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- ' -

'Inkapintay. Use Inkapintay

- 1 -

1 Finsbury Avenue

1,000 Hours of Staring

10 Minutes in Northern Texas

10 Palace Gate

100 Chairs

1001 Pennsylvania Avenue

101 California Street. Use ITEL Building (101 California St.)

101 San Fernando

101 Second Street

1022 Natoma Street. Use Natoma Street Live/Work

10th Anniversary of the October Revolution School. Use October Revolution School

11 Christopher Street

11 Court Ridge Road

110 Step Garden

120 Blondo Building

13 Lincoln's Inn Fields. Use Soane House

1328 Paraguay St.

133 S. 22nd St.

1330 Paraguay St.. Use 1328 Paraguay St.

138 Barcom Avenue

1400 Broadway

1515 9th Avenue

15th c. plan of Lisbon

1601 Larkin Street

16th Street Baptist Church

16th Street Mall

1820 Map of New York

1860 Map of New York

18th Street Downgrade

18th/Arkansas Lofts

18th/Arkansas Townhouses

19 Berryman. Use Myers Residence

1916 Zoning Laws of New York City

1927 Stones: Monument Against Racism

1958 World's Fair in Brussels

199 Commonwealth Avenue

19thc house with red roof and green shutters

1st Baptist Church. Use First Baptist Church

1st dos Santos plan for post-earthquake reconstruc

1st Fonseca plan for post-earthquake reconstructn

1st Poppe plan for post-earthquake reconstruction

1st-6th cataracts

- 2 -

2 vws: design of cutting board, use of lady's wand

2 Willow Road

2/5 House

201 Turk St/111 Jones St

202 Island Inn

2031 Rivadavia Av.. Use Palacio de los Lirios

21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art

22 Kloof Street

22 Panels That Always Work

2220 Broadway. Use Grant House

2222 Broadway. Use House of James L. Flood

23rd Street, West Oakland

24 Hrs in Life of Working-Class Filippov Family

24. Use Still from an episode of the television show "24"

245-47 S.17th St.

24th Street Intersection

24th Street, West Oakland

25b Rue Franklin Apartment Block

25th Street Park, West Oakland

26 Sloane Street. Use Joseph Ltd. Stair

2723-2725 8th St Condominiums

273 Commonwealth Avenue

28th Church of Christ

2D/3D Project

2nd dos Santos plan for post-earthquake reconstruc

2nd Fonseca plan for post-earthquake reconstructn

2nd Poppe plan for post-earthquake reconstruction

2nd Portuguese Bridge. Use Sebara Dildi

2nd Villa Moll

2nd Villa Wagner

- 3 -

3 Trains

3.900000000 Entity as Information Zoom

30 Hudson Street

30 St. Mary Axe. Use Swiss Re Corporation

301 South Prospect House

30th Street Railroad Station

317 Massachusetts Ave.

3200 block Pacific Avenue

3233 Pacific Ave. House. Use Goslinsky House

33 West Monroe

333 West Wacker Drive

3556 Meier Street. Use Mar Vista Remodeled Home

38-40 Wienzeile



- 4 -

40 Daughters Minaret. Use Chehil Dukhtaran Minaret

40 Maple Avenue House

42 Beacon Street. Use Sears House (Somerset Club)

42 Broad Street

42-44 West 39th Office Building

440 Residence

450 Sutter Street

45°90°180° Geometric Abstraction


46 Pitt Street

4D Dymaxion House Prototype

4D multi-story dwelling unit

4D Time Lock

4x4 House

4x4 House II

- 5 -

5 A.M.

5 Gesange

5 in 1

5 Rivers of Hell, Virgil, The

5 Songs. Use 5 Gesange

5-storied Pagoda

5-story Pagoda

500 Capp Street

51 Sotelo House. Use E.C. Young House

543 Broadway Chair

555 Ellis Street

56-50 Benefit St. House

563 Park Ave. Apt. Hse

580 California St.

59th Street Community Garden

5th Church of Christ

- 6 -

65 Capp Street


- 7 -

7 Hallam St.

7 on Kettner

717 Chestnut Street

- 8 -

8 Thomas Street House

80 South Street

825 Avenida de Mayo. Use Cafe Tortoni

85 Brattle Street House

8522 National Boulevard

860 No. Lake Shore Drive Apartments. Use Lake Shore Drive Apartments

88 Wood Street

- 9 -

9 Court Ridge Road

9 Lafayette Street. Use Lafayette Lofts

901 Cherry. Use Gap Inc.

99 Cents

998 Fifth Ave. Apt. Hse

9th avenue sidewalk

- A -

A Central American town from air

A Civic Clinic for Better Living

A Corner of the Artist's Room in Paris...

A Dauphine Landscape

A Day

A family

A family posing outside a low house

A General Plan of Hampton Court

A Government Office Building for a Metropolis

A Guide to Better Living: The 5 Star Home

A House for Two Friends. Use Two Patio Villas

A Hundred Views of Famous Places in Edo

A job can be waiting for him but we must plan now

A journey through Texas

A l'aube

A line in the Himalayas

A line made by walking

A Map of the County of Savannah

A New & Accurate Plan of the Town of St. Augustine

A New Plan of Ye Great New England of Am.

A Plan of London, with..Streets, Lanes, and Roads

A Plan of Mr. Pope's Garden

A Plan of the City of New York

A Plan of the City of New-York & its Environs

A Plan of the Gardens at Levens Hall, Westmorland

A Plan of the Town of New Haven..

A Prediction

A Room From a Painting

A schematic cross-section of a typical street

A sense of self invested in one's body

A sink in a public hall

A Situation in Yellow

A Tappan's Store Pearl St NY

A Woman and Her Maid in a Courtyard

A-Bomb Dome

A. E. Bingham House. Use Bingham House

A. Everett Austin House

A. O. Beckman Residence. Use Beckman Residence

A. W. Maybeck Cabin

A.E.G. Administration Building

A.E.G. High Tension Factory. Use A.E.G. Turbine Factory

A.E.G. Poster

A.E.G. Shops

A.E.G. Turbine Factory

A.G. Adolph Saurer Office Building

A.I. Building. Use Stata Center

A.M. Coats Residence. Use Coats Residence

A.T. Stewart Dry Goods Store. Use A.T. Stewart's Cast Iron Palace

A.T. Stewart Dry Goods Store. Use A.T. Stewart's Marble Palace

A.T. Stewart's Cast Iron Palace

A.T. Stewart's Marble Palace

Aachen Cathedral. Use Palatine Chapel

Aalemannkanal Housing Unit

Aalto Museum

Aalto Office

Aarhus University


Abakh Khoja Tomb

Abandoned brick buildings

Abandonment of Ariadne


Abbasid Khalifs Mausoleum

Abbasid Palace

Abbasside Palace. Use Abbasid Palace

Abbatoirs de la Mouche

Abbaye des Dames. Use La Trinite

Abbaye-aux-Hommes. Use Saint Etienne

Abbazia di Fossanova

Abbe Science Center


Abbey Church

Abbey Church (Rohr Abbey). Use Austin Canons Church

Abbey Church of Saint Peter. Use Saint Peter Abbey Church

Abbey Saint Bernard

Abbot's Hall. Use Daisenin


Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Garden

ABC: Beitrage zum Bauen

Abd al-Hadi Shrine

Abdin Palace

Abdin Square

Abdul Azim Mosque

Abdul Aziz International Airport at Jiddah. Use Haj Terminal, Jiddah Airport

Abdullah Khan Madrasa

Abdullah Pasa Yali

Abdullah Pasha Fountain

Abdulrahaman Nassief House. Use Nassief House

Abell House

Abijah Thomas House

Abingdon Church

Abomey Mosque

Aboriginal Bark Shelter

Aboriginal Encampment

Aborigine shelters

Abraha Atsbaha Church

Abrahah's elephants, charging upon the Ka'bah

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Yates House

Abramson Residence

Abramtsevo Artists' Colony House

Abstract Composition

Abstract: Blue, Brown, White, Black, Turquoise

Abstraction: Bowls

Abtan House

Abteiberg Municipal Museum

Abu Dulaf Mosque

Abu Sir Papyri

Academic Bookshop

Academic Building


Academy by Lamplight

Academy of Music

Acceleration of a Flying Ball

Accession II

Ace Cafe



Achibal Bagh. Use Achibal

Ackerman Student Union

Acme Novelty Library N. 16: Rusty Brown


ACOM Office Building

Acoma Pueblo

Acorn Housing

Acqua Acetosa

Acqua Felice

Acqua Paola


Acropolis. Use Structure A-V

ACROS Building

Ad Dual Lauros, Via Labicana. Use Saints Marcellino & Pietro Catacomb

Ad Duas Lauros, Via Labicana. Use Saints Marcellino & Pietro Catacomb

Ad Henah

Adachi Garden

Adachi Museum of Art Garden. Use Adachi Garden

Adalaj Stepwell. Use Rudabai Stepwell

Adam Department Store

Adam Joseph Lewis Center for Environmental Studies. Use Lewis Center for Environmental Studies

Adams House

Adamson House

Addison and Art Farmer

Addison Residence

Addison Wesley Longman Headquarters

Adelaide Tichenor House. Use Tichenor House

Adele Bloch-Bauer I

Adelie Bischoff House

Adeline Street Urban Salvage Project. Use Leger Wanaselja House

Adelphi Hotel

Adelphi Terrace

Adena sites

ADGB Trade Union School. Use German Trade Unions Federation School

ADGB. Use German Trade Unions Federation School

Adirondack Retreat

Adjustable Wall Bras

Adlai E. Stevenson College

Administration and Research Building

Administration Building

Administration, Conservatory and Visitors Center


Admiralty Arch

Admont Abbey

Admont Abbey Library

Adobe house

Adolph the Superman Swallows Gold & Spouts Junk

Adolph's Building

Adolphe Stoclet House. Use Palais Stoclet


Adoration of the Magi


Advanced Green Builder demonstration house. Use Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems

Advanced Photovoltaic Systems Facility

Advent Church

Advent, Church of the



Advertisement for Automatic Pumping Engines

Advertising Poster for Books

AEG Electric Tea & Water Kettle

AEG Table Fan

Aegina Academy

Aegis Hyposurface

Aeneas at Delos

Aer vw fr the south, Bucintoro anchored nr Arsenal

Aerial of deciduous vegetation killed by herbicide

Aerial Photograph of Bois de Boulogne

Aerial Photograph of Pompeii

Aerial view at 16,000 ft of the Rocky Mountains

Aerial view looking north; Lake Michigan coastline

Aerial view of 3-decker housing

Aerial View of 6th Street

Aerial view of a camping and wilderness area

Aerial view of a detail of the fortress town

Aerial view of a golf course

Aerial view of a hydroelectric dam

Aerial view of a hydroelectric power plant

Aerial view of a massive strip mining operation

Aerial view of a portion of spoil heaps

Aerial view of Alamo Square

Aerial view of Amsterdam, Scale 1:120,000 km

Aerial view of Amsterdam, Scale 1:150,000 km

Aerial view of an oil-burning plant

Aerial view of bastide city with river, coastline

Aerial view of bastide city, w/river and coastline

Aerial view of Bologna

Aerial view of Boston with vacant lots

Aerial view of Bruges

Aerial view of central park and city

Aerial view of Charles River

Aerial view of Charles River Esplanade

Aerial view of city historical center post-fire

Aerial view of city in mountain setting

Aerial view of city, refortified 12-13th centuries

Aerial view of city, w/city square in the center

Aerial view of city, w/city wall bordered by water

Aerial view of clear-cutting

Aerial view of coal burning plant

Aerial view of commons and public garden

Aerial view of cul-de-sac

Aerial view of dust plumes from logging truck

Aerial view of Entrevaux

Aerial view of factory smoke

Aerial view of Fenway and Museum of Fine Arts

Aerial view of fields along the Nile

Aerial view of forklifts stacking logs

Aerial view of Frankfurt

Aerial view of Franklin Park

Aerial view of Genova

Aerial view of Guayaquil

Aerial view of houses in the valley

Aerial view of housing

Aerial view of housing density

Aerial view of housing off a circular feeder road

Aerial view of Ile de la Cite and Ile Saint-Louis

Aerial view of island looking straight down Seine

Aerial view of Jackson Park

Aerial view of Kreuzberg

Aerial view of Leptis Magna

Aerial view of Lima

Aerial view of Lima city block

Aerial view of Lisbon

Aerial view of Medieval agricultural land

Aerial view of moose and beaver dam

Aerial view of Mt. Tamalpais Bay

Aerial view of Oakland and environs

Aerial view of Ocean Beach and the Sunset

Aerial view of one of Savannah's squares

Aerial view of Philadelphia and Delaware River

Aerial view of Pompeii

Aerial view of Port-Grimaud

Aerial view of public garden

Aerial view of Richmond and Sunset neighborhoods

Aerial view of Rittenhouse Square

Aerial view of rooftops along a primary road

Aerial view of San Francisco at dusk

Aerial view of San Francisco Bay

Aerial view of Sao Paulo

Aerial view of single-family housing on cul-de-sac

Aerial view of small-lot subdivision

Aerial view of smog

Aerial view of street intersection

Aerial view of structural routes

Aerial view of sulfur smoke from a paper mill

Aerial view of Terazije, Marx and Engels squares

Aerial view of the bastide city

Aerial view of the Champs-Elysees

Aerial view of the city and environs

Aerial view of the city fr the top of a high cliff

Aerial view of the city, surrounded by fields

Aerial view of the fortress town

Aerial view of the island, bordered by the Seine

Aerial view of the neighborhood

Aerial view of the oblong market buildings

Aerial view of the Renaissance Quarter

Aerial view of the Ringstrasse

Aerial view of the Rocky Mountains from 16,000 ft

Aerial view of the star-shaped city in winter

Aerial view of the walled city

Aerial view of Treasure Island w/East Bay Bridge

Aerial view of typical suburban housing grid

Aerial view of upper Regent Street

Aerial view of Van Ness Avenue

Aerial view of walled bastide town

Aerial view of walled city, surrounded by fields

Aerial view rendering of the city

Aerial view with rooftops between radiating lines

Aerial view with the city in the foreground

Aerial view with the French market

Aerial view, with central artery

Aerial view, with streets and landmarks identified

Aerial vw of the city fr Lincoln Park to the Mall

Aerial vw of walled bastide town w/river,coastline

Aerodynamics Studies Using Fillets of Smoke

Aerospace Laboratory


Aesculpius. Use Asklepieion at Kos

AFA Carport

Afendiko. Use Hodegetria Church, Lady of

Affordable housing

Afghani Garden

Afif Pasha Yali

Afin Ife

Afin Ikerre

Africa Hall

Africa Hall Stained Glass Windows

African Meeting House

African Temple at 9th Street

Aftab Gardens Apartments

After the Burst

After the Oakland Hills Fire

After the Planners

After total war ... total living

Afterglow in Egypt

Afternoon in the City

Afteykeninge van de Stadt Philadelphia..

Afunalhue Indigenous Center

Afzal Khan's Tomb. Use Chini-ka Rauza

Agate Student Housing

Agati Residential Building

Agave Design I

Agdal Garden

Agnew Clinic, The


Agra Fort

Agricultural Bank

Agricultural Building

Agricultural Exhibition

Agrigento. Use Agrigentum


Agronomy Building


Agudas Achim Synagogue

Ahavath Israel Synagogue

Ahlgren House

Ahmad Ibn Tulun Mosque. Use Ibn Tulun Mosque

Ahmad Shah Il Bahmani Tomb

Ahmediye Medrese-Tekke

Ahwahnee, The

Ahwanhee Principles

Aiding a Comrade

AIDS Memorial Grove

AIDS Memorial Quilt

Aids to draw the perspective of a reclining woman

Aiken House

Aiken-Rhett House

Ainokura Hamlet

Air Flow

Air Pavilion

Air Transport Terminal

Aircraft-Carrier projects

Airlift Memorial Monument


Airplane Parts and Building, A Large Growth for...


Airtecture Exhibition Hall

Aitken Seabird Aviary

Aiton & Co.

Akademie Mont-Cenis. Use Mont-Cenis Academy

Akai (Aki) House


Akasaka Inn

Akasaka Prince Hotel

Akbar's Fort

Akbar-Nama Manuscript

Akhenaten, colossus. Use Colossus of Akhenaten

Akino Fuku Museum

Akragas. Use Agrigentum

Akron Boys and Girls Club

Akron Pavilion

Akrotiri fresco

Akshardham Temple

Aksum Obelisk

Al Hamoda Fort

Al Manhal School

Al-Aqmar Mosque

al-Aqsa Mosque

al-Ashraf Barsbey Mausoleum

al-Ashraf Barsbey Mosque

al-Attarin Madrasa

al-Azhar Mosque

al-Baadi Palace. Use Dar Fe Bedi Palace


al-Gazira Palace

al-Ghuri Mausoleum-Madrasa

al-Giza Palace

al-Hakim Mosque

al-Hilmiya Palace


Al-Kadhimain Mosque

Al-Kazimiyah Mosque. Use Al-Kadhimain Mosque

al-Malik al-Ashraf Khalil Mausoleum

al-Moridani Mosque. Use Amir Altunbugha al-Moridani Mosque

al-Mustansiriyeh Madrasa

al-Nasr Madrasa & Mausoleum

al-Nasr Mosque


Alaaddin Pasa Mosque. Use Alaeddin Bey Cami

Alabama State Capitol

Alabaster Shrine of Amenhotep I

Alaeddin Bey Cami

Alaeddin Camii

Alaettin Bey Mosque. Use Alaeddin Bey Cami

Alai Darwaza

Alameda Naval Air Station Conversion

Alamitos School


Alanya Kale

Alaska Commercial Bldg

Alaska Pipeline

Alatheia Talbot, Countess of Arundel

Alay (Alai) Kiosk

Albany Bulb Sculpture Garden

Albany Waterfront project

Albeniz Garden

Alberca Olimpica

Albergo di Santa Margherita. Use Ospizio Bocco

Albergo Leon Bianco (White Lion Hotel). Use Ca' da Mosto

Albert Camus School

Albert Dock

Albert Hall

Albert Memorial

Albert Schneider House. Use Schneider House

Albert W. Goodrich House

Albertina Palace

Albion Mill

Alblasserdam House

Albrecht House

Albright-Knox Art Gallery Addition


Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos

Alcazar Nuevo. Use Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos

Alcazar of Segovia

Alcazar of Seville

Alcazares reales de Seville. Use Alcazar of Seville

Alchemist's Workshop, The

Alchemy of Ruins

Alchymist, in Search of the Philosopher's...

