Eggs in nest MVZ Egg and Nest Collection

Egg and nest specimens are catalogued separately from specimens in the MVZ bird collection. The egg and nest collection contains approximately 14,000 items, including over 12,800 egg sets, 220 nests, and 900 egg-nest combinations. The size of this collection ranks it as one of the largest such collections in North America. Eggs of nest parasites (e.g., cowbirds) are present in 120 sets, and 150 egg sets or nests are associated with catalogued bird specimens.

The collection contains representatives of all major orders of birds. Geographic representation is greatest for western North America, but there also are significant holdings from Europe, Asia, Africa, and most other continents.

Over 80% of the specimens are accompanied by data slips from the original collector. In addition to information on collecting locality, date, clutch size, incubation, and identification, these slips contain data on nest composition and nest placement. The MVZ is in the process of capturing these data for addition to the database.

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