studies, and related subjects.

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