Alcino Cardoso House

Alcoa Building

Alcoa Forecast Garden

Alcobendas Civic Center

Aldrich Place

Alemany Community Garden & Youth Farm

Alert Box. Use Boite Alert

Alessi Coffee & Tea Towers

Alevian Mosque. Use Gunbad-i-Alaviyan Mosque

Alex Riley's Sheep Farm. Use Riley's Sheep Farm

Alex Theater

Alexander Calder Installation

Alexander color theory

Alexander Column

Alexander Column and General Staff

Alexander Hall

Alexander Hural Residence. Use Hural Residence

Alexander Mosaic

Alexander Pushkin memorial at the Russian Museum

Alexander Residence

Alexandria Library

Algerian Palace

Algerian Women in Apartment

Algiers Projects


Alhamra Arts Council

Alhondiga de Granaditas

Alhytta Modular System

Ali Agha House. Use Bait Nizam

Ali Barid Shah Tomb

Ali Bin Abi Taled Mosque

Ali el-Hadi Mosque

Ali Pasha Mosque

Ali Qapu Palace

Ali Shah Shrine

Alicante University Museum

Alicante, Spain

Alice as the Beggar Maid

Alice Gay House. Use Gay House

Alioto Park

Alishir Navoi Ballet and Opera House

All Fists Have Been Clenched as One

All Russian Economic & Cottage Industry Exhibition

All Saints' Church

All Soul's College

All Souls Church

All-India War Memorial Arch

All-Steel Historic Home

Alla-Quli Khan Caravanserai

Alla-Quli Khan Caravanserai. See also Tash Khauli (Stone Palace)

Allahverdi Khan Bridge

Allan Dorland House

Allega office building

Allegheny County Courthouse

Allegheny County Prison

Allegheny Riverfront Park

Allegorical Monument to Sir Isaac Newton

Allegory of Geometry

Allegory of the Tree of Life

Allen Barbour House. Use Barbour Residence

Allen House

Allen Memorial Art Museum

Allen Memorial Art Museum Addition

Alley at Sather Gate

Allgemaine Elektricitaets Gesellschaft Poster. Use A.E.G. Poster

Alliance Franco-Senegalaise

Allies and Morrison Architects own offices


Alloways Creek Quaker Meeting House

Alma Kennedy annex. Use Kennedy Studio

Alma Kennedy House and Recital Hall

Alma Metro Station

Alma S. Kennedy Studio. Use Kennedy Studio

Almehs Playing Chess in Cafe

Almere Centraal Station

Almost Square

Almouchicois(?) hut


Alpha house

Alpilla Church

Alpine Architektur

Alstadt Rectangle 5x20

Altamira Cave

Altamish Tomb


Altar 5

Altar of Apollo

Altar of Heaven. Use Yuan Qiu

Altar of Hieron II

Altar of Zeus

Altar Q

Altar, Unnamed, with Niche Figure

Alte Bibliothek

Alte Kapelle Basilica

Alte Nazarethkirche. Use Nazareth Church

Alteka Office Building

Alternative Cathedral

Altes Museum

Altes Schloss Ermitage

Althea Gibson Early Childhood Education Center



Alton College

Altos de los Idoles

Aluminaire House

Aluminum Centrum

Aluminum City Housing

Aluminum Cottage

Aluminum Works, 100. Use Arena

Alumni Memorial Chapel

Alumni Memorial Hall

Alvarado Park. Use Wildcat Canyon Park

Alvarado Place

Alvarado Rd.Residence. Use Wayne/Dinkelspiel Residence

Alvorada Palace

Always Camels

Am Romerholz

Amal.Clothing Workers Union Housing, Bronx

Amal.Clothing Workers Union Housing, Manhattan



Amar Singh Gate

Amarillo Ramp

Amatller House. Use Casa Amatller

Amazing Stories

Amazon Student Housing

Amba Vilasa

Ambassador College

Ambassador's residence


Amber Hall

Amber Palace

Ambleny Keep

Ambulant Merchant of Cairo

Amcazade Huseyin Pasa Yali

Amda Mikael Palace

Amenhotep III

Amenhotep III Mortuary Temple

Amenhotep, son of Hapu

Amenity Hall


America At Home Showroom

America, a Prophecy

American Academy of Arts and Sciences

American Architect and Building News

American Center

American Embassy

American Folk Art Museum

American Gothic

American Heritage Center and Art Museum

American Hotel

American Life Building

American Memorial Library

American Merchants Union Express Company Building

American Museum of Natural History

American Museum of the Moving Image

American Print Works

American Radiator Building

American Society for Metals international dome. Use Art Metals Building

American Stove Company Building

American System-Built Houses

American Telephone and Telegraph Co. Annual Report

American Trust Bank

American Wing

American Woman's Home. Use Christian Home

Amerika Gedenk Bibliotek. Use American Memorial Library

Amerika I

Amerika XII

Amerongen Castle

Ames Gate Lodge

Ames Monument

Amherst College

Amiens Cathedral

Amir Altunbugha al-Moridani Mosque

Amir Qanibay al-Sayfi al Rammah Madrasa-Mausoleum

Amir Sirghitmish Madrasa-Mausoleum

Amir Ylgay al-Yusafi Madrasa-Mausoleum

Amistad Farmworker Housing

AMO. Use Moscow Automobile Factory

Amoskeag Mill Company

Amphiaraios Sanctuary

Amphiaraios Stoa

Amphiaraios Theatre

Amphiareion. Use Amphiaraios Sanctuary

Amphiteatrum Flavium. Use Colosseum


Amphitheatre of Tusculum


Amr Ibn al Asi Mosque


Amstel Station

Amstelodamum cum antiquis et Neperrimis pomoeriis

Amsterdam Academy of Arts

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amtsgericht Spandau


Amun Temple

Amun, Great Temple of. Use Temple of Amun-Re

Amun-Re, Great Temple of. Use Temple of Amun-Re

An Architectural Conception for Modern Chicago

An attendant assists with preparation for the day

An Elizabethan Gentleman

An Elizabethan Maundy Ceremony

An Imaginary Metropolis

Anaheim Stadium. Use Edison International Field

Anahita Temple

Ananta Smakhom Throne Hall

Anba Hatra. Use Saint Simeon Monastery

Ancestor: Architecture of the Human Figure

Ancestral Realm

Anchi Bridge. Use Anji Bridge

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptian sites, Middle east

Ancient Incident, The

Ancient of Days, The

Ancient Sites

Ancient walls

Ancient World, 2500-1500 BCE


Andalucia Community

ANDB. Use Diamond Workers' Union

Andersen Worldwide

Anderson Building

Anderson Forges

Anderson Garden

Anderson House

Anderson/Ayers House

Anderton Court

Andrea Palladio Statue

Andrew C. Lawson House

Andrew Garden

Andrew Melville Hall

Andrews House


Anet Chateau

Angel Woman, Sonora Desert, Mexico


Angels decorating the Ka'bah

Angkor Complex

Angkor Thom

Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat Model


Anglo-Palestine Bank

Angolan School

Angustias Church

Angustias, Iglesia de las. Use Virgen de las Angustias

Animal Experiments

Animal Shelter for the Women's Humane Society

Animal Way. Use Spirit Road (Animal Way)

Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral?

Anji Bridge

Ankara Construit

Ankara Secondary Girls School Expansion

Ankhmahor, Tomb. Use Tomb of Ankhmahor

Ann Hatch Residence


Annaga Mosque

Annals of Hainault

Anne Hathaway House

Anne of Cleves

Anne, Lady Pope with her Children

Annette in the Atelier with The Chariot

Annual Girondola, at the Castle of St....


Annunciation Church at Arkaji

Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church

Annunciation, Cathedral of the

Annunciation, Church of the

Another Kind of Growth

Another Maze

Anshei ha-Arets


Antaios Temple. Use Anty Temple

Antebellum House

Antelline Residence

Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve Visitor Center

Anthony Hall. Use Pelican Building

Anthony House. Use Earle C. Anthony House

Anthropology Museum


Antichita Romane

Antietam Bridge

Antiquarie prospetiche romane, composte per Pro...


Antiquated Music

Antique Theater

Antofagasta Public Hospital

Antonine Baths

Antonio Plaza Monument 1-"The Wrestler"

Antui Lin Residence

Antwerp. Antwerpen. Anvers..

Anty Temple

Anubis Chapel

Anubis Shrine

Aoyama Apartments. Use Dojunkai Aoyama Apartments


Apartheid Museum


Apartment and Office Building

Apartment Block

Apartment Block by Andre Lurcat

Apartment Block on the Karpovka River. Use Lensovet Housing

Apartment Building

Apartment Building, 51-55 Rue Raynouard

Apartment buildings for Teacher's Housing Coop

Apartment Hill

Apartment House

Apartment house garden

Apartment House Immeuble Clarte. Use Clarte Apartments

Apartment House on rue Gal-Moinier

Apartment House, rues Rumfort & Lavoisier

Apartment houses with reflecting pool

Apartment Kostlergasse

Apartment Neustiftgasse

Apartment patio

Apartment Stadiongasse

Apartment Type 30

Apartment Type F

Apartment, The


Apartments at 36 Rasin Embankment

Apartments at 38 Rasin Embankment

Apartments at 46 Rasin Embankment

Apartments at Arsta

Apartments for Single Women

Apartments on Africanischestrasse

Apartments on Bridges

Apartments over arcades

Apartments, Berlin. Use Schlesisches Tor Housing

Apartments, rue des Hautes-Formes

Apedemak Temple

Apedemak Temple of Natakamani. Use Lion Temple

Apex-Lehman Physical Education Facility

Aphrodite's Birthplace

Apicorp Offices

Apollo 7

Apollo 9

Apollo and the Artist

Apollo Basin

Apollo Belvedere

Apollo II

Apollo of Piombino

Apollo of Tenea

Apollo Schools

Apollo Tended by Nymphs

Apollo Theatre

Apothecaries Mosque. Use Mughak-i Attari (Apothecaries) Mosque


Apparition, The

Appert Garden

Apple Pickers Unit. Use Migrant Workers Housing

Apple Valley School Addition

Approach. River of Golden Water

APS ESH. Use Environmental Showcase Home

APS Facility. Use Advanced Photovoltaic Systems Facility

Apsley House

Aqua Claudia


Aquatic Park


Aqueduct of Valens

Aquia Church

Aquileia Relief

Ara Pacis

Arab and his Dogs, An

Arab Girl with Waterpipe

Arab Petroleum Investments Corporation Offices. Use Apicorp Offices

Arab Socialist Union Headquarters

Arab Urban Development Institute

Arab Wedding

Arab World Institute. Use Institut du Monde Arabe

Arag Building

Arag Tower

Aranjuez Palace

Aranya Housing Development

Arbatu Entzessa Church

Arc de Triomphe

Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel

Arc del Triomf

Arc Municipal, St. Remy de Provence


Arcade Building

Arcade interior w/people standing and on bikes

Arcade w/people seated, standing, and circulating

Arcades providing shaded circulation and seating

Arcadian Gate


Arch of Alexander Severus

Arch of Augustus

Arch of Caracalla

Arch of Constantine

Arch of Constantine & Colosseum

Arch of Diocletian

Arch of Domitian

Arch of Foreign Merchants

Arch of Frontinus. Use Arch of Domitian

Arch of Germanicus

Arch of Hadrian

Arch of Janus Quadrifons

Arch of Septimius Severus

Arch of Septimus Severus

Arch of the Rising Sun, Court of the Universe

Arch of the Setting Sun, Court of the Universe

Arch of Titus

Arch of Trajan

Arch of Triumph

Arch Street Meeting House

Archaeological and Fine Arts Museum. Use Museo de Arqueologia y Bellas Artes

Archaeological Survey of India.New Imperial series

Archaeology of Section, The

Archangel Michael, Cathedral of the

Archbishop's Palace

Archduke Franz Ferdinand Memorial. Use Young Bosnia Museum

Archduke Leopold-William in the Italian gallery

Archeological Map of Middle America

Archeology Museum

Archer, The

Archery Range

Archetypal Places..Related Life Cycle Stages

Archetypes in Architecture

Archiepiscopal Palace

Architect May

Architect Meets the Nursing Home

Architectural Concrete

Architectural Construction

Architectural Drawing: Options for Design

Architectural Fairy Tales, unpublished book

Architectural Fantasies. Use Arkhitekturnye Fantazii

Architectural Fantasy

Architectural Forum

Architectural Graphics

Architectural Interior

Architectural Iron Works Building

Architectural Record

Architectural Review and American Builders Journal

Architectural Sketch Book

Architectural Visions of early fancy, in the gay..


Architecture and the Phenomena of Transition

Architecture As A Social Art

Architecture as Human Geography

Architecture Faculty

Architecture Faculty Library

Architecture Institute

Architecture of Affordable Housing, The

Architecture School

Architecture Without Architects

Architektonische Bedenken

Architettura Civile

Architrave with Greek Inscription


Archway under Carriage Drive

Arco dei Gavi

Arco del Meloncello

Arco di Augusto. Use Arco Etrusco

Arco Etrusco



Ardeatine Cave War Memorial and Mausoleum

Are you doodling or planning ...

Are you double-talking or straight thinking...


Arenberg Mills


Arets-Sijstermans House and Studio

Arg Karimkhani. Use Citadel of Karim Khan Zand

Arg-i Ali Shah. Use Masjid-i-Ali Shah

Argentinian Pavilion

Argive Hera Temple. Use Heraion (Temple of Hera I)

Argive Hera Temple. Use Heraion (Temple of Hera II)

Ariadne on Naxos

Arian Baptistery

Arias-Tsang House

Arizona Biltmore Hotel

Arizona Club

Arizona Public Service Environmental Showcase Home. Use Environmental Showcase Home

Arizona State University

Arjuna rath

Arjuna's Penance. Use Descent of the Ganges

Ark. Use North Gate Hall

Arkansas State Capitol

Arkhitekton "Alpha"


Arkhitekturnye Fantazii

Arktische Blumen

Arlington Farms Housing

Armada Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I


Armani Couture



Armee du Salut. Use Eight Houses

Armenian Church of Saint Gregory. Use Saint Gregory the Illuminator Church


Armon House


Armory & Gymnasium

Armory Show


Army-Navy Club

Arnaut Smoking

Arnauts of Cairo at the Bab el-Nasr

Arnhem Central

Arnold Hall

Arnoldi Triplex

Aronoff Center of Design and Art

Arpad Vezer Secondary School

Arrangement of Specimens

Arrival of Jugglers

Arrowhead Stadium

Arruga Studios




Arslan Hane Mosque

Art & Architecture Building

Art and visual perception

Art Center

Art Centre College of Design

Art Critic, The

Art from the Farnese to the Bourbons

Art Gallery of Ontario

Art House Project

Art in Nature, Appalachian State University

Art in Nature, Arizona

Art in Nature, Australia

Art in Nature, Baja California

Art in Nature, California

Art in Nature, Colorado

Art in Nature, Egypt

Art in Nature, France

Art in Nature, Hawaii

Art in Nature, Jordan

Art in Nature, New Mexico

Art in Nature, Polynesia

Art in Nature, Smith College

Art in Nature, Utah

Art Institute. Use Chicago Club Building

Art Metals Building

Art Museum Addition

Art Museum on 7 de Abril Street

Art Nouveau Bing Pavilion

Art Nouveau style door grill

Art of Sao Paulo Museum

Art of the As Found

Art Pavilion

Art School & Annex

Art Space N

Art Tower Mito

Artaria Gallery & Office Building

Artaxerxes II Tomb

Artaxerxes III Tomb

Arthur and Yvonne Boyd Education Centre. Use Boyd Education Centre

Artic Flowers. Use Arktische Blumen

Artificial Intelligence Building. Use Stata Center

Artillery Sheds

Artist Looks at Nature, The

Artist Retreat II

Artist with model trains

Artist's Mother, The

Artist's studio

Artist's Studio, The

Arts & Science College

Arts and Architecture

Arts et Metiers

ArtSway. Use Centre for Visual Arts

Arup Campus

Arve River Bridge

Arxiv de la Corona d'Arago

Arz Odasi

As good as Aladdin's lamp

As You Like It

Asaf-ud-daulah Complex

Asafi Kothi

Asam Church

Asamkirche. Use Saint John Nepomuk

Ascension Mosaic

Ascension, Church of the

Asclepieion. Use Aesclepieion

Ash and Silk Wall

Ashdown House


Ashfield Nursery School

Ashi Newspaper Offices

Ashley Hall School. Use Patrick Duncan House

Ashmolean Museum and Taylorian Institute

Ashoka Hotel

Ashrafiya Madrasa

Ashrei ha-Gever

Asiatic Society of Bengal. Memoirs of.

Asik Turbe

Asilo Casalingo Anna e Luigi d'Este

Asilo Notturno. Use Ospizio del Morion

Asilomar Conference Center

Askariya Shrine. Use Ali el-Hadi Mosque

Asklepieion at Kos

Asklepieion. Use Aesclepieion

Asociation Nacional de Futbal Profesional. Use National Professional Soccer Association

Asoka Pillar

Asokaramaya Temple

Asphalt on Eroded Cliff

Asphalt Rundown

Assay Office

Assayagh Apartments

Assemblage Project

Assemblies by al-Hariri. Use Garden carpet from northwest Persia

Assembling for an Demonstration

Assembly Rooms

Asser Levy Public Baths

Assisted Care & After Care Facility

Associated Charities

Associated Press Building

Assumption Church

Assumption, Basilica of the. Use Baltimore Cathedral

Assumption, Cathedral of the

Assumption, Cathedral of the (Russian only). Use Dormition, Cathedral of the

Assumption, Cathedral of the. Use Baltimore Cathedral

Assumption, Church of the

Assurbanipal's Palace

Assurnasirpal II Palace

Assyrian Empire At Its Height About 625 BCE

Astor Court

Astor Library

Astres et desastres


Astronauts Memorial

Asukadera Temple

Aswan High Dam


At Night

At the Good Shepherd

At the Milliners

At the Piano

At the Time of the Louisville Flood

At the Water Trough

AT&T Headquarters

Atashkadeh. Use Fire Temple

Ataturk's Mausoleum

ATBAT Project. Use Marseilles Block

Atelier and House

Atelier des Cercles

Atelier Pascal

Atelier, The

Atetelco Apartment Compound

Atetelco Palace. Use Atetelco Apartment Compound


Athena Archegetis

Athena Precinct

Athena-Lindia Temple


Athene Francais


Athenian Treasury

Atherton High School

Athfield House

Athlete's Dream, The

Atik Valide Kulliye

Atiq Mosque. Use Masjid-i-Jami

Atkin Residence

Atkinson House

Atkinson Residence

Atkinsons Exhibit


Atlanta Carnegie Library

Atlantic Center for the Performing Arts

Atlantis, The

Atlatlauhcan Monastery

Atocha Station


Atom City Garden Apartments

Atomic bomb..effects on an American city


Atomkreig Nein


Attemping the impossible



Atwater Kent Museum. Use Franklin Institute

Au Bon Marche: Maniquins

Au charbonnage cafe

Au soleil d'or - place de l'Ecoles

Au Tambour, 63 quai de la Tournelle

Aubin Codex

Auburn State Prison

Audi Employee Cafeteria

AUDI. Use Arab Urban Development Institute

Audience Hall

Audience Hall of Cyrus the Great

Audience Hall. Use Arz Odasi

Audience Palace of Cyrus the Great. Use Audience Hall of Cyrus the Great

Audiencia Palace


Auditorio de Tenerife

Auditorium Building

Auditorium Parco Della Musica

Audley End

Audrain Block

Audubon Society Headquarters. Use Schermerhorn Department Store

Augustine sets out for Milan from Rome

Augustinian Convent, Fribourg

Augustinian Monastery

Augustus of Prima Porta

Augustus Temple

Auibre Hor, Statue. Use King Auibre Hor

Aukrust Museum

Aurangzeb Mosque

Austin Canons Church

Austin Convention Center

Austin Hall

Australian Centre for the Moving Image. Use ACMI

Austrian Building

Austrian Cultural Forum

Austrian Embassy

Austrian Parliament. Use Parliament

Autant de Fenestres

Autobahn, Mettmann

Autograph Sketchbook 1869-1876. Use Sketchbook 1869-1876

Automated Cotton Mill


Automobile Tire Print


Autopista del Sol. Use COPEC Bridge Restaurant

Autry National Center


Autumn Scene

Avalon Apartments

Avantipur Temple


Avebury Region

Aveiro University

Aveiro Water Tower

Avelino Duarte House

Avenida Bolivar with new construction

Aventine, The

Avenue de l'Opera, Soleil, Matin d'Hiver

Avenue de Versailles Apartments

Avenue of Lions

Avenue of Residential Towers. Use L'Avenue des Maisons-Tours

Avenue of the Americas

Avenue of the Dead

Avenue, the

Avery Coonley House. Use Coonley House

Avery Fisher Hall. Use Philharmonic Hall

Avery Memorial Wing


Avicenne Hospital

Avila Cathedral

Avion Village


Avtostroi Housing Combine

Awaji Art Village


Axminster Carpet

Ay Khanom

Aya Irini. Use Hagia Eirene

Aya Yorgi

Ayazma Camii

Azabu Edge

Azam Family Mansion


Azapkapi Mosque

Azay-le-Rideau Castle

Azem Palace

Aziz Mahmud Hudai Tekke

Aziziye Camii

Aznavur Tepe. Use Fortress Temple

Azraq Shishan Pools

Aztec Stadium

Azuma House

- B -

B house

B Project

B'nei Adam

B.K. Pal House

B.P. America Tower

Baas-Walrod House


Bab Aguenaou

Bab al Dab

Bab al-Nasr

Bab Boujeloud

Bab Chorfa

Bab el Khemis

Bab i-Ali. Use Sublime Gate (Bab i-Ali)

Bab i-Humayan

Bab Mansur

Bab Mardum Mosque. Use El Cristo de la Luz

Bab us-Saade

Bab us-Salem

Babelsberg Castle

Babelsberg Palace. Use Babelsberg Castle

Baburnama. Use Book of Babur

Baby on Porch

Baby Taj Mahal. Use I'timad-ud-Daula Tomb

Baby's Back

Bacardi Bottling Plant

Bach de Roda

Bachelor's House

Bacino di San Marco

Back Bay Bagel Garden

Back Bay Center Development

Back Bay Fens

Back Building

Back Seat Dodge '38



Bacon Library and Art Museum

Bacon's Castle

Bactobel School

Baden, Switzerland

Badin House

Badoer hospice. Use Ospizio Badoer

Badran House

Badshahi Mosque

Baensch House

Baer Garden

Baer Residence

Baer's Zome

Bagatelle Chateau

Bagh i Alam ka Gumbad

Bagh-i Naw

Bagh-i Shah


Bagh-i-Iram Villa


Bagh-i-Vafa. Use Garden of Fidelity

Bagh-i-Wafa. Use Garden of Fidelity

Baghdad Gate

Baghdad Gates

Baghdad Gates Reconstruction

Baghdad Kiosk & Canopy of Sultans


Bagras Castle

Bahai House of Worship

Bahia Palace

Bahram Palace. Use Sarvestan Palace

Bahram V. Use Sarvestan Palace

Baiao House

Baie-des-Anges Apartments

Bailey House

Bains d'Apollon. Use Apollo Basin

Baisouin Temple

Bait Mujallid

Bait Nizam

Bait Siba'i


Baixa Pombalina

Bajada, La

Baker House Dormitory

Bakery Counter

Bakewell and Brown Competition Drawings

Bakos Residence

Bakuwara Palace

Bala Hauz Mosque

Balans Supporter

Balans Tripos

Balboa Building

Balcomb House


Baldwin Hills Village

Baldwin House

Balfour, Guthrie & Co.

