Cal Day 2002

Critters, Creepers and Crawlers - Animal Diversity at the MVZ

Every year on Cal Day, the MVZ tries to display some of the more interesting specimens, provide some hands-on experiences with exotic animals, and at the same time teach the public something about the environment and animal biology. This year, we had almost 1,500 visitors! We gave away a t-shirt to our 1,000th visitor. Thanks, everyone, for dropping by. See you next year!

Snakes were very popular and some people who visited had never touched one before. What a treat!

Lots of kids had a great time handling them.

Our big draw was the Red-tailed Boa, displayed by several of our students and staff.

Our students and staff were on hand to show off the animals, displays, and their pets. Many of our more interesting and exciting specimens were on display too.

Dr. Jim Patton, mammalogist, showing off a popular albino snake.

Lorna introduced people to her wonderful pet hedgehogs.

Annie, Jill, Bill, Tami and Molly counted visitors, watched the t-shirt and hat sales, and helped kids make stickers all day.

Our 1,000th visitor with his free t-shirt!

Monica organized much of the displays, got us most of the live animals, and supervised much of the display writeups. Thanks, Mon'!

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