Balizhuang Ta



Ball Court

Ball-Eastway House



Ballerina Clown

Baltimore Cathedral

Baltit Fort


Bamboo Wall House

Bamian Buddhist Caves

Ban Building

Banca Antoniana

Banco Central Clubhouse

Banco de America

Banco de Londres

Banco Pinto e Sotto Maior

Banco Popolare di Verona

Banco Popular del Uruguay

Banco Santander

Bancroft Hotel


Banditaccia Cemetery

Bandolier, Guitar and Sickle

Banjska Monastery

Bank & Office Building

Bank Building

Bank of America

Bank of California

Bank of Chester County. Use Chester County Bank

Bank of China

Bank of China Building

Bank of Commerce

Bank of Commerce & Tradesmen

Bank of England

Bank of Louisville

Bank of North America

Bank Tirol Vorarlberg Building. Use BTV Bank Building

Bankers Reserve Life Building

Bankside Paramorph

Bano de Comares. Use Royal baths

Bano de la Nusta

Banque Lambert

Banquet Lodge. Use Double Lodge

Banqueting House

Banteay Kdei

Banteay Samre

Banteay Srei

Bantlinstrasse Carpark

Banyoles Olympic Hotel

Banz Abbey


BAPE Gallery




Bara Gumbad

Bara Imambara

Barber's Tomb

Barberaren housing estate

Barberini Palace

Barbour Residence

Barcelona Music Auditorium

Barcelona Pavilion. Use German Pavilion

Barcelona Plan

Barclay-Vesey Building

Barclaycard Headquarters

Barfusser Church in Erfurt


Bark Shrine

Barker House

Barking Abbey

Barkoukiya. Use Sultan Barquq Madrasa

Barmaid at Crooked Billet

Barnes House


Barnsdall House

Barnsdall Studio Residence A

Baroque Ark

Barragan House & Studio

Barriere d'Enfer

Barriere d'Orleans. Use Barriere d'Enfer

Barriere de l'Etoile

Barriere de la Villette

Barriere de Monceau

Barriere de Trone

Barriere des Bonhommes

Barrieres de Paris. Use Portes de Paris

Barrington Middle School, Prairie Campus

Barrio BB

Barrio BJ

Barrows Hall

Barrus Ave. Houses

BART. Use Bay Area Rapid Transit system

Bartlett's Pod Dome

Basel House

Bashi Bazouk Singing

Bashtak Palace

Basile-le-Bienneureux. Use Saint Basil the Blessed Cathedral


Basilica Aemeila

Basilica B

Basilica della Santa Casa di Loreto. Use Santa Maria di Loreto

Basilica Julia

Basilica of Apuleius

Basilica of Maxentius

Basilica of St. Vitale and St. Agricola

Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher

Basilica Palladiana. Use Palazzo della Ragione

Basilica Sant'Ambrogio

Basilica Santi Maria e Donato

Basilica Ulpia

Basilique du Sacre-Coeur. Use Sacre-Coeur Basilica


Basket of Fruit

Bass House. Use Case Study House #20

Basse House

Bassin de Neptune

Bastide ville-basse and original site

Bastille Opera. Use Opera de la Bastille


Bat Yam City Hall


Bateson Building. Use California State Office Building

Bateson State Office Building. Use California State Office Building


Bath Abbey

Bath of the Princess. Use Bano de la Nusta

Bath Pavilion

Bath Spa

Bath, The


Bathers, The

Bathhouse. Use Maritime Museum

Bathing Pavilion


Bathroom Tower

Bathroom, Teatriz


Baths of Caracalla

Baths of Diana. Use Temple of Diana

Baths of Diocletian

Baths of Faustina

Baths of Neptune

Baths of Oceanus

Baths of Placcus

Baths of Roxelana. Use Hasekai Hurrem Hammam

Baths of Trajan

Baths on Antoninus. Use Baths of Caracalla

Bathsheba Going to King David

Bathurst Courthouse


Batman storyboard


Battersea Reach

Battery NYC Monument: Vacuum Cleaner

Battery Park City

Battle Abbey Building

Battle Monument

Battle of Algiers

Battle of Leipzig Monument. Use Volkerschlachtdenkmal

Battle Road Farm


Bauer Residence

Bauhaus Archive

Bauhaus Balconies in Dessau

Bauhaus Chronology

Bauhaus Dessau

Bauhaus Exhibition 1919-1928

Bauhaus Stairs

Bauhaus Weimar


Baum Remodel


Bavarian Motor Works HQ

Bavinger House

Baxter Street Court, 22 Baxter Street

Bay Area Rapid Transit system

Bay Bridge

Bay Bridge. Use San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge

Bay of Fires Lodge

Bay of Naples

Bay Tree Apartments

Bayad al-Bastam Shrine

Bayard Building

Bayazit I Kulliye. Use Bayezid i Yildirim Kulliye

Baybars al-Gashankir Khanqah. Use Baybars II al-Gashankir Khanqah & Mausoleum

Baybars al-Gashankir Mausoleum. Use Baybars II al-Gashankir Khanqah & Mausoleum

Baybars I Mausoleum

Baybars I Mosque

Baybars II al-Gashankir Khanqah & Mausoleum

Bayer Headquarters

Bayerische Staatsbibliothek

Bayeux Cathedral

Bayeux Tapestry

Bayezid i Yildirim Kulliye

Bayezid Kulliye

Bayezid Pasha Mosque


Bayram Pasa Tekke

Baz Bahadur's Palace


Bazaar, The

BBC Radio Center

BCE Place

Beach Chalet

Beach, The

Beam Me Up, Scotty


Bear and Nursing Cubs

Bear House

Beard House

Beard Residence Garden

Bearing wall

Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge

Beaugency Keep

Beaumaris Castle

Beaumont Building. Use Quigley Residence (Beaumont Building)

Beautiful World, The

Beauvais Cathedral


Beaux-Arts life drawing

Beaux-Arts Project for Temple Hera II at Paestum

Beaux-Arts Project for Temple of Hera I at Paestum

Beaverton Public Library

Bechtel Engineering Center

Beck Log House

Becket Beach House

Beckman Auditorium

Beckman Residence


Bedales School

Beddington Zero Energy Development



Bedford Park

Bedolina Petroglyph

Bedroom for Madam C. Neubacher

Bedroom, The

BEDZED. Use Beddington Zero Energy Development


Beekeeper R.Fischer, Davis, CA

Beekman Furnace Stack

Beethoven Statue


Before the Caves

Befreites Wohnen

Befreiungshalle. Use Liberation Hall

Beg's Mosque. Use Husref Beg Mosque


Behnisch. Use Caretaker's House

Behrens House

Bei Hai Park

Bei Ting Stele Pavilion

Beideman Place

Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library

Beires House

Beirut International Airport

Beirut Sports City. Use Cammille Chamoun Sports City

Beit HaMikdash ("The Holy House"). Use Temple of Herod

Beit HaMikdash ("The Holy House"). Use Temple of Solomon

Beit Hamikdash. Use Temple of Herod

Beklemishev Tower

Belajew House

Belapur Housing

Belem Tower

Belfast Synagogue

Belgian Embassy

Belgian Embassy chancery

Belkis Minaret (Queen of Sheba Monument). Use Column of Julian

Bell House. Use Isaac Bell House

Bell Ranch

Bell Tower

Bell, Isaac House. Use Isaac Bell House

Bella Vista

Bellapais Abbey

Belle Cheminee Wing

Bellerophon Taming Pegasus


Bellevue Art Museum

Bellevue chair

Bellevue Downtown Park

Bellevue Tramwartehalle


Belsay Hall

Belton House


Belvedere Farm

Belvedere Gardens

Belvedere House. Use Ludekin (Belvedere) House

Belvedere Land Company Building

Belvedere. Use Royal Summer Palace

Ben Mirman Residence. Use Recreation Pavilion

Ben Youssef Mosque & Madrasa

Benacerraf House Addition

Benaco refugee camp

Benedict Music Tent

Benedictine Abbey Church

Benedictine Abbey Church of the Holy Cross

Benedictine Abbey. Use Benedictine Monastery

Benedictine Monastery

Benedictine Priory

Benesse House and Museum

Beni Hassan, Eygpt

Benicia Waterfront Commons

Benjamin Cahn House. Use Cahn House

Benjamin H. Warder House

Bennett Plan. Use Plan for the City of Pasadena

Bennett's House

Benson Glen

Bent Pyramid of Sneferu

Bentalls Centre

Beranda House

Berge House

Berger House

Berggruen House




Berkeley #19

Berkeley Art Museum. Use University Art Museum

Berkeley City Hall

Berkeley Hillside Club. Use Hillside Club

Berkeley House

Berkeley Live/Work Lofts

Berkeley Mill

Berkeley Pier Project

Berkeley Scattered Sites Housing

Berkeley Town and Gown Clubhouse. Use Town and Gown Clubhouse

Berkeley Town and Gown. Use Town and Gown Clubhouse

Berkeley Women's City Club

Berkeley Youth Alternatives Community Garden Patch

Berkhampsted Castle

Berkowitz House

Berkshire Athenaeum

Berlaymont Administration Center

Berlin 1983

Berlin : die Symphonie der Grosstadt

Berlin Armory. Use Arsenal

Berlin Chamber of Commerce. Use Berlin Stock Exchange & Erhard Haus

Berlin Community House

Berlin Haupstadt Competition

Berlin Holocaust Memorial

Berlin Housing & Studio Tower

Berlin Library Competition. Use American Memorial Library

Berlin Masque

Berlin Museum. Use Kollegienhaus

Berlin Philharmonic. Use Philharmonic Concert Hall

Berlin Plan

Berlin Science Center

Berlin Stock Exchange & Erhard Haus

Berlin Technical University

Berlin, the symphony of a great city. Use Berlin : die Symphonie der Grosstadt

Berliner Tageblatt Building

Bermak House

Bernard Judge Residence. Use Judge Residence

Bernard Residence

Bernard Schwartz House

Bernet House

Bernon Mill #1

Bernstein House

Berrigan Garden

Berry Women's Health Pavilion

Bertelsmann Pavilion. Use Planet M (Media for Men Pavilion)

Bertoli Saloon

Besancon Theater

Besikcizade Tekke

BEST Parking Lot Showroom

BEST Product Showrooms

BEST showroom

Bet Abba Libanas

Bet Emanuel

Bet Gabriel-Rufa'el

Bet Giorgis. Use Bet Giyorgis

Bet Giyorgis

Bet Golgota

Bet Mariam

Bet Maskal

Bet Medhane Alem

Bet Mercurios


Betel Apartments

Beth Elohim Synagogue

Beth Israel Chapel, Mausoleum and Cemetery Garden

Beth Sholom Synagogue

Bethesda Terrace

Bethnal Green


Betsy Cary Cottage

Better Living

Better Living at its Best

Betty Wertheimer

Beverley Place. Use Hydro Block Housing

Beverly Hills Civic Center

Beverly Hills Garden

Beverly Hills Hotel

Beyazit Hammam

Beyazit II Mosque

Beyazit Mosque

Beyeler Foundation Museum


Beyond the War Waits Happiness


Bhagavata Purana

Bharat Bhavan


Bhima rath

Bhong Mosque

Bhudder (Palace) Mosque

Bhutanatha Temple

Bianchetti House

Bib Mihrab. Use El Cristo de la Luz

Biba Hot Springs

Bibi Khanum Mosque

Bible of Saint Louis

Biblioteca Ambrosiana

Biblioteca Laurenziana

Biblioteca Malatestiana

Biblioteca Riccardiana. Use Riccardiana Library

Bibliotecha Alexandrina. Use Alexandria Library

Biblioteque de L'Institut. Use Institute Library

Biblioteque Mazarine. Use Mazarine Library

Bibliotheque de France

Bibliotheque du Roi Project. Use Bibliotheque Nationale Project

Bibliotheque Fornay. Use Hotel de Sens

Bibliotheque Mexique. Use Bookcase

Bibliotheque Nationale

Bibliotheque Nationale Project

Bibliotheque Nationale. Use Bibliotheque de France

Bibliotheque Sainte Genevieve

Bibliotheque Schoelcher. Use Schoelcher Library

Bickerdike. Use West Town II

Bicton Park Palm House

Bicycle Wheel


Bidar Fort

Biddy Mason Park Fountain

Biet Mariam. Use Bet Mariam


Big Ben

Big City Playground

Big Cross Chair

Big Frog

Big House

Big Sight. Use International Exhibition Center

Big Ten Burrito Resturant

Big Wagon

Bigelow Chapel

Bijenkorf Department Store

Bilala Ghiorgis. Use Bilbala Giorgis Church

Bilbala Cherqos Church

Bilbala Giorgis Church

Billie Strauss Art Hotel Addition

Billings Library

Billings Student Center. Use Billings Library

Biltmore Estate. Use Biltmore House

Biltmore House

Bimarhane Hospital

Bin Laden Office Block

Bingham House

Bingling Temple


Binker Barn. Use Park Binker Barn House

Biocentre for University of Frankfurt

Biotecture: Artificial Island

Birbal's House

Birch Residence


Bird Studies Canada Headquarters

Bird's Eye view from Union Square

Bird's Eye View of Boston

Bird's eye view of walled mud-brick qala

Bird's-eye view fr San Giorgio Maggiore belltower

Bird's-eye view from Blackforce

Bird's-eye view of a busy street from Jami Masjid

Bird's-eye View of Central Park

Bird's-eye view of Guidecca Canal

Bird's-eye View of Houses

Bird's-eye view of longhouse village

Bird's-eye view of neighborhood and city skyline

Bird's-eye view of piazzeta from the other shore

Bird's-eye view of plaza and surrounding rooftops

Bird's-eye view of railroad yards

Bird's-eye view of ravine and marina

Bird's-eye view of Richardson Bay

Bird's-eye view of river, town, mosque and houses

Bird's-eye view of rooftops

Bird's-eye view of rooftops from Tour de Constance

Bird's-eye view of skyline along structural route

Bird's-eye view of the Kremlin

Bird's-eye view of the port, with people and boats

Bird's-eye view of the walled city

Bird's-eye view of the walled city, with fields

Bird's-eye view of traffic circle in modern Cairo

Bird's-eye view with L'Enfant axis on dotted lines

Bird's-eye view, bordered by the Moskva River

Bird's-eye vw of city w/ nine landmarks identified

Bird's-eye vw of Pink Floyd concert floating stage

Birkenhead Park

Birmingham & Midland Institute Headquarters

Birth of Caterina Cornaro, The

Birth of the Virgin

Birth of Venus

Birthday Party, 25th.St.Park, West Oakland

Birthplace of Alexander G. Bell

Bishoff House. Use Adelie Bischoff House

Bishop Angie Smith Chapel

Bishop House

Bishop'S Palace

Bishop's School

Bismarck Monument

Bismarck Monument. Use Bismarck Monument

Bismarck Tower

Bissner Residence

Bistro Universum. Use Universum Cinema

Bixby Creek Bridge

Black and Green

Black Christ Festival, Panama

Black Form, Dedicated to the Missing Jews

Black Forrest Farm Building Remodel

Black Forrest Farmhouse Redefined

Black Hawk Middle School

Black House

Black Lion Wharf

Black Market

Black Mountain College Geodesic Dome

Black Pearl

Black Piece

Black Room

Black Sun

Black Swan Suite

Black's Greediness

Black, Pink, and Yellow over Orange

Blacker House

Blackfeet Tipi Circle

Blackfriar's Rotunda

Blackland Transitional Housing

Blacksmith's Shop

Blackstone, The

Blacktopped, fenced playground

Blade Runner

Blair (C.L.) Residence. Use Blairsden

Blair Conversation Piece

Blair House


Blaise Hamlet

Blake Estate

Blake House. Use James Blake House


Bleicherhof office building

Bleifer House

Blemundsbury House. Use Flats in Holborn

Blenheim Palace

Blenheim Road

Blenkinsop's Cogwheel

Bleu des fonds, Les

Blickling Hall

Blind Man's House

Blind Spanish Singer

Blithewood Gatehouse

Blizzard's Suspense


Block 109

Block 7

Block A

Block B

Block building at 7th and West

Block III

Block No.16

Block of flats

Bloedel Conservatory

Bloedel Education Center

Bloedel Reserve

Blois Chateau

Bloody Sunday Massacre

Bloomsbury Square

Bloque Antofagasta

Blossom House

Blot drawing in the manner of Alexander Cozens

Blow-out village

Blue Acrobat, The

Blue Dragon & White Tiger. Use Soryu-ro and Byakko-ro

Blue Eyes, The

Blue Friday Mosque. Use Hawa Mahal

Blue Frontal

Blue Hands

Blue Moon

Blue Mosque, Tabriz. Use Masjid-i Kabud

Blue Mosque. Use Masjid-i-Shah

Blue Mosque. Use Sultan Ahmet Mosque

Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain Estate

Blue Salon

Blue Skies Mobile Home Park

Blue tea gown

Bluebird Wings


Blum Residence Renovation

Blur Building

BMI Headquarters. Use Birmingham & Midland Institute Headquarters

BMW Factory. Use Bavarian Motor Works HQ

BMW Hostel

BNP. Use Bibliotheque de France

Bo Cenotaph Garden

Boa Nova

Boarding tube

Boardwalk Shopping Center

Boas House

Boat Pit

Boat Studio, The

Boat Valley Villa

Boathouse for Cal Crew

Boats & Tubes

Boats in the Reeds

Bob's Big Boy

Boboli Gardens

Bodark Amphitheater

Bodegas Perez Cruz Winery

Bodegas Ysios Winery


Bodiam Castle

Bodleian Library

Body Concious Furniture System

Body House, The

Body of Wind

Body Raft

Bogazici University

Bogk House

Bogota City Plan

Bohemian Club Grove Clubhouse

Bohemian Grove

Bohen Foundation gallery

Bohlin House


Boiler House

Bois de Boulogne

Bois de Boulogne - Vue Du Grand Lac

Boissonnas House

Boite Alert

Boke House. Use George H. Boke House

Bollman House. Use Henry Bollman House

Bolshoi Theater

Bolsover Castle

Bolton House

Bolton Square

Bom Jesus de Matozinhos Church

Bombay University

Bombay University Library

Bon Accord Farm

Bon Marche

Bonauro Loft

Bonaventure Hotel

Bond Building

Bond Street Savings Bank

Bond University Library Administration Building

Bonderson Building

Bonham House

Bonham Residence

Bonilla House

Bonnefanten Museum

Book Mosque. Use Jama al-Kitab

Book of Accomplishments. Use Hunarname

Book of Babur

Book of Durrow

Book of Hours



Boompjes Tower and Bridge Project

Boon Clothing

Booth Residence

Boott Mill


Bordeaux Slate Line


Borgafjall Ski Hotel

Borges & Irmao Bank

Borgund Stave Church


Boring Postcards

Borneo Eiland Redevelopment Project

Borneo Sporenberg 12 House

Borneo Sporenberg 18 House

Borneo Sporenburg

Boro's Saloon & Restaurant

Boro's Saloon and Restaurant. Use Boro's Saloon & Restaurant

Borobudur Temple

Borough Road schoolroom


Borujerdi House

Bosquet de la Renommee. Use Grove of Domes

Bosquet des Domes. Use Grove of Domes

Bosquet des Trois Fontaines in...Versailles

Bossert Bungalows

Boston Almshouse

Boston Athenaeum

Boston City Hall

Boston Harbor Development project

Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Boston Old and New

Boston Public Library

Boston with Charlestown and Roxbury


Botkin Hospital

Bottinger Palace


Bottle Alley

Bottle Dryer

Bottle Tree

Bou Inaniya Madrasa

Bouca Housing

Boughton House

Boulder Club


Boulevard de Strasbourg, Corsets

Boulevard Montmartre

Boundary Monument

Bourbon County Court House

Bourdier Walton Froelich Office

Bourges Cathedral

Bourne Estate. Use Filoli

Bourne House


Bowen House. Use Roseland Cottage

Bowery at Night

Bowery Savings Bank


Bowling Green

Bowman House Garden

Bowood Park


Box Car*. Use Delawie House # 1

Box in a Valise, The. Use From or By Marcel Duchamp or Rrose Selavy

Box. Use The Box

Boy Urinating

Boyd Education Centre

Boyd Georgi Residence. Use Georgi Residence

Boylston Hall and Market

Boyne River Ecology Center

Boynton House

Boynton House. Use Temple of Wings

BP Service Station

Braccio Nuovo

Bracken/Driftwood/Slate/Plane leaves

Brackenborough Border

Bracket system

Bradbury Building

Braddock Garden

Bradford Hospital Maternity Ward

Bradley House


Brahmanical Temples

Brahmeshvara Temple


Branches stacked over two weeks

Brandenberger Tor. Use Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate

Branner Prize Winner

Brasilia Cathedral

Brasilia competition drawings

Brasilia, General Assembly I


Brattle Square Church

Bray Rossiter Farm

Brayton Wilbur Garden

Brazilian Pavilion

BRE Building

Breakers, The

Breamore House

Breda Fire Station

Bregenz Art Museum

Brett-Teller House

Brewster House

Briarcliffe House

Brice House. Use Plywood Model House

Brick Building

Brick building restored as visitors' center

Brick Country House

Brick Market

Bricken Casino Building

Bride Stripped Bare by Her... (The Green Box), The



Bridge and volumetric study. Use Ponte e studio di volumi

Bridge at Narni

Bridge House

Bridge of 17 Arches

Bridge of a Thousand Years. Use Chitosebashi Bridge

Bridge of Sighs, Ducal Palace and Custom-House...

Bridge of Sighs. Use Allegheny County Prison

Bridge of Thirty Three Arches. Use Allahverdi Khan Bridge

Bridge over the Loue River

Bridge Towns


Bridgman House

Briefe and true report...of Virginia

Briey Intervention

Briggs Hall

Briggs Residence

Bright Angel Lodge

Bright Shining Shadow

Brihad Buddha. Use Colossal Buddha of 53 meters

Brihadisvara Temple

Brilliant Trees

Bring your post-war plans down to Earth


Brion Cemetery

Brion-Vega Cemetery. Use Brion Cemetery

Briones Park Environmental Education Center

Bristlecone Pine

Bristol Cross

Brit Shalom

Britannia Bridge

British Airways London Eye. Use Millennium Wheel (British Airways London Eye)

British Embassy

British Museum

British Museum in Montagu House

British Pavilion

British Petroleum America Tower. Use B.P. America Tower

British Possessions After the Quebec Act, 1774

British Tourist map

Britz-Buckow-Rudow Ctr

Britz-Siedlung. Use Hufeisen Seidlung

Broad Street Station

Broadacre City

Broadcasting Building

Broadfield House Glass Museum Addition

Broadgate Office Building


Broadway Boogie Woogie

Broadway Free Library

Broadway-Crenshaw Center

Brock Avenue Public School

Brodhead House

Broelberg Housing

Broken Duality

Broken Kilometer

Broken pebbles

Bromma Airport

Bronck Houses

Bronx Development Center

Bronx Zoo

Brookings Hotel. Use Brookings Lumber Company Hotel

Brookings Lumber Company Hotel

Brookings Lumber Company Town

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge Anchorage

Brooklyn Bridge No.2

Brooklyn Bridge Series

Brooklyn Bridge, The

Brooklyn Queens Expressway

Brookview Mobile Home Park


Browder Residence

Brown House

Brown Palace

Brown Underwood Adobe

Brown University

Bruchhauser Residence

Bruder Klaus Church

Bruehl Street Houses

Bruener Residence

Bruges Station

Bruges Town Hall

Brugge Pavilion 2002

Brunner Residence

Bruno Graf House

Brunsell Residence

Brunswick Centre

Brush with Illumination

Brushed path: a line in Nepal


Brussels Pavilion

Brussels. Bruxelles

Bruton Parish Church

Bryn Athyn House

BTV Bank Building

Bucentoro at the Molo in Venice...

Buchenwald National Memorial

Buckingham Palace

Buckner Mansion

Bucks County Barn


Buddhist Caves

Buddhist Huayan world as depicted in a Tang mural

Buddhist Temple

Budge Foundation Old People's Home


Buhen Fortress

Build Your Rainbow

Builder's Creed

Builder's Yards

Builders Combat, Impractical Miracle Home...


Building 1

Building 2

Building 500

Building 58

Building 960

Building Age Bungalows

Building and Traffic Study

Building as English Extension Plug

Building Construction Illustrated

Building D

Building for the future

Building from the Inside

Building of a Cathedral

Building of the Sun. Use Shams-ol Emareh

Building Research Establishment. Use BRE Building

Building Trades Building

Building West of Pyramid of the Sun


Buildings for a Modern Metropolis. Use Construzione per una metropoli moderna

Buildings, Lancaster

Built by Me collection

Buland Darwaza

Bulgarian Deli Grocery

Bull Capital

Bull Wall

Bullet Through Candle Flame

Bullock's Oakridge

Bullock's Westwood

Bundeskanzleramt. Use Chancellery

Bundi Palace


Bungalow Court

Bungalow Magazine article

Bungalowcraft Company

Bunker House

Burbank Village. Use Employee Housing


Burgerweeshuis. Use Children's Home

Burghley House


Burial VIII-36

Burial XXXVII-4

Buried Army. Use Qin Shi Huangdi Tomb

Buried Shed

Burj al Arab

Burj Dubai

Burke House

Burke-Gilman Place

Burlington Arcade

Burmali Minare Mosque

Burnett House

Burnham Convent

Burnham Plan

Burning Man

Burning of the Houses of Parliament

Burns House

Burnt Palace

Bus Station

Bus Stop, Braunschweiger Platz

Bus Terminal

Busch Gardens Aviary

Busch Stadium

Bush Lane House


Busiel-Seeburg Mill

Business "neighborhood" in 194X

Business Card

Business District

Business Promotion Centre

Bust of Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Butcher's shop in Isfahan bazaar

Butler Garden


Butte du Lion. Use Lion's Hillock


Butterfly House. Use Harris House

Buttonwood Farm

Buyuk Karatay Medrese

Buyuk Valide Han

Bye House (1968). Use Wall House 2

Byelorussian folktales

Byker Redevelopment Project

Byker Wall


Byrne Residence

Byron Meyer House

Byward Tower

Byzantine Fresco Chapel Museum

- C -

C House

C. K. Choi Institute of Asian Research. Use Institute of Asian Research

C. W. Duncan House. Use Project Duncan House

C. W. Whitney House. Use Whitney House

C.L. Blair Residence. Use Blairsden

C.N.I.T. Exhibit Hall

Ca d'Oro

Ca' Bembo

Ca' da Mosto

Ca' Foscari

Ca' Granda, The

Ca' Loredan-Vendramin-Calergi

Ca' Pesaro

Ca' Rezzonico



Cabaret de L'enseigne de l'homme arme

Cabell Hall

Cabildo, The

Cabin Fever


Cabinet des Livres du Prince

Cabinet des Livres of the Duc D'Aumale. Use Cabinet des Livres du Prince

Cabinet of Abstract Art

Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

Cabinet of Natural History: Object, 1934, 1936-40

Cable & Wireless College

Cablenagar Township Project

Cabrillo Village Farmworkers Cooperative

Cabrini Extensions


Cachagua Town houses

Cadet Chapel

Cadillac Ranch

Caernarvon Castle

Caesareum. Use Forum of Proculus

Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino

Caesars Palace. Use Domitian's Palace

Cafe Castle View. Use La Fregate Cafe

Cafe de Los Inmortales

Cafe du Parc

Cafe Fanny

Cafe Life: reading at cafe

Cafe Tortoni

Cafesjian Pavilion. Use Scottsdale Museum of Art

Cahn House


Cahokia Woodhenge

Cairene Horse Dealer


Cairn to follow colours in pebbles

Cairo Chamber of Commerce

Cairo scene

Cairo Street

Cairo Street Scene



Cakir Aga Konak

Cakir Aga Mansion. Use Cakir Aga Konak

Cakirhan House

CALA Exhibit


Calhabouco Gardens

Californai State Water Department Building. Use Bonderson Building

California Academy of Sciences

California Aerospace Museum Extension

California Bear

California Building

California College of Arts and Crafts

California College of the Arts. Use California College of Arts and Crafts

California earthquakes cartoon

California Energy Commission

California Garden Series

California Hotel

California Hotel Community Garden

California Institute of the Arts

California Mission Style Craftsman House

California Museum of Photography

California Polytechnic State University

California Polytechnic University

California Spring Garden Show, 1936

California State Archives/Secretary of State Bldg

California State Building

California State Capitol

California State Office Building

California State Office Building #1. Use California State Office Building

California State Office Building #2. Use California Energy Commission

California State University

California State University at Long Beach

California State University at Los Angeles

California Unite

Calistoga city planning project

Call, I Follow, I Follow, Let Me Die


CallejUn. Use Callejon


Calvery Guards Manege

Calvinist Church


Camacho House

Camara Santa

Cambridge University

Camden and Amboy Railroad

Camel Driver

Camel Driver's Minaret

Camelia's House

Camera Obscura

Camerino Farnese

Cameron Gallery

Cameroon Chancery. Use Hague House


Camino Nuevo Charter Academy

Cammille Chamoun Sports City

Camp Lodge

Camp Parks, US Navy Seabee Base

Camp Tweedale Activity Building


Campanile. Use Sather Tower

Campbell Orchard Residence

Campbell's Soup



Campiello Santa Maria Nova. Use Ca' Bembo

Campo de los Martires

Campo dei Frari, Venice

Campo dei Miracoli. Use Camposanto

Campo del Ghetto Novo. Use Ghetto Novo

Campo Marzio

Campo Volantin Pedestrian Bridge

Campo, Siena


Campus Edge

Campus Station

Can Lis

Can you afford an architect

Canadian Blackfeet Tipi Town

Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery

Canadian Embassy

Canadian Landscape

Canadian Museum of Civilization

Canadian Pavilions


Canal + Headquarters. Use Canal Plus, Siege et Studios de Canal

Canal +. Use Canal Plus, Siege et Studios de Canal

Canal Plus Headquarters. Use Canal Plus, Siege et Studios de Canal

Canal Plus, Siege et Studios de Canal

Canal Street

Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf Station


Candelabrum of the Andes

Candelaria Subway Station

Candi Borobudur. Use Borobudur Temple

Candie-Saint Bernard Housing

Candlestick Park

Candlestick Point

Candy Store, The

Cannery, The


Canons Ashby

Canopic Containers


Canteen Remodel

Canterbury Cathedral

Cantilevered chair

Cantonal Hospital

Cantor Visual Arts Center

Canyon de Chelly

Canyon de Chelly Area

Canyon Public Elementary School

Caoba-wood and Guadua root table

Caotang Park. Use Du Fu Cottage, Caotang Park

Capability Brown style vs. Picturesque

Cape Town City Hall

Capen Green

Caperton House

Capilla del Rosario

Capilla Real

Capilla Villariciosa

Capillo de las Madres Capuchinas. Use Las Capuchinas


Capital Z Offices

Capitol Area Improvement Project

Capitol Cinema

Capitol. Use Temple of Jupiter, Juno and Minerva


Capitolio Nacional



Capp Street Project

Cappella Capocaccia

Cappella dei Re Magi

Cappella Palatina

Cappella Pazzi. Use Pazzi Chapel

Cappella Rucellai

Cappella Sistina. Use Sistine Chapel

Caprice in Purple and Gold No.2- The Golden Screen

Capsule Homes

Caracalla Baths

Caracas Cathedral


Carafes and Flowers


Carbide and Carbon Building

Carbon Tower


Cardboard Factory

Cardiff Bay Opera House

Cardiff Castle

Cardiff Visitors' Center

Cardinal Albert of Brandenburg as St.Jerome in...

Cardinal Belluga Plaza


Cardo Maximus. Use Cardo

Cardona Castle

Cardwell House. Use Flagg House #2

Caress, The

Caretaker's House


Caribbean Orange. Use Circus

Caribou Hunter Series

Carl Liner Museum

Carl Mackley Houses

Carl Milles Sculpture Garden

Carl Minor House

Carling House

Carlo Felice Theater

Carlos Moseley Music Pavilion

Carlson-Reges Residence

Carlton House Terrace

Carmel City Hall

Carmel Mountain Ranch Public Library

Carmel Public Library. Use Harrison Memorial Library

Carmen de los Martires. Use Campo de los Martires

Carnegie Hall

Carnegie Hall. Use Margaret Carnegie Library

Carnegie Mellon Research Institute

Carnegie Travelling Libraries

Carnets de Voyage

Carnick Residence

Carnival. Use Mardi Gras

Carol and Carl Montante Cultural Center

Carolina Shout

Caroline Weiss Law Building. Use Museum of Fine Arts Caroline Weiss Law Bldg


Carpenter Center

Carpenter Center for the Performing Arts

Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts. Use Carpenter Center


Carpenters' Hall

Carpet Bazaar, The

Carpet Design Construction

Carpet House. Use Lucy's House

Carpet Merchant, The

Carpet-Weavers...Armenia Weaving Portrait...Stalin

Carquinez Heights Housing

Carr House. Use Harry Carr House

Carraro Residence

Carre d'Art


Carrie Eliza Getty Tomb

Carrieres Centrales

Carrying Chair

Cars merging for tunnel

Carson Pirie Scott and Company Store. Use Carson Pirie Scott store

Carson Pirie Scott store


Carta topographica da parte mais arruinada..

Carte Blanche

Carter's Grove Plantation

Carter-Saunders House


Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art

Cartier Office and Warehouse



Carver Court

Cary Arboretum, New York Botanical Garden

Cas de les Punxes. Use Casa Terrades


Casa Amatller

Casa Amesti

Casa Aurora

Casa Baracata

Casa Barragan. Use Barragan House & Studio

Casa Batllo i Casanovas

Casa Bianchetti. Use Bianchetti House

Casa Bon Ton

Casa Calvet i Pinto

Casa Cattaneo chair

Casa Comalat

Casa d'Annunzio. Use Vittoriale degli Italiani

Casa da Opera

Casa de Baile Restaurant

Casa de Blas. Use De Blas House

Casa de Correos. Use Palacio del Segundo Cabo

Casa de Frutteto. Use House of the Orchard

Casa de la Salina

Casa de las Aguilas

Casa de las Muertes

Casa de los Azulejos. Use House of Tiles

Casa de los Guzmanes

Casa de los Munecos

Casa de los Nombres. Use House of Names

Casa de Ortiz

Casa de Padron

Casa De Pilatos

Casa de Retiro Espiritual

Casa de Sanchez Iznaga

Casa de Serralves

Casa degli Amorini dorati. Use House of Golden Cupids

Casa del Chirurgo. Use House of the Surgeon

Casa del Fascio

Casa del Fauno. Use House of the Dancing Faun

Casa del Girasole

Casa del Inca

Casa del Mar

Casa del Marques de Aguas Claras. Use Palacio de los Marquesas de Aguas Claras

Casa del Marques de Arcos. Use Palacio de Marques de Arcos

Casa del Popolo. Use Casa del Fascio

Casa del Prado

Casa del Sol

Casa dell'Industria San Lorenzo

Casa di Riposo Israelitica

Casa di Riposo Zanetto Elti di Rodeano

Casa Eduardo Prieto Lopez

Casa Elena Girardoni della Bruna

Casa Equis

Casa Familiar

Casa Galvez

Casa Gaudi i Cornet

Casa Gilardi

Casa Gonzalez Luna

Casa Grande

Casa Grande. Use Casa Grande

Casa Guell

Casa Jax

Casa Kalmann. Use Kalmann House

Casa la Roca

Casa Laso de la Vega

Casa Lleo i Morera

Casa Llopis i Bofill

Casa Malaparte. Use Villa Malaparte

Casa Mas

Casa Mila

Casa Mila i Campas

Casa Mila. Use Casa Mila i Campas

Casa Ortega

Casa Ottolenghi

Casa Planells

Casa Quadros

Casa Reutter

Casa Rinconada

Casa Rotonda

Casa Rustica

Casa Snider. Use Snider House

Casa Talec

Casa Terrades

Casa Thomas

Casa Vicens

Casa Yturbe


Cascade at Tivoli, The

Cascade Court Apartments

Cascades of Tivoli

Case della Marinarezza. Use Ospizio di Prete Zuanne

Case di Stefano

Case Mazzanti and Torre dei Lamberti

Case No.0017163

Case Study Apartments #1

Case Study Apartments #2

Case Study House #1

Case Study House #10

Case Study House #11

Case Study House #12

Case Study House #13. Use Alpha house

Case Study House #15

Case Study House #16

Case Study House #17

Case Study House #18

Case Study House #19

Case Study House #2

Case Study House #20

Case Study House #20. Use Bailey House

Case Study House #21

Case Study House #22

Case Study House #23

Case Study House #24

Case Study House #25

Case Study House #26

Case Study House #26: Thorne. Use Case Study House #26

Case Study House #27

Case Study House #28

Case Study House #3

Case Study House #4

Case Study House #5

Case Study House #6

Case Study House #7

Case Study House #8. Use Eames House

Case Study House #9

Case Study House 04. Use Furniture House

Case Study House 1950

Case Study Remodel

Case Western Reserve University

Case-Ospizio dei Zotti

Caserta Palace. Use Palazzo Reale

Casida Garden


Casino de Pampulha. Use Pampulha Casino

Casino project

Casino Theatre

Casita de Abajo. Use Casita del Principe

Casita del Principe

Cassop Primary School

Cast Iron Palace. Use A.T. Stewart's Cast Iron Palace

Cast of the Space Under My Chair, A

Cast-iron greenhouse

Castalian Fountain House

Castel Beranger

Castel Sant'Angelo. Use Mausoleum of Hadrian

Castelforte San Rocco

Castellana 110

Castellano House

Castello Esplanade

Castello Ficarazzi

Castelvecchio Museum

Castillejo de Monteagudo


Castle Ashby

Castle Hill

Castle House

Castle Howard

Castle of the Marsh

Castle of the Qajars

Castle on a Hill

Castle Rising

Castrense Amphitheatre

Castro-Breen Adobe

Catacomb of Commodilla

Catal Huyuk

Catalan Atlas

Catalan Meteorological Service & MOPU

Catalogue montage

Catedral de la Habana. Use Cathedral de la Habana

Catedral de Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion

Catedral Neuva. Use Salamanca Cathedral

Catedral Nossa Senhora de Fatima. Use Brasilia Cathedral

Catedral Vieja. Use Old Cathedral


Cathay Hotel. Use Sassoon House

Cathay Hotel/Sassoon House. Use Sassoon House


Cathedral Baptistry, San Giovanni

Cathedral Campanile

Cathedral Christ the Redeemer

Cathedral comparisons

Cathedral construction

Cathedral de la Habana

Cathedral Lantern

Cathedral Marseilles

Cathedral of Brasilia. Use Brasilia Cathedral

Cathedral of Christ the King. Use Christ the King Cathedral

Cathedral of Cuzco. Use Santo Domingo Cathedral

Cathedral of Hanoi. Use Hanoi Cathedral

Cathedral of Hildesheim. Use Hildesheim Cathedral

Cathedral of Jaen. Use Jaen Cathedral

Cathedral of Learning

Cathedral of Lima. Use Lima Cathedral

Cathedral of Our Lady of Fatima. Use Brasilia Cathedral

Cathedral of Saints Boris and Gleb. Use Saints Boris and Gleb Cathedral

Cathedral of Saints Cyr & Juliette

Cathedral of San Carlos Borromeo. Use Royal Presidio Chapel

Cathedral of San Cristobal de la Habana. Use Cathedral de la Habana

Cathedral of Sant'Emidio

Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela

Cathedral of Santo Domingo. Use Santo Domingo Cathedral

Cathedral of Seville. Use Seville Cathedral

Cathedral of St. Etienne. Use Sens Cathedral (St.Etienne)

Cathedral of St. George. Use Saint George Cathedral

Cathedral of the Archangel Michael. Use Archangel Michael, Cathedral of the

Cathedral of the Assumption. Use Dormition, Cathedral of the

Cathedral of the Dormition. Use Dormition, Cathedral of the

Cathedral of the Intercession. Use Saint Basil the Blessed Cathedral

Cathedral of the Presentation of Christ

Cathedral of the Transfiguration

Cathedral of the Transfiguration of Our Savior

Cathedral San Martino

Cathedral Santa Maria Assunta

Cathedral Syracuse

Cathedral, The

Cathedrale Saint-Louis

Catherine House

Catherine Palace

Catherine Parr

Catherine Street


Catholic Apostolic Church. Use Christ The King Church

Catholic University of Chile

Catholic University of Louvain





Cave 1

Cave dwelling types assoc with..loessial plateau

Cave dwellings

Cave Guell. Use Guell Winery

Cave Mask

Cave Monasteries

Cave of a Thousand Buddhas. Use Magao Grottoes

Cave temple

Cave X. Use Visvakarma

Cave XI. Use Do Thal

Cave XV. Use Dasavatara

Cave XVI. Use Kailasanatha Temple

Cave XXI. Use Ramesvara

Cave XXXIII. Use Jagannatha Sabha

Cavendish Square Town houses

Caves of the Thousand Buddhas. Use Magao Grottoes

Caygill Garden

CCT Building

CDLT 1,2 House

Ceausescu's Ruling Palace

Cedar Bar Menu I

Cedar Breaks Lodge

Cedar Walnut Apartments

Cedre de Versailles

Cefalu Cathedral

CEGB Regional Headquarters


Celebration Bank

Celebration Place

Celebration Post Office

Celebration Town Hall

Celestial Lady Pagoda. Use Heavenly Lady Pagoda (Thien Mau Tu Pagoda)

Cellettes Mall

Cellular Habitation


Cement Factory Personnel Housing

Cement Hall

Cement Works, Monolith, California

Cementerio de la Recoleta


Cemetery Chapel

Cemetery Competition

Cemetery for the Unknown

Cemetery of Pere Lachaise. Use Pere La Chaise Cemetery

Cemetery of the Community Synagogue

Cemetery of the Two Laurels. Use Saints Marcellino & Pietro Catacomb

Cemetery Project

Cemetery Project Competition

Cenab Ahmet Pasa Camii

Cenotaph of Cardinal Niccolo Forteguerri

Centennial Bank

Centennial Exposition, 1878

Centennial Exposition, 1897

Centennial Hall

Center Church

Center Church on-the-Green. Use Center Church

Center City Philadelphia project. Use Civic Center

Center Ecumenic Abraham

Center for Astronomy & Astrophysics

Center for Clinical Sciences Research

Center for Economic Investigation and Instruction

Center for Environmental Planning & Technology

center for independent living

Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems

Center for Middle Eastern Studies

Center for Regenerative Studies

Center for the Arts

Center for the Arts Galleries

Center for the Arts Theater

Center for the Performing Arts

Center for the Visual Arts

Center of Gravity Foundation Hall

Center Street Redesign


Cento Fontane

Centraal Beheer Office Building

Centraal station. Use Central railway station

Central Acropolis

Central American town from air

Central area of Siena, 14th c

Central City

Central County Shelter & Homeless Training Center

Central Court

Central District Plan. Use McMillan Plan

Central Fire Headquarters

Central Garden

Central Hall

Central Market

Central Park

Central Post Office

Central railway station

Central Service Building

Central Service Center

Central Station

Central Telegraph Office

Central Trade Union Building

Centrale Bibliotheek

Centre d'histoire de Montreal. Use Montreal History Center

Centre for Visual Arts

Centre Georges Pompidou

Centre Mondial. Use World Centre

Centre Pompidou. Use Centre Georges Pompidou

Centricity Exhibition

Centro Cultural Oscar Dominguez. Use Museo Oscar Dominguez

Centro Cultural y de Negocios JVC. Use JVC Center

Centro de Iluminacion

Centro Direzionale

Centro per l'arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci. Use Luigi Pecci Center for Contemporary Art

Centro Simon Bolivar

Centrosoyus Building. Use Tsentrosoyuz Building

Century 21

Century 21 Exposition

Century Apartments

Century Associates

Century Hotel

Century of Progress

Century Tower

Cephas Housing


Ceramics Pavilion. Use Cinili Kiosk

Cercle et Carre


Cerro Sechin


Certosa di Pavia

Cervantes House

Ch'ang-dok Palace

Ch'ien Ch'ing Kung

Ch'ien Men

Chabot Terrace

Chaco Canyon

Chaffey Junior College Library

Chagall Museum

Chahar Bagh Madrasah. Use Madar-i-Shah

Chahar Taq



Chain Gang

Chain Pier, Brighton

Chain Reaction

Chain-Link Maze


Chair, Jardin de Luxembourg, Paris


Chaise longue

Chaise Longue Daybed

Chaitya 19

Chaitya 24

Chaitya 26

Chaitya Cave

Chaitya Hall




Challenge of Materials Gallery

Chamber A

Chamber B

Chamber Concert Hall

Chamber of Commerce

Chamberlain Building

Chamberlin House

Chamberlin-Burr-Day House. Use Chamberlin House

Chambers for a Memory Palace

Chambers for a Memory Palace: Principles

Chambord Chateau


Champollion School

Champs-sur-Marne Chateau

Chamundi Temple

Chan Chan

Chance Meeting

Chancel of Trinity Chapel


Chancellor Green Library

Chandigarh Club

Chandigarh Government Center

Chandigarh High Court

Chandigarh Legislative Assembly

Chandigarh Palace of Justice. Use Chandigarh High Court

Chandigarh Secretariat

Chandler Farms

Chandler Farms Housing

Chandler Ranch

Chandos House

Chandra Mahal

Chang Ling Tomb

Changdao Temple



Channel 4 Television

Channel Tunnel Railway Terminal

Channing Residence

Chantier du metropolitain, Place St. Michel, Paris


Chantilly. Use Chateau de Chantilly

Chao Te Men gate

Chaochow Bridge. Use Anji Bridge

Chaos and Old Night

Chaotic Geometric Sculpture 5

Chaparrel Court


Chapel & Crematorium

Chapel at a weekend retreat

Chapel for the Cross

Chapel Hall

Chapel of Dedwen

Chapel of Gandhara Buddha. Use Ho Phra Khanthararat

Chapel of Leo X

Chapel of Porciuncula de la Milagrosa. Use Porciuncula de la Milagrosa

Chapel of Saint-Germain-en-Laye

Chapel of Sao Jose

Chapel of the Chimes

Chapel of the Cross

Chapel of the Crucifixion. Use The Church of the Crucifixion

Chapel of the Dead. Use Cemetery Project

Chapel of the Holy Cross

Chapel of the Kings

Chapel on the Water

Chapel Street Rowhouses

Chapelle Des Morts. Use Cemetery Project

Chapelle du Charbonnage

Char Minar

Char Minar Madrasa

Character Heads

Charcoal Burners' Workshop. Use Woodcutter's House

Charge to Peter


Chariot, The

Charioteer of Delphi

Charlemagne Reliquary

Charles A. Potter Residence. Use Little Thakeham

Charles Adam Potter House

Charles Aiken House. Use Aiken House

Charles Dawes Mansion

Charles de Gaulle Airport

Charles Duncan House. Use Project Duncan House

Charles G. Loring House

Charles Hamilton Street Houses

Charles I

Charles Lagreco Residence. Use Lagreco Residence

Charles Moore Sea Ranch residence. Use Sea Ranch Condominium #1,Unit #9 (Moore's)

Charles Ross House

Charles S. Greene House

Charles Scribner's Sons Building

Charles Sturt University

Charles Turner at His Cabin

Charles V Palace

Charleston Infill Housing

Charleston Meadow

Charleston University

Charlestown Navy Yard Rowhouses

Charlotte Wainwright Tomb

Charlotte Whitney Allen Garden

Charlottenburg Palace


Charlottenstrasse Apartments & Studios. Use Berlin Housing & Studio Tower

Charlottenstrasse Wohnhauser & Atelierturm. Use Berlin Housing & Studio Tower

Charlton House

Charm of Substance

Charnel House

Charnley House

Charnley Residence

Chart of the Ocean Sea

Chartres Cathedral


Chase Estate

Chase-Lloyd House

Chase-Lloyd House. Use Chase-Lloyd House

Chat by the Fireside


Chateau Balleroy

Chateau Compiegne

Chateau Comtal

Chateau d'Usse

Chateau de Brecy

Chateau de Chantilly

Chateau de Cheverny

Chateau de Gourdon

Chateau de Malmaison. Use Malmaison

Chateau de Marais. Use Castle of the Marsh

Chateau de Montebello

Chateau de Saint-Germain-en-Laye

Chateau de Sceaux

Chateau du Lude

Chateau du Vignal

Chateau du Villandry

Chateau Frontenac

Chateau National de Malmaison. Use Malmaison

Chateau Neuf

Chateau Vaux-le-Vicomte



Chateaux Saint-Cloud Gardens

Chatelaine Church

Chatham Green Public Housing

Chatham Village

Chatsworth Garden

Chatsworth House

Chaturbhuj Temple


Chauvet Cave


Chaux. Use Saline de Chaux

Chavez Ravine. Use Dodger Stadium

Chavez Student Center. Use Student Commons

Chavin de Huantar

Checker Players, The

Chee House


Cheesecake Consortium

Cheesecake Consortium Collective Housing. Use Cheesecake Consortium

Chehel Setoon Palace. Use Chihil Sutun

Chehel Sotun Palace

Chehel Sutun. Use Chehel Sotun Palace

Chehil Dukhtaran Minaret

Chehil Setun. Use Chihil Sutun

Cheliabinsk Tractor Plant


Chelsea Flower Show 2000

Chelsea monastery, no. 8305

Chemical Bank. Use Manufacturers Hanover Trust, Fifth Avenue Branch

Chemical Factory of pale brick

Chemical Factory with curved facade

Chemical Factory with false stepped gable

Chemistry Building

Chemosphere House. Use Malin House

Chen Tu Men gate

Cheney Block

Cheng Hoon Teng Temple

Chenonceaux Chateau

Cheops Pyramid


Chephren Pyramid

Cheriton Terminal

Chernobyl (Avon)

Chernorecheskii Phosphate Plant

Chertanovo Housing Development

Chesa Futura

Cheshire Mill No.1

Chess Players


Chester County Bank

Chester County Courthouse

Chester Terrace

Chestnut Hill Meeting House

Chetco Inn. Use Brookings Lumber Company Hotel

Chetro Ketl Pueblo

Chez la modiste. Use At the Milliners

Chi-Nien Tien. Use Qinian Dian

Chiao Lou

Chiasma. Use Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art

Chiat/Day/Mojo Advertising Agency Buildings


Chicago Board of Trade II

Chicago Botanic Gardens

Chicago Chair

Chicago Civic Center. Use Daley Center

Chicago Club Building

Chicago Cultural Center

Chicago Lake Front Project

Chicago public library. Use Harold Washington Library

Chicago Stock Exchange

Chicago Sunday Tribune

Chicago Theater

Chicano Park Murals

Chichen Itza

Chichester Festival Theatre

Chick House. Use Guy Hyde Chick House


Chicken Point Cabin

Chief Akeran's House

Chief Elerewe's House

Chief Eson's Palace

Chief Ogbua's Compound

Chief Wiah's House

Chief's menage

Chieftain's Homestead

Chierati Palace

Chiesa de San Giovanni

Chiesa de San Giovanni Battista. Use Chiesa de San Giovanni

Chiesa dei Cappucini

Chiesa della Salute. Use Santa Maria della Salute

Chiesa di S.Giacomo

Chiesa di San Simone Profeta. Use San Simeone Grande Church

Chiesa di Santo Stefano

Chih Hui Hai

Chih Pan Fang

Chihil Sutun

Child of the Tenement

Child Spinner, North Carolina

Child Study Center

Child Study Center Playground

Child's chair

Childcare Center

Children & Rabbit

Children on a street in Rio de Janeiro

Children washing at a water spigot

Children's Center. Use Creativity Center

Children's Furniture

Children's Home

Children's Hospital

Children's Museum and Library

Childrens' Hospital and Health Center

Childrens' Projects

Childrens' vending booth at an outdoor festival

Childs Frick Pergola

Chilean Embassy

Chilean Pavilion

Chilean Telephone Company

Chimney Corner Building

Chin Shui Ch'iao/Jinshuiqiao. Use Approach. River of Golden Water

Chin Yen Fang. Use Marble Boat

China National Aviation League

Chinati Foundation

Chincana Grande

Chinese Garden

Chinese Hand Laundry

Chinese Neolithic Houses

Chinese Pagoda

Chinese pavilions

Chinese Take-out Gardens

Chinese Teahouse

Chinese Telephone Exchange

Ching Yang Kung

Chini-ka Rauza

Chinili Kosk. Use Cinili Kiosk



Chip & Joe's Magic Decoder Pens

Chipiona Port Facilities


Chiron Corporation Life Science Center

Chiswell Earthworks

Chiswick House

Chitosebashi Bridge

Chloris. Use Flora

Cho Cheng Yuan. Use Zhuo Zheng Yuan

Chohachi Art Museum

Cholula Pyramid

Chomsongdae Royal Observatory


Choquebamba terraces

Chora Church. Use Kariye Mosque

Choragic Monument to Lysikrates

Choral Building

Choral Works

Choroshevskoe Street Housing

Christ Church

Christ Church Cathedral. Use Canterbury Cathedral

Christ Church Lutheran

Christ Church, Spitalfields

Christ Giving Keys to St.Peter. Use Charge to Peter

Christ Hope of the World Church

Christ in the Tomb

Christ Pantepoptes Church. Use Saint Saviour Pantepoptes Church

Christ Pantocrator Monastery

Christ the King Cathedral

Christ The King Church

Christ the Pantocrator Church

Christ the Redeemer

Christ's College

Christchurch Cathedral. Use Canterbury Cathedral

Christian Community House

Christian Home

Christian Music Village

Christian Science Church Center

Christus Hoffnung der Weld. Use Christ Hope of the World Church

Chromatic Gate

Chrysler Building

Chrysler Corporation

Chrysler Motors Building

Chrysler Museum Addition

Chrystie-Forsyth Housing

Chu-shoin. Use Middle Shoin

Chubb Residence

Chumon Gate

Chun Ware

Chung Ho Tien

Chung Tso Men gate


Church at Monterrey, California

Church Garden

Church Group

Church House

Church of Christ

Church of Holy Sepulchre. Use Holy Sepulchre Church

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Use Oakland Temple, Latter Day Saints

Church of Mary the Queen. Use Mary the Queen Church

Church of Nativity and Intercession of the Virgin. Use Nativity and Intercession of the Virgin, Church of

Church of Nativity of Christ. Use Nativity of Christ Church

Church of New Jerusalem. Use New Jerusalem Church

Church of Our Lady of Candelaria. Use Our Lady of Candelaria Church

Church of Our Lady of the Wayside. Use Our Lady of the Wayside Church

Church of Our Savior-in-Berestovo. Use Our Savior-in-Berestovo Church

Church of Panagia Paraportiani

Church of Resurrection. Use Resurrection, Church of

Church of Saint Foillon

Church of Saint George. Use Keniset Mari Girgis

Church of Saint Gregory of Tigran Honents

Church of Saint Gregory the Illuminator. Use Saint Gregory the Illuminator Church

Church of Saint John the Baptist. Use Chiesa de San Giovanni

Church of Saint Vincent Ferrer

Church of Saints Boris and Gleb in Plotniki. Use Saints Boris and Gleb in Plotniki Church

Church of Saints Peter and Paul in Kozhevniki. Use Saints Peter and Paul in Kozhevniki Church

Church of San Cataldo

Church of San Francisco

Church of San Giovanni. Use Chiesa de San Giovanni

Church of San Rocco

Church of St. George on the Ascent. Use Saint George on the Ascent Church

Church of St. George. Use Saint George Church

Church of St. Gilles. Use Saint Gilles Church

Church of St. Nicholas on the Usokha. Use Saint Nicholas on the Usokha Church

Church of St. Nicholas. Use Saint Nicholas Church

Church of St. Paraceva. Use Saint Paraceva Church

Church of St. Peter and St. Paul. Use Washington National Cathedral

Church of St. Theodore Stratelates. Use Saint Theodore Stratelates Church

Church of St.Elizabeth of Hungary. Use Modry Kostol

Church of the Advent. Use Advent, Church of the

Church of the Apple. Use Elmali Kilise

Church of the Ascension. Use Ascension, Church of the

Church of the Buckle. Use Tokali Kilise

Church of the Coronation of Our Lady. Use Coronation of Our Lady, Church of the

Church of the Crucifix

Church of the Descent of the Holy Ghost. Use Descent of the Holy Ghost, Church of the

Church of the Gesuiti

Church of the Holy Cross

Church of the Light

Church of the Nativity

Church of the Nativity. Use Nativity Church

Church of the New Jerusalem. Use Swedenborgian Church

Church of the Redeemer. Use Makina Medhane Alem

Church of the Redemer. Use Redemer, Church of the

Church of the Resurrection. Use Holy Sepulchre Church

Church of the Resurrection. Use Resurrection, Church of the

Church of the Three Crosses. Use Vuoksenniska Church

Church of the Virgin Mary

Church of Transfiguration of Our Savior in Elijah. Use Transfiguration of Our Savior in Elijah Church

Church of Transfiguration of Our Savior Kovaliovo. Use Transfiguration of Our Savior Kovaliovo Church

Church of Transfiguration of Our Savior. Use Transfiguration of Our Savior Church

Church Residence

Church Street South Housing. Use Low-cost Housing


Churches Aloft

Churches comparisons

Churchill College Project

Chyrsler Building Under Construction





Ciampino Cemetery

Cibali Kapisi

Cicerostrasse Housing

Cicurel Department Store

Cidade de Curitiba

Cifte Medrese

Cifte Minare Madrasa

Cifte Minareli Medrese

CIL Arts

Cimitero di Parabita. Use Parabita Cemetery

Cimitero di Staglieno

Cimitiere des Saints Innocents

Cincinnati Gateway

Cincinnati Public Library

Cincirli. Use Zincirli

Cineac Cinema. Use Handelsblad-Cineac Cinema

Cinili Kiosk

Cinili Kosk. Use Cinili Kiosk

Circular Bakery

Circular Pyramid Mound

Circular Village

Circumcision Pavilion


Circus Girl on Big Ball

Circus Maximus

Circus of Maxentius

Circus, Budapest, May 19

Circus, The

Cirque Olympique

Cistercian Abbey Church. Use Waldsassen Abbey Church

Cistercian Monastery of Saint Mary of Sobrado. Use Monasterio Cisterciense de Santa Maria de Sobrado



Citadel & temple quarter

Citadel Fountain

Citadel Gate

Citadel of Fatehpur Sikri

Citadel of Harran

Citadel of Karim Khan Zand

Citadel of Tabriz. Use Masjid-i-Ali Shah

Cite Altairac

Cite d'Hospitalisation

Cite de la Musique

Cite de Refuge. Use Eight Houses

Cite des Sciences et de l'Industrie. Use Museum of Science and Industry

Cite Fruges. Use Pessac Worker Housing

Cite Industrielle

Cite Universitaire

Citicorp Building


Cities and Caliphs

Cities of Delhi

Cities of the Han and Tang: plans and views

Cities of Tomorrow

Cities on the move

Citizen Office

Citizens State Bank dome

Citra Niaga Urban Development

Citrohan. Use Project Citrohan House

Citta Ideale (Baltimore panel)

Citta Ideale (Berlin panel)

Citta Ideale (Urbino panel)

Citta. Use Cittadi en cemento

Cittadi en cemento

Cittern Bridge


City & Civil Service Club. Use City Club

City Almshouse

City and the Artists, The

City as a diagram

City below the Moon's surface

City Building: Embarcadero

City Car

City Center Apartments

City center pre-1755 earthquake

City Center project

City Club

City Edge Program

City Federal Saving Bank

City for Three Million. Use Contemporary City of Three Million Inhabitants

City gate

City Hall

City Interchange

City Landscape

City National Bank

City of 500 Million

City of Ambition

City of high rises

City of low rises

City of Millions. Use Millionenstad

City of Music. Use Cite de la Musique

City of New York

City of New York and Island of Manhattan

City of Paris Building

City of Quartz

City of the Future

City of the Globe Captured

City of Tomorrow. Use Futurama

City of Towers

City of Washington..NE Corner of Market & 7th St..

City Palace

City Planning

City planning according to artistic principles

City population in three eras

City Rises

City Shaped, The

City Square, The

City Theater

City Theatre

City Tower Project

City under the Seine project

City Wall

City Walls

City, The

City-states of the Maya

Cityfront Center master plan

Cityhouse. Use Kennedy Residence (Cityhouse)

Ciudad Abierta. Use Open City

Ciudad Nonoalco-Tlatelolco Housing Project


Ciudadela Laberinto

Ciudadela Rivero

Ciudadela Tschudi

Ciudadela Velarde

Civic Arts Plaza

Civic Center

Civil Air Terminal

Civil Basilica

Civil Liberty Pool

Civil Rights Memorial

Civilian Occupation: politics of Israeli archit

CLA (Classroom/Laboratory/Administration) Bldg

Claire Lilienthal School Addition

Clare Hall

Claremont Hotel

Clarence A. Warden Residence. Use Warden Gardens

Clarence Moore House

Clarendon Building

Clarendon House

Claridges Hotel

Clarinet Player

Clark Beach House

Clark House

Clark University

Clarke Garden

Clarkson Biddle Map

Clarte Apartments

Clarte Apartments. Use Clarte Apartments

Clash of Fundamentalists

Class of 1914 Fountain

Classic Greek Relief

Classic Landscape

Classical Landscape

Classics Library. Use Alte Bibliothek

Classroom Building

Classroom Buildings


Clay House

Clay Tablet

Clayton Street Garden

Clemence-Irons House

Clement B. Newbold Garden. Use Newbold Garden

Cleopatra's Needle


Clergy House

Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co. Building. Use Illuminating Building

Cleveland Museum of Art

Cleveland Museum of Art, North Entrance

Cleveland Orchestra Building. Use Severance Hall

Cleveland Park Temple and Community Center

Cleveland Public Auditorium

Cleveland Public Library

Cliff Dwellings

Cliff face, A

Cliff Palace

Clifford's Tower

Climate Control in Islamic dwellings

Climatic Provinces & Plant Growth Regions of U.S.


Clio Hall

Clipping: 'beautiful open court'


Cloaca Maxima


Clock Court

Clock House

Clock Pavilion. Use Pavilion L'Horloge

Clock Tower Sundial


Clocktower Lofts


Cloisters, The

Clore Gallery

Clorox Building

Clos Pegase Winery

Close at Hand

Close view of cliff dwellings and granaries

Close view of dwellings and cone-roofed granaries

Close-up view from below of exterior

Close-up view of a canal drained for repairs

Close-up view of cone-roofed granaries

Close-up view of Lisbon rooftop

Close-up view of mud-brick houses w/conical roofs

Close-up view of shutters and window treatment

Close-up view of small red barn and shed in field

Close-up view of southern end of town and arcade

Close-up vw of gateway to city, mntns in distance

Cloth Hall. Use Sukiennice

Clothes tray

Clothespin, Version 2

Cloud building. Use Blur Building


Cloyne Court

Cloyne Court Hotel. Use Cloyne Court

Club Cheetah

Club for municipal workers. Use Rusakov Workers' Club

Club for Municipal workers. Use Zuyev Workers' Club

Club house of workmen. Use Rusakov Workers' Club

Club Puerto Penalisa

Clump of Trees. Use Baumgruppe

Cluny Abbey

Clyde Nursery School

CMES Sultan's Chair

CMPBS Headquarters. Use Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems


Co-op Foto

Coal Mine

Coast of California

Coast Scene


Coats Residence

Coca Cola Plan

Cocheco Manufacturing Company


Coconut chair

Cocos Garden. Use Ecoms House

Codan 1

Codan 2

Codex Arundel

Codex Ashburnham

Codex Atlanticus

Codex B

Codex Borgia

Codex Marciana

Codex On the Flight of Birds

Codex Trivulzianus

Codex Tro-Cortesianus. Use Madrid Codex

Codices Barberiniani Graeci

Codices Palatini Graeci

Codices Palatini Latini

Codices Urbino Graeci

Codices Vaticani Graeci

Codices Vaticani Latini

Codornices Court

Codornices Creek Community Garden

Codz Poop

Coenenstraat/Ruloffstraat Housing

Coffee Creek Center

Coffee Dan's

Coffee Pot


Coffin, Inner

Coffin, Middle

Cognito Films

Cohen House

Cohen-Pagliuso House

CoHo - Cheesecake Consortium. Use Cheesecake Consortium

Coimbra Botanical Garden

Coin of Louis the Pious

Coit Tower

Colburn School of the Performing Arts

Colby House

Colegio de los Irlandeses

Colegio de Mineria. Use College of Mines

Colegio de S. Cruz

Colegio de San Gregorio

Colegio de San Ildefonso

Colegio Real de la Campania de Jesus. Use Clerecia

Coleman Garden

Coleman House

Coleman House. Use Waldo Coleman House

Coliseum. Use Colosseum


Collage City

Collage with Black and Yellow

Collapsed Tea Table: Even the People are Textured


Collection of Fluids, The

Collective House

Collective Housing

College Career Opportunities...

College des Quatre Nations

College of California

College of California. See also University of California, Berkeley

College of Chemistry. Use Gilman Hall

College of Mines

College Protestant. Use Protestant School

College Union

College Women's Club. Use Bancroft Hotel

Collegiate Church

Collegiate Church Santa Juliana

Collegio di Propaganda Fide

Collegio in Session


Collins Residence

Cologne Cathedral

Colonia de la Paz Residence Hall

Colonial courtyard and skyscraper

Colonial Garden

Colonial Museum

Colonial Plaza Shopping Center

Colonial Town Hall. Use Cabildo, The



Colonnade Row

Colonnade Row. Use La Grange Terrace

Colony Hotel

Color comparison

Color: a function of architecture

Colorado Court

Colorado Desert House. Use Kaufmann House

Colorado History Museum

Colorado House

Colorado Rocky Mountain School

Colorado State Capitol

Colossal Buddha of 35 meters

Colossal Buddha of 53 meters

Colossal Heads

Colossal Underground Monument: Drainpipe


Colossi of Memnon

Colossi of Memnon, Thebes

Colossol Head. Use San Lorenzo Monument 4- Colossol Head

Colossus of Akhenaten

Colossus of Constantine I

Colossus of the Nile


Colton Palms

Columbarium of the Independ. Order of Odd Fellows

Columbia College

Columbia Street Subway Station

Columbia University

Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center

Columbia/Hampshire Street Housing

Columbian Fountain. Use MacMonnies Fountain (Columbia Fountain)

Columbus Center

Columbus Convention Center

Columbus High School

Columbus House

Columbus Monument. Use Monument a Colom

Columbus Occupational Health Center


Column House

Column of Antoninus Pius

Column of Arcadius

Column of Constantine

Column of Julian

Column of Marcus Aurelius

Column of Victory


Colville Place House. Use Project Smithson's Colville Place House

Colvin Taluqdar's School. Principal's House

Combat de Cerami en Sicile, 1061

Combined Elementary and High School

Combrel gallery

Coming Lawnmowers

Comintern Congress IV

Commandant Church

Comme des Garcons Osaka

Commencement materials


Commodore Charles Green House

Common City Hosida

Common Ground Cohousing

Commons on the Alameda

Commonwealth Avenue House. Use 199 Commonwealth Avenue

Commonwealth Building. Use Equitable Savings & Loan Association Headquarters

Commune by the Great Wall

Communications Hill

Communications Tower

Communist party graffiti


Community Center in Morningside Heights

Community Center, Sixth & Folsum

Community Memorial

Community Theater

Compagnies Republicaines de Securite. Use CRS Barracks

Compana de Telefonos de Chile. Use Chilean Telephone Company

Companie des Messagieres Maritimes

Comparative Compositional Study: Brooklyn Bridge

Comparative plans, Wren's churches

Comparative views of palm-lined streets

Comparison of City Scales

Comparison of Mihrabs, 9th to 15th centuries

Comparison of Temple Groups

Comparison of Wash DC with Paris and Versailles

Compensation Insurance Fund. Use State Compensation Insurance Fund

Complex A

Complex A-V. Use Structure A-V

Complex C

Complex N

Complex One


Composition II

Composition with figures


Composting Commode

Compound 4

Compound 5

Compton Wynyates

Computer disk holder

Computer Generated Structural Form

Comrades Commune, Type 17

Comtesse de la Chatre

Concepcion Airport Concourse

Concerto in Black and Blue


Concord Free Public Library

Concrete Pavilion

Concrete streambed

Concrete Village. Use Betondorp

Concubine's Terrace

Conde Museum. Use Chateau de Chantilly

Conde Nast Cafeteria


Conference Building

Conference Center

Conference Table


Confracti Mundi Rudera

Confraternity di San Vincenzo de Paoli

Confucian Temple

Confucius' Home

Congregation B'nai Amoona Temple

Congregation Beth Sholom Synagogue

Congregation Emanu-El. Use Temple Emanu-El

Congregation, The

Congregational Building

Congregational Church

Congreso Nacional

Congress Center

Congress Hall

Congress. Use Congreso Nacional


Conical Intersect

Connecticut General Life Insurance Building

Connecticut State Capitol

Connection: Strawberry Creek Siting

Connemara Sculpture

Conquistadores Street Office Remodel

Conservation Center

Conservatorio delle Zitelle


Conservatory Garden

Conservatory of Flowers. Use Lick Conservatory of Flowers

Consolidated Edison Simulator


Constance Winery Addition

Constantia. Use La Martiniere (Constantia)

Constantine I

Constantine's Basilica. Use Basilica of Maxentius

Constitution Arch


Construction Center

Construction Exhibited in Moscow

Construction in Gray, No.105

Construction site in lower Manhattan

Construction site with stone blocks

Construction under the Seine. Use City under the Seine project

Construction with white half moon

Construzione per una metropoli moderna

Consumer Coal Company

Contemporary Art Museum

Contemporary Arts Museum

Contemporary City of Three Million Inhabitants

Contemporary House

Contemporary Jewish Museum of San Francisco

Continuum Playground I


Control and Choice

Contruction of the Tomb of Caecilia Metella

Convent Avenue Studios

Convent La Tourette. Use La Tourette

Convent of Churubusco

Convent of San Bernardino of Siena

Convent of San Cosimato and part of the...

Convent of the Carita Cloister

Convent of the Madre de Deus

Convention Center expansion

Convento de Montserrat

Convento e Iglesia de San Francisco

Convento El Carmen. Use Convent of Churubusco

Converse Memorial Public Library

Conway Castle

Cook, The

Cool Towers


Coonley House

Cooper Residence

Cooper's Crossing

Cooper's Shop. Use Atelier des Cercles

Cooperative Housing

Cooperative housing issues

Cooperative Housing Project

Coors Field

Copan General Site

COPEC Bridge Restaurant

COPEC Pronto

Copeland-Waycott House

Copenhagen. Kiobenhaven, 1844. Verlag des..


Copernican system

Corbett Residence

Corbin Sparrow

Corcuera Rental House

Corfu: A Rainy Day


Corinthian Maid, The

Corlett House

Corliss Engine

Cornaro Chapel

Cornaro Chapel. See also Ecstasy of St. Theresa

Cornell University

Corner of the Marketplace, A

Corner Victorian building, w/storefronts on 1st Fl

Corner view of a brick Victorian apartment bldg

Corner vw of bay window on Victorian live/work blg

Corniche Mosque

Corning Museum of Glass

Cornwall Terrace

Coronation Mantel of King Roger

Coronation of Our Lady, Church of the

Corporate Head

Corporation Street Footbridge

Corpus Christi College

Corpus Christi Procession

Corpus Hypercubus. Use Crucifixion


Corridor Installation

Corrientes 922, Buenos Aires. Use Cafe de Los Inmortales

Corrugated Construction

Corsham Court

Cortile del Belvedere


Corvey Abbey

Cosimo De'Medici Among His Artists

Cosimo I

Cosinus Market

Cosmic Ray Pavilion

Cosmopolitan Club

Cosmos Club. Use Townsend House

Cossacks, The

Costa Careyes

Costume design for Bolt

Costume National



Cotroceni Monastery

Cotswold Hills, unidentified gardens


Cottage A. Use Casa del Mar

Cottage C. Use Casa del Sol

Cottage in the woods

Cottage residences

Cottage Row

Cottages & Frozen River

Cotton House

Cotton Tree Housing

Cotulla Ranch



Cougnac Cave

Coulans Chateau

Council Chamber

Council Hall. Use Tripylon

Council of Industrial Design

Counter Circle No.18

Country Club

Country Club Plaza

Country Estate "After"

Country Estate "Before"

Country house

Country Log Cabin

Country on the Banks of the Rhone..from Montmajour

Counts of Flanders (Gravensteen) Castle

Counts of Flanders Castle. Use Counts of Flanders (Gravensteen) Castle

County Courthouse

County Police Station

County Record Building

County Records Office. Use County Record Building

Couplets: New York City

Cour Carree

Cour Napoleon

Courances Chateau

Courances Gardens

Court Gardener's House

Court of Ages

Court of Four Seasons

Court of Honor

Court of Lions

Court of Pacifica

Court of States

Court of the Evangelists. Use Patio de los Evangelistas

Court of the Golden Hands. Use Astor Court

Court of the Hemispheres

Court of the Kings. Use Patio de los Reyes

Court of the Long Pond. Use Patio de la Acequia

Court of the Myrtles. Use Patio de los Arrayanes

Court of the Pool

Court of the Pool. Use Patio de los Arrayanes

Court of the Rain Queen

Court Pavilion at Hietzing Station. Use Hofpavilion Station

Court Theater

Court Theater. Use Burgtheater

Court Tomb

Courtesan and Attendant


Courtyard Building

Courtyard gardens

Courtyard House

Courtyard House Remodel

Courtyard of a Bakery near Paris

Courtyard of the Column

Courtyard of the Hospital of the Holy Cross

Courtyard of the Madrasa of Sultan al-Ghuri, Cairo

Courtyard of the Sultana. Use Patio de la Acequia

Covent Garden

Covent Garden Market

Covent Garden, 1741

Coventry Cathedral. Use Saint Michael's Cathedral

Cover for SSSR na stroike 12

Cover illustration

Cover page

Covered Bridge

Covered Horse Trough

Covina Bowl


Cowell Ranch

Cowick First School

Cows on Parade public art exhibit

Coxe/Hayden Studio. Use Studio, Block Island

Coyote. I Like America and America Likes Me

Crabapple allee

Cradock House. Use Peter Tufts House

Crafts Museum

Craftsman Cottage


Cranberry Workers, NJ


Cranbrook Academy of Art

Cranbrook Institute of Science

Cranbrook Kingswood School. Use Cranbrook School for Boys

Cranbrook Kingswood School. Use Kingswood School for Girls

Cranbrook School for Boys


Crane barges on Hudson waterfront

Crane Memorial Library

Cranz Studio

Crawford House

Crawford Square



Creative Process, The

Creativity Center

Credit Lyonnais tower

Creek Town

Creekside Affordable Housing. Use Creekside Apts

Creekside Apts

Crefeld St. Houses


Creole Cottage, commercialized

Creole Cottage, corner type

Creole cottage, Southern

Creole Faubourg Complex, unnamed

Cresap Mound

Crescent Square Apartments

Crespin et Dufayel

Criminal Courts Building

Cristo de la Luz Mezquita. Use El Cristo de la Luz

Criswell College

Crites Residence, first

Crites Residence, second


Croce Rossa Station

Crocifisso Lignum Vitae, Il

Crocker Building

Crocker First National Bank. Use Crocker Building

Crocker First National Bank. Use First National (Crocker) Bank

Crocodile and Fire Dreaming

Croft House

Cromford Mill

Cromwell Hospital



Crosby Arboretum


Cross Check chair

Cross County Shopping Center

Crossmount, Perth.: Study of Crag, Tree, Thistle

Crosswalk on Paseo de la Reforma

Crosswicks. Use Newbold Garden

Croton Reservoir

Crotona Park West

Crouches Creek Plantation. Use Pleasant Point

Crow Island Elementary School

Crowding Towers

Crown and Eagle Mills

Crown College

Crown Hall

Crown Prince's Palace

crowns of Ethiopian kings

CRS Barracks


Crude Clay for Architects

Crusader's Castle

Crusoe Umbrella

Cruz del Milagro Figure-"The Prince"

Cry, The


Crystal Brick

Crystal Cage, The

Crystal Cathedral

Crystal House

Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace Market

Crystal Palace, Petropolis

Cuadra San Cristobal

Cube House

Cube of Zoroaster. Use Kaaba-i Zardusht

Cubic Construction

Culbertson House


Cultural Center of the Kanak People. Use Tjibaou Cultural Center

Cultural Center of the Proletariat district

Cultural Palace

Cultural Park for Children

Culture & Community Center

Culture House

Culture in Motion

Culture Village

Culver City Hospital

Cumberland Terrace

Cunault Monastery

Cunningham House

Cuno House


Cup for Mrs. Hearst


Curfew Hour


Curitiba bridge and stream

Curitiba Childcare Center

Curitiba City Center

Curitiba city park

Curitiba Community Center

Curitiba Local Library

Curitiba Theater



Curtain Wall House

Curtner Neighborhood

Curved Bridge. Use Yudai Bridge

Curved Intersection


Cushing Barn & Farmstead

Cushing Memorial Theater. Use Mountain Theater

Custom House

Customs House

Cut with the Cake Knife

Cuyahoga County Courthouse


Cyclo-Graveur, The

Cyclopean Walls

Cylinder Sheaths

Cylindre Sonore


Cypress Grove Cemetery

Cypress Junior College

Cypress roundel

Cyrus the Great Tomb

Czapkay House

Czech National Library

- D -

D Clinic

D-Day: Allied Invasion of Europe Begins


D. Flanders House

D.E. Shaw & Company

D.V.Woo Residence

Da Shui Fa

Daal en Berg Housing

Dacca Capital Buildings. Use Sher-e-Banglanagar National Assembly Building

Dachau Concentration Camp & Memorial


Dada Harir Vav

Dageraad Housing


Dahlem Experimental Houses

Dai-Tokyo Fire & Marine Insurance Building

Daibutsu Buddha


Daichi-ji Garden

Daigoji Monastery




Daikodo. Use Lecture Hall

Daily Express Building, Fleet Street

Daily Mail Ideal Home Exhibition

Daily News Building

Daimler-Benz Building

Daimler-Benz Headquarters



Dakota, The

Dalcroze Institute for Physical Education

Daley Center

Dallas Museum of Art

Dalrymple House

Dalsace House. Use Maison de Verre

Damascus Hall


Daming Palace


Dan Lutz Residence

Dana House

Dana Point Housing Development

Danbury Fair Mall


Dance at Moulin de la Galette

Dance of Almeh

Dancers' Mosaic

Dancing Drums

Dancing House. Use Nationale-Nederlanden Building

Dancing is always fun!

Dancing Lesson

Dancing Lesson, The


Danforth Plant Science Center

Daniel (Iorns) Residence

Daniel and the Lions

Daniel L. James House. Use James House

Daniel Swain-Harrison House

Danny Park

Dante Alghieri

Danziger Studio-Residence

Daphni Monastery


Dar Ahlam

Dar al-Batha Palace

Dar al-Hajjar

Dar al-Izz

Dar al-Tazi

Dar Ben Daoud

Dar Chajara

Dar Chorfa Meslohiyne

Dar Didi Would Ali

Dar el Ma

Dar Fe Bedi Palace

Dar Jenane

Dar Lamane

Dar Le-Habib Would Le-Hamma Boubba

Dar Moha Almadina

Dar Oubboua Would El-Mekki

Dar Sbihi

Dar Si Said

Dar Tamsna

Dar us-Siadat

Darb Imam

Darbar Hall

Daringly, Distinctively Modern

Darlinghurst Gaol

Darmouth College

Darmstadt School

Darrell Place Condomiums

Dartmoor Riverbends

Darwin College Study Center

Darwin D. Martin House. Use Martin House

Das Neue Frankfurt

Das Totaltheater. Use Project Total Theatre

Das Triadische Ballett

Das Wolkenbugel


Dashain Festival

Dassara Festival

Datai Hotel

Daughters of Revolution

Daughters of the American Revolution Plaque

Daulat Khana

Daulat Khana Complex

Daumesnil Viaduct. Use Viaduc des Arts

Daun-Kinsky Palace

Davenport College


David Boring

David Easton House

David Graves, Pembroke Studios London

David Wright House

Davids/Killory Addition

Davies Garden

Davies Residence

Davis House

Davis Museum and Cultural Center

Davis Pavilion

Davis-Schwonwasser Bldg

Davison Garden

Dawn over Edinburgh, from Inverleith Pond

Dawn's Wedding Chapel II

Dawson Residence

Day and Night

Day Dream Toy For Charles Moore

Day in, Day in

Day's End

Daybreak Grove

Daycare Center

Daydreams of Frascatti

Dayton Public Library

DC Stadium. Use RFK Memorial Stadium

DDU. Use Dymaxion Deployment Unit

De Anza High School

De Architectura, Anonymous French Edition

De Architectura, Cesariano Como Edition, 1521

De Architectura, Fra Giocondo Edition, 1511

de Bijenkorf Department Store

De Blas House

de Brettville/Simon House. Use Willow Glen Houses

De Drie Hoven

De Evenaar Elementary School

De Hoge Veluwe National Park

De la Grande Galerie du Louvre

De la Warr Pavilion

De Montfort University

De pictura

De Prospectiva Pingendi

De Toekomst

De Tuynhuis

De Volharding Cooperative

De Voorst

De Young Memorial Museum

de Young Museum

Deaf and Dumb Asylum

Deanery Gardens

Deasey Residence

Death Riding in a Cart

Debis Haus. Use Daimler-Benz Headquarters

Debis Tower. Use Daimler-Benz Headquarters

Debre Birhan Selassie Church

Debre Damo Monastery

Debre Selam Hermitage

Debre Sinai

DeBretteville Garden

Debs Garden

DEC. Use Digital Equipment Corporation


Decani Monastery


Decker House

Declaration of Independence

Deco House. Use Streisand House

Decorated metal box

Decorative Arts Museum

Decumanus Maximus

Deep in Thought

Deer House

Deer Valley Rock Art Center

Deerhurst Priory

Definitions Fitness Center 2

deFremery Pool

DeKeyser Apartments

Del Carlo Court

Del Mar Remodel

Delahaye automobile

Delameter House

Delanoy Garden

Delastre Apartments

Delawie House # 1

Delawie House # 2

Delay in Glass, A. Use Rotary Notary and His Hot Plate

Delft University of Technology

Delgado Museum. Use Isaac Delgado Memorial Museum

Delhi (Shahjahanabad), 1648

Delhi 1873

Delhi and surrounding areas

Delhi Gate

Delhi Palace. Use Red Fort

Delirious New York

Delta Sud Rest Stop

Dem Genius Beethovens

Demarest House

Demir Holiday Village



Demonstration -> Filz

Demountable Social Center

Demountable Space


Demuth American Dream, The

Dena Bank


Dentsu Advertising Building

Dentsu Building

Denver Art Museum

Denver International Airport

Denver Public Library

Denver Technology Center

Departamento dos Correios e Telegraphos. Use House of the Viceroys

Department of Agriculture

Department of Justice

Department of Justice Building

Department of Water and Power

Department store in 194X

Departure from Berkeley

Departure from Egypt

Departure of the Volunteers in 1792. Use La Marseillaise

DePaul University Center

Deportation Memorial. Use War Memorial to the Deported

Der Dada

Der Stil in den technischen und tektonischen...

Derb el Habous

Derby House. Use John Derby House

Dermott Villas

Derochinsky House

DeRoos Garden

Desceliers World Map

Descent of the Ganges

Descent of the Holy Ghost, Church of the

Desert Cantos

Desert de Retz

Desert House, Cordillera. Use Kaufmann House

Desespoir de Janus, Le

Design and form: the basic course at the Bauhaus

Design Council Archive, University of Brighton

Design for a Museum

Design for Tomorrow

Design in '49

Design of Alberti's Perspective Construction

Design of Cities Competition

Design of the Federal City.. Radial Avenue System

Design themes

Designing for the Near Environment


Desk set


DeSoto Memorial

Destrehan Manor

Detail A

Detail of 19th century brickwork

Determining a building site

Detroit Community Pavilion

Detroit Institute of Arts

Detroit Public Library

Detroit Think Grid

Deutsche Archaeological Institute. Use Wiegand House

Deutsche Messe AG

Deutsche Reichstag

Deutsche Staatsoper. Use State Opera House

Deutsche Stadium

Deutsche Werkbund Exhibition poster

Deutscher Metallarbeiter-Verband. Use Metalworkers Union

Deutscher Werkbund Expo, 1914

Deutsches Genossenschaftsbank HQ & Apartments. Use DG Bank HQ & Apartments

Deutsches Volk - Deutsches Arbeit Exposition

Deutschland Ausstellung


Developments in Design Methodology

Developments of tomorrow

Devi Jagadambi

Devil's Lake Wastewater Treatment Plant


Dewey Monument

Deyrul-Zaferan Monastery

DG Bank HQ & Apartments

Dhaka Capital Buildings. Use Sher-e-Banglanagar National Assembly Building


Dharma Sangha Buddhist Center

Dharmala Sakti Building

Dharmaraja rath

Dharmekh Stupa

Di Napoli House

Diablo Mosque. Use Diabolo Mosque

Diabolo Mosque


Diagonal Building Complex

Diagoon Houses

Diagram of 2-stage development of Ferrara

Diagram of a fengshui analogy

Diagram of a Japanese hill garden

Diagram of an ideal building site

Diagram of ERF subdivision

Diagram of race reclassifications, 1983 to 1990

Diagram of struct lines for transit fr city center

Diagram of structural lines from the city center

Diagram of the Public Open Spaces of the Boston...



Diamant Building

Diamond House A

Diamond Ranch High School

Diamond Workers' Union

Dice Thrown

Dichroic Light Field

Dick Tracy

Dickenson Estate

Didymaion. Use Temple of Apollo Didymaeus


Die Boheme. Use La Boheme (Puccini)

Die Entwicklung Moderner Industriebaukunst

Die Kamera

Die Neue Wohnung

Die Wies Church. Use Wies Pilgrimmage Church

Diego de Almagro Hotel at Palacio Rivas

Diego Rivera House & Studio

Dieterich (A.E.) House


Diggs Town

Digital Design Final Project

Digital Drawings in Photoshop and Painter

Digital Equipment Corporation

Dijon Library Manuscript

Dilraus Banu Tomb


Dinamo Department Store Complex. Use Dynamo Department Store Complex

Dinamo Stadium. Use Dynamo Stadium


Dinner for Threshers

Dinwiddie Garden

Dio Padre Misericordioso. Use Jubilee Church

Diocletan Wing

Diocletian's Mausoleum

Diocletian's Palace

Dionicio Rodriguez Bridge

Dionysus Theater. Use Theatre of Dionysos

Dior Ginza

Dior Omotesando

Dioscorides Codex

Diplomatic Quarter


Diptych, Apotheosis of an Emperor

Diputacion Provincial. Use Provincial Government Offices

Director of the Loue River House

Director's Bungalow

Director's House

Director's Stable

Dirigible and Children from an Orphanage

Dirigible Space Enclosure

Dirt Road Bird Song

Discovery of America by Christopher Columbus, The

Disks & Towers

Disney Casting Studio

Disney Corporate Offices

Disney Feature Animation Studio

Disney World


Displaced/Replaced Mass 1:1

Displaced/Replaced Mass 1:2

Displaced/Replaced Mass 1:3

Displaced/Replaced Mass 2

Dissipate 2

Disston Residence

Distant view looking northward to Treasure Island

Distant view of city in valley surrounded by mtns

Distant view of harbor from above

Distant view of Pink Floyd concert floating stage

Distant view of Rome with the Baths of Caracalla

Distant view of the Vatican

Distant view of the village at the bass of cliffs

Distant view of Tivoli

District Heating and Power Plant

District of Columbia

District Offices


Divan Khaneh


Dive-bombing a city. Use En pique sur la ville

Dives in Misericordia. Use Jubilee Church

Divided House

Divine Comedy

Diwan of Hafiz



Dix Residence

Dixwell Davenport House. Use House 195 San Leandro

Djehutynefer, House. Use House of Thutnefer

Djin Blocks

Djinguere Ber Mosque

Djoser Complex. Use Zoser Funerary Complex

Djoser Funerary Complex. Use Zoser Funerary Complex

Djosher Statue. Use King Zoser Statue


Dneprovskaia Hydroelectric Project

Do swing

Do Thal

Doblinger-Haupstrasse Bridge

Dobris Castle

Doctors' Building Apartment Complex

Documenta Urbana Housing

Documentation center and Lecture Theater

Doddington Hall

Dodge Division

Dodge House

Dodger Stadium

Dodges Ridge

Doe Memorial Library

Dog on a Leash

Dog Pack

Dogano, San Giorgio, Citella, from the steps...

Doges' Palace

Doggy Feeding Station

Dogtrot House

Dohany Street Synagogue

Doheny Estate

Dojunkai Aoyama Apartments

Doldertal Flats

Dolmabahce Mosque

Dolmabahce Palace



Dolphin Hotel

Dom-in(f)o House

Domaine Chandon


Dome of the Rock

Dome of the Tablets

Domestic Arrangements

Domestic Departure Lounge

Domestic objects

Dominican Monastery

Domino Players

Dominus Winery

Domitian's Palace

Domon Ken Museum of Photography

Domus Augustana. Use Domitian's Palace

Domus Augustiana. Use Domitian's Palace

Domus Aurea

Domus Flavia. Use Domitian's Palace

Don't just dream about your dream house

Don't laugh at our house

Don't Mind Me, Just Go On Talking

Donaldina Cameron House

Donaldson House. Use House 65 San Leandro

Done House

Doner Kumbet

Dong-Duong Tower Sanctuary I

Dongda Si. Use Great Mosque of Sian

Donggung Men

Dongnuan. Use Tung Nuan

Dongur Mansion

Donkey Boy at Cairo

Donnell Garden

Dooly Block

Doom painting

door knocker

Door of a Mosque

Door of Pardons. Use Holy Door

Door to the River

Doorman House

Dorado Village

Dorchester 2000 Coastal II

Dordogne Cave

Doric Temple


Dorland House. Use Allan Dorland House

Dormition of the Virgin

Dormition, Cathedral of the


Dorton Arena, Raleigh State Fair Grounds


Dos Pilas

Doshi Residence

Dou Gong. Use Tou-Kung (Dou Gong) System

Double Canoe

Double Dihedral House

Double Faces Architecture

Double House

Double House. Use Glover Street Condominiums

Double Imperative Landscapes

Double Kancha

Double Lion Column Base

Double Lodge

Double Negative

Double Portrait of Berdie

Double Traingualr Pavilion

Double your pleasure..

Doug Fir

Douglas Fir Plywood Model Demonstraton House. Use Plywood Model House

Douglas House

Dougong. Use Bracket system

Douroux Beach House

Dovecoat Church


Dovecote American Gothic

Dover Castle

Downing Avenue Cottage

Downing College

Downspout-Plant Life Monitoring System

Downsview Park Competition: Tree City

Downton Castle

Downtown Berkeley Transit Station

Downtown Center Garage

Doyle Street Housing

Dr. Ahn's Plastic & Esthetic Clinic 2

Dr. Bavink School

Dr. C. Dunham Residence. Use Dunham Garden

Dr. L. J. Czapkay's Sanitarium. Use Czapkay House

Dr. Nathan H. Williams House

Dracula Storyboard

Dragon Fountain

Drake Residence

Drake's Beach Facilities Building

Draney Garden

Draper's Hall. Use Sukiennice

Drassanes Rotunda

Draupadi rath


Drawing Dept Bldg. Use Naval Architecture Building

Drawing of a shantytown near Central Park

Drawing of A. J. Downing

Drawing Room at Herne Hill


Drawings, 3-dimensional

Drawn view of the Kremlin

Dream Homes Are No Nightmares to... Lumber Dealers

Dream of Venus Pavilion

Dreikonigsegg apartment building


Dresden Art Gallery

Dresden Opera House, first

Dresden Opera House, second

Dress for Frau Salomonsohn

Dressing Table with Red and Yellow Bouquet

Dreyfuss Desk Phone

Drinking Fountain

Dripps Map. Use Map Of The City Of New York Extending Northward...

Drive-in Dwellings

Drive-in housing



Dromedary and Arabs

Drop of Milk

Droste House

Drowning Girl

Drunken Ship

DS-5 Tower

Du Fu Cottage, Caotang Park

Dual Memory

DuBarry Gate. Use Porte du Barry

Ducal Palace

Ducal Palace, Dogano, with part of San Giorgio...

Duchamp Dosier

Duckland Project

Dudeck House

Dudhsagar Dairy Complex

Duduza Resource Centre

Dufayel Department Store. Use Crespin et Dufayel


Duisburg Museum of Art

Dukes of Granada Palace

Duladeo Temple

Dulles International Airport

Dulwich College Picture Gallery & Mausoleum

Dumb Compass

Dumbarton House

Dumbarton Oaks

Dumbarton Oaks Garden

Dumblane House

DuMond House

Dump/Schoolbus, a Fight

Duncan Solar House

Duncan-Nicholson House. Use Patrick Duncan House

Dundas Sherbourne Housing

Dunes Hotel


Dunham Garden


Duomo di Milano. Use Cathedral

Dur Kurigalzu

Dura Europos

Durant School

Durbar Hall

Dureau Building

Durga Temple

Durgun Sal Palace

Durham Castle

Durham Cathedral


Durodogan House

Durrington Walls

Dusseldorf Theatre. Use Dusseldorfer Shauspielhaus

Dusseldorfer Shauspielhaus

Dust Bowl

Dust mite

Dust Storm

Dutch East India Company Factory

Dutch garden

Dutch House

Dutch Interior

Dutch National Heritage Museum

Dutch Pavilion

Dutch Reformed Church

Dvortsovaya Square. Use Palace Square

Dwan Gallery

Dwell Home

Dwelling in 194X

Dwellings above M-40 motorway

Dwight Way Mixed-Use Project

Dyer Landfill

Dying Gaul

Dyke Nook Lodge Garden

Dymaxion Bathroom

Dymaxion Car Number One

Dymaxion Car Number Three

Dymaxion Car Number Two

Dymaxion Deployment Unit

Dymaxion Dwelling Machine. Use Dymaxion Wichita House Prototype

Dymaxion Map

Dymaxion Wichita House Prototype

Dynamo Department Store Complex

Dynamo Stadium

Dynamometer Building

Dyson Appliances Ltd.

Dzerzhinskii Square Station

- E -



E. F. Geisler House. Use Geisler House

E. Hinsdell House

E. Howe House

E. R. Lewis House

E. S. Harkness House. Use Harkness House

E.B. Power House

E.C. Young House

E.R.A.C. Housing

E.T.A. Hoffmann Garden

Each Dot Represents One Factory

Eagle Nest

Eagles Club

Eames House

Earl Carroll Theater

Earl Garden

Earl of Arundel in His Sculpture Gallery

Earle C. Anthony House

Earle C. Anthony House #3. Use Earle C. Anthony House

Early American House

Early Architecture of Western Pennsylvania

Early Christian cave dwellings

Early map, set against outline of the modern city

Early morning calm knotweed stalks pushed...

Early Sunday Morning

Earth Centre

Earth Paintings


Earthly Paradise. Use Spring


East Bank Bookstore/Admissions & Records Facility

East Baths

East Building

East Canaan Congregational Church

East Cemetery, Malmo. Use Malmo Eastern Cemetery

East facade

East Garden

East Garden, White House. Use East Garden

East Gate. Use Donggung Men

East Indies

East Kalimantan Youth Center

East Midtown Plaza

East Pagoda

East Propylon

East Pyne Building

East River at Night

East River Drive

East River Roundabout

East Temple

East Temple. Use Toji (East Temple)

East Terrace

East Texas Patchwork, Paris Texas

East Treasury House

East Wahdat Upgrading Programme

Easter Hill Village

Easter Island

Eastern Airlines Terminal

Eastern Kobe Public Housing

Eastern State Penitentiary


Eastlake High School


Easy Edges

Eaton Square

Eave-drip-area walk


Eberswalde Technical School Library

Ebla Palace

Ecclesiasterion. Use Ekklesiasterion

Echelles de la Ville

Echelles du Baroque. Use Ensemble d'Habitation, Place de Catalogne

Eclipsed Time

Eclogue, An

Ecocity Berkeley

Ecole Colonial

Ecole de Chirurgie

Ecole des Beaux Arts

Ecole des Beaux-Arts student drawing

Ecole des Charmilles

Ecole Superieure de Commerce

ecoms fit showroom

Ecoms House

Economics College

Economist Building

Ecstasy of St. Theresa

Ecstasy of St. Theresa. See also Cornaro Chapel

Eddystone Lighthouse

Eden Biomes. Use Eden Project

Eden Project

EDF Building. Use Electricite de France Regional HQ

Edgar Kaiser Garden

Edgar Kauffmann Office

Edgar Kaufmann House. Use Kaufmann House

Edge of San Timoteo Canyon, San Bernadino County

Edgemar Mall


Edible School Yard

Edificio CCT. Use CCT Building

Edificio Coatepec

Edinburgh University

Edinburgh, The Old Town, 1939

Edison International Field

Edith Wharton Residence

Edizioni Press

Edmund C. Stedman Residence. Use Kelp Rock, Stedman Residence

Edo Castle

Edo-jo. Use Edo Castle

Educare Preschool

Education and Social Economy Building

Educational Complex

Edward Douglas White Plantation

Edward Durell Stone House

Edward F. Whitney Residence. Use Whitney Gardens

Edward King House

Edward Norman House. Use Norman House

Edward VI

Edward VI & the Pope: An Allegory of Reformation

Edward VI, anamorphic portrait

Edwards & Schefals Store

Edwin Leete House. Use Octagon House

Edwin S. Pillsbury House. Use Pillsbury House

EFA, Radio Satellite Station

Effigy Tumuli

Efgan Tekke

Egg of the Winds

Eggers Garden

Eglise Saint Aignan. Use Saint Aignan

Eglise Sainte-Genevieve

Egypt and Nubia, region of Kush empire

Egypt, 1291-1224 BCE

Egyptian Block, The. Use Block No.16

Egyptian Building

Egyptian Cafe

Egyptian Exhibition

Egyptian Palace

Egyptian Temple

Ehime Museum of Science

Ehimekensogo Kagaku Hakubutsukan. Use Amber Hall

Ehrenhalle/Honor Hall

Ehrentempel fur die Gefallenen. Use Monument to the Fallen

Ehrmann-Coombs House

Eichler Homes

Eichler X-100 Prototype

Eierkiste. Use Kaiser Wilhelm Church

Eiffel Tower

Eigen Haard. Use Spaarndammerbuurt

Eight Houses

Eight Lipsticks

Eight Outer Temples. Use Wai Ba Miao

Eight-Sixty North Lake Shore Drive Apartments. Use Lake Shore Drive Apartments

Eighteeth-century Polish Synagogue

Eighth Avenue Snow Scene

Eighth of March

Eighth St., Oakland

Eihoji Temple

Eingebildete Kranke, Der

Einhard Reliquary

Einstein Tower

Eira Hospital


Eishin School

Eishin School. Cafeteria

Eishin School. Great Hall

Eishin School. Gym

Eishin School. Homeroom Bldgs

Eishin School. Judo Hall

Eishin School. Library & Research Inst

Eisler Residence

Eisner Estate

Eisner Prize Winner

Eiteljorn Museum of American Indian & Western Art

Either/Origins: Primitive Hut

Ekero housing estate

Ekistics Plan


El Caracol Historical Gallery

El Castillo

El Cortez

El Cristo de la Luz

El Croquis head office

El Dorado Country Club

El Greco House

El Gurn. Use El Qurn

El Medio Remodel

El Mirador

El Monumento a los Trabajadores Petroleros. Use Oil Workers Monument

El Musical

El Navajo Hotel

El Obelisco. Use Obelisk of Buenos Aires

El Pedregal

El Pueblo Ribera Court

El Purgatorio

El Qurn

El Real Colegio de Nobles Irlandeses. Use Colegio de los Irlandeses

El Silencio Redevelopment

El Templete

El Templeto. Use El Templete

El Tule Ranch

El Valle De Mexico

El, The

el-Dair Temple. Use Al-Dayr

Elaine Noll Court

Eldridge Gonaway Commons

Eleazer Arnold House

Electric Chair

Electric Utility Regional Head Office

Electricite de France Regional HQ

Electricity Building


Electronic Gallery series, from the


Elemens de l'architecture navale...

Elementa Housing Complex

Elementary School

Elementary School Prototype, Las Vegas, NV



Elephant Bearing an Obelisk

Elephant Gate

Elephant Shrew

Elephant Shrine

Elephant Towers

Elephanta Caves

Elevation vw of Pink Floyd concert floating stage

Elias Brown House

Elihu Harris State Building

Elinore Roosevelt

Elizabeth Bay House

Elizabeth Farm

Elizabeth Farrell House

Elizabeth I (coronation portrait)

Elizabeth I (portrait for Erik of Sweden)

Elizabeth I (portrait)

Elizabeth I (Rainbow Portrait)

Elizabeth I (the Sieve Portrait)

Elizabeth I miniature

Elizabeth Perry Residence. Use Perry Residence

Ellicott Square Building

Elliot Building

Elliot House

Elliottdale Arch

Elliptical Building

Elliptical Field

Elliptical horse barn

Ellis County Courthouse

Ellis House

Ellora Caves

Elm Court Residence

Elm Park. Use Lockwood-Mathews Mansion

Elmali Kilise

Elmhurst Single Family Housing


Elohim Creating Adam

Elrey Jeppesen Terminal

Elrod House

Els Quatre Gats

Elston House


Ely Cathedral

EM Table

Emanu-el Sisterhood

Emanu-El Temple and Community Center

Emanuel Hoffmann Siftung

Embankment Renaissance Bridge

Embarcadero Promenade

Embarcadero Ribbon

Ember Glance

Embrace, The

Embroidered Prayer Book


Emerald Buddha Temple. Use Wat Phra Kaeo

Emerson House

Emerson Sauna


Emeryville Community Library

Emeryville Resourceful Building Project

Emigh House

Emilie Floge


Emma Kellogg House #2

Emma Williard School

Emmanouil Brothers Mansion

Emmanuel College Chapel

Emmen Shopping Center

Emory University

EMP. Use Experience Music Project


Emperor Humayun Tomb. Use Humayun Mausoleum

Emperor Mosque

Emperor Shah Jahan with his Prime Minister

Emperor Wudi Tomb. Use Mao ling Tomb

Empire Hotel

Empire Mansions

Empire State Building

Empires at time of conquest


Employee Housing

Empty mask, The

En pique sur la ville

Ena da Silva House


End of Dessau Bauhaus

End of Paganism, The

Endell House

Endless House

Endless Mountain House

Endo Design House. Use Natural Ellipse House

Energy and Resources Diary

Energy and Resources Project #3. Use Energy and Resources Diary

Energy Pavilion

Energy Services Facility


ENERSIS Airport Area Master Plan

Enfants Gates

Enforced Perspective, Allegory and Symbolism


Engepark apartments


Engineering Building

Engineering College of Electrotechn. & Electronics

Engineering Department

Engineering Design Bldg. Use Naval Architecture Building

Engineering Faculty, Building One

Engineering Gateway, University of California

English House

English Institute High School

English Setter Installation

Engraved portrait of Sebastien Vauban

Engraving for the well-being of the city of Noto

Engstrom House

ENI Office Building at EUR Center

ENI Office Building, San Donato Milanese

Enman-in Shrine

Ennis House

Enrique Alvear Cerro Navia School

Ensemble d'Habitation, Place de Catalogne


Enso-Gutzeit Building

Enso-Gutzeit OY. Use Enso-Gutzeit Building

Entenza House

Entenza house. Use Case Study House #9

Enter suburbs--exit slums

Enterprise Herpin

Entertainer on Stage, Shimizu

Entertainments Palacefor Leicester Square. Use Sin Centre

Enthronement Ceremony


Entrance after

Entrance before

Entrance Colonnade

Entrance Lodge

Entrance of Princess Isabella of Parma in Vienna

Entrance to Adelphi Wharf

Entrance to subway

Entrance to the Kasbah

Entrance to the Pawn Bank, The Hague

Entrance to the Tombs of the Kings, Thebes

Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India

Entwurff einer Historischen Architectur

Environmental Defense Fund

Environmental Design Library, 2nd

Environmental Design Library, 3rd

Environmental Design Library, 4th

Environmental Design Library, lst

Environmental Issues Posters

Environmental Showcase Home

Environmental Simulation Lab, U.C. Berkeley

Ephebus (boy). Use Youth

Epistles of the Brethren of Purity. Use Rasa'il Ikhwan al-Safa

Epistles of the Sincere Brethren. Use Rasa'il Ikhwan al-Safa

Equestrian Statue of Bartolomeo Colleoni

Equestrian Statue of Charlemagne

Equestrian Statue of Ernst August

Equestrian Statue of Gattamelata

Equestrian Statue of Louis XIV

Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius

Equestrian Statue of Peter the Great

Equestrian Statue of the Duke of Wellington

Equipement d'habitation. Use Wohneinheit fur Serienherstellung

Equitable Building

Equitable Life Assurance Building

Equitable Savings & Loan Association Headquarters

Equivalent #149-A

Eran Shrine

Erasmuslaan 5-11

ERB. Use Emeryville Resourceful Building Project


Erechtheum. Use Erechtheion

Erectheum. Use Erechtheion

Erhard Building. Use Berlin Stock Exchange & Erhard Haus

Erich Mendelsohn's "Amerika": 82 photographs

Erickson Garden

Ericsson Building

Ericsson Factory. Use L. M. Ericsson Factory

Ericsson Offices


Eriksdal Hall

Eriksdal School

Erlanger House

Ermenonville Gardens

Ermenonville Gardens. Use Rousseau's Tomb

Ernst Moritz Arndt House

Ernst Werner House

Ernst-Ludwig Haus

Ernsting's Factory


Eros & Psyche

Erskine house and studio

Ertegun House

Eruption of Veuvius, seen from Portici

Escalier du Fer-a-Cheval


Esher Place

Esherick Cluster

Esherick House

Esherick Store. Use Sea Ranch Store

Eshetane Mariam Lower Church

Eshetane Mariam Upper Church

Eski Cami

Eski Imaret Camii. Use Saint Saviour Pantepoptes Church

Eski Kaplica

Eski Valide


Esperanza Housing

Esplanade House

Esplanade Mansions

Esplanade of Place d' Arms

Esposizione Universale di Roma. Use EUR

Esquisse 7a: Animating the Landscape

Essen Cathedral

Essen Synagogue

Essener Munster. Use Essen Cathedral

Essonne. Use Castle of the Marsh

Estancia High School

Estelle S. Clark House. Use Clark House

Esterhazy: the Rabbit Prince


Esveha Society Office Building

Etching Tools and Plates


Eternal Present, The

Eternally obvious, The

Eternity #14

Ethnographic Board


Etienne Chevalier Book of Hours

Etna Street Cottage

Etruscan Arch. Use Arco Etrusco

Etruscan Temple

Eucalyptus Leaf Court

Euclidean Walks

Eugene and Julie Manet; Interior; Isle of Jersey

Eugene Manet and his Daughter in the Garden




Eurocity 1 Office Building


Europe and the Byzantine Empire about 1000

Europe and the Crusader States about 1140

Europe and the Mediterranean Lands about 1190

European Industrial City Diagram

European Union: a Continent City

Euskalduna Jauregia Congress and Music Center

Euston Station

Evaluation of Freeway Types: Champs-Elysees

Evangelical Church


Evangelistra Church

Evans Hall

Evanston Library

Evening College

Evening Dress

Evening Drink

Evening Landscape, North Freisland

Evening Sea

Evening Wind

Every time we buy a war bond...

Everybody needs equal access

Evesham World Map

Evfimii Bell Tower

Evil Eye Mosaic

Evolution of Delhi

Evolution of the Brain : Creation of the Self

Evolution of the set-back building: First stage

Evolution of the set-back building: Fourth stage

Evolution of the set-back building: Second stage

Evolution of the set-back building: Third stage

Evolve Software


Ex Libis Bookplate

Ex Libris, Esslingen (for R.M.)

Exaltation of the Cross Cathedral

Exambareswara Temple

Example of the Beautiful in Landscape Gardening

Example of the Picturesque in Landscape Gardening

Excalibur Hotel & Casino

Execution of a Viet Cong Suspect

Executive House

Exeter Library. Use Phillips Exeter Academy Library


Exhibition "Gebt mir vier Jahre Zeit"

Exhibition Booth

Exhibition Building

Exhibition Buildings

Exhibition Cases

Exhibition Designs

Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall & Wedding Tower

Exhibition panel studies

Exhibition Pavilion, Zurich. Use Le Corbusier Center

Exhibition poster

Existing Streets, Lots, and Buildings

Exodus, or the Voluntary Prisoners of Architecture

Expanding Globe

Expanding Universe

Expansion of Inca Empire

Expansive worlds

Experience Music Project

Experience the pleasures of the Orient...Asian..

Experience the pleasures of the Orient...Miko

Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump

Expiatory Church of the Holy Family. Use Sagrada Familia

Explora Hotel Atacama

Explora Hotel Patagonia

Explore at-Bristol

Exploring building materials

Expo '00

Expo '02

Expo '92

Expo '98

Expo 70. Use Osaka Exposition

Expo Presse

Expo tower

Exposition Coloniale

Exposition des Arts Decoratifs et Industriel

Exposition Park

Expulsion from the Garden of Eden

Extensive construction site in Manhattan

Exterior of the Temple of Abu Simbel, Nubia

Exterior view of a house built against a cliff

Exterior view of carved arches

Extravehicular maneuvering unit

Eye-level view of the cemetery

Eyebeam Atelier

Eyebeam Museum of Art & Technology

Eyebeam Museum of Art and Technology

Eyeless in Gaza

Eyrie Garden. Use Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Garden

Eyup Mosque

Ezida Temple Complex

- F -

F. McCauley Small Residence

F.B. Lewis Courts. Use Lewis Courts

F.G. Brown Bungalows

F.L. Ames Store

F.L. Ennis House. Use Ennis House

f/X Networks

F2 House

Faber-Ward House

Fabricating Coincidences


Facade of Butler Lumber

Face-Lifting Gives Typical Old-Timer...New Life

Factory Building, San Francisco

Factory Shed

Faculty Club

Faculty Clubhouse

Faculty Glade

Faculty Library

Faculty of Agriculture

Faculty of Architecture

Faculty of Architecture building

Faculty of Economics

Faculty of Letters

Fagan House

Fagus Factory. Use Faguswerk


Fahrney Garden

Fair Garden

Fair Store

Fairbanks House

Fairmeadow Tract

Fairmont Hotel Garage Roof Garden

Fairy Chimneys

Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales by DIEZ (Dobrgynsky)

Faith & Knowledge

Faith Ringgold


Falda Plan of Rome

Falk Apartments

Falk House

Falk plan

Falkland Road: Prostitutes of Bombay

Fallen Stela

Fallen Tree Trunk

Falling Water. Use Kaufmann House

Fallingwater. Use Kaufmann House

False mirror, The

Familian House

Families of Evicted Sharecroppers


Family Duplex

Family House

Family in Jerome Camp

Family Mosque

Family of American Cities

Family Triplex

Famira Kifared


Faneuil Hall

Fantastic costumes of trades and professions

Fantastic Four

Fantasy Island


Far View

Far View Kiva

Farallones Institute Rural Center. Use Occidental Arts & Ecology Center

Farewell, Promised Land

Farhaniya Mosque


Farm Buildings in Switzerland

Farm Field. Use Sugden House

Farm Security Administration Community Center

Farm Worker Housing

Farmacia Mallol Balmana

Farman Goliath

FARMAX : Excursions on Density

Farmer's Fertilizer Cooperative Housing Project

Farmer's Kitchen

Farmers' & Exchange Bank

Farmers'and Merchants' Union Bank


Farmhouse Addition


Farmington High School Gymnasium & Auditorium

Farmington House

Farnsworth House

Faro del Comercio

Farrell House. Use Elizabeth Farrell House


Farsta Church

Fasanenstrasse Synagogue

Fast Break

Fatehpur Sikri Citadel

Fathy Office

Fatih Cami. Use Holy Apostles, Church of

Fatih Camii

Fatima-Friedens Church

Favela Winery

Favorite Custom

Fayette County Courthouse


FCG Headquarters Building

FDR Memorial

FDR National Historic Site. Use Springwood

Feast of Herod


Federal Center

Federal Hall National Memorial

Federal Office Building

Federal Reserve Bank

Federal School of the German Tarde Unions. Use German Trade Unions Federation School

Federal Science Pavilion

Federal Supreme Court. Use Supremo Tribunal Federal

Federation du Batiment. Use Building Trades Building

Federation of German Labor Unions Office

Federation of Industries

Federation Square

Fehrbelliner Platz

Feldherrnhalle Memorial

Felix Nussbaum Museum. Use Nussbaum Museum

Fellow's Building

Fellowship Park House

Female Fig Leaf

Female Mental Patient

Femmes d'Alger

Fenai Ali Efendi Tekke

Fenari Ise Camii

Fengshui for the orientation of a house

Fengshui for the orientation of a toilet

Fengshui for water circulating around a dwelling

Fengshui for what appears in front of a main gate

Fenno House

Fens, The. Use Back Bay Fens

Fenway Court. Use Isabel Stewart Gardner Museum

Fenway Park

Fenxian Caves


Fernau/Cuniff House

Ferrante Imperato's Museum in Naples

Ferrari Space

Ferris Wheel

Ferry Building

Ferry to terminal in New Jersey

Ferry, The


Feste des Lebens und der Kunst


Festival Book of Sultan Murad III

Festival Hall

Festival Hall of Thutmose III

Festival Hall. Use Choral Building

Festival of Gardens

Festival of the Apostle

Festival Plaza

Festival Tower at Karakoy Bridge

Festivities for the birth of the Dauphin..

Fete des Invalides - Palais de la Femme

Fethiye Camii

Fiancee (Love of My Youth), The

Fiat Lingotto Factory


Field (Mr. & Mrs.) Studios. Use Patio Studios

Field Building. Use Marshall Field Wholesale Store

Field Marshal's Hall

Field Museum of Natural History

Field of the Cloth of Gold

Field Place

Field Research Station

Field Street

Fieldcrest II


Fifteen Concrete Works

Fifth Avenue Theater

Fifth Element

Fifth Police Precinct

Fifth Street site

Fifties style furniture

Figge Art Museum

Figure in a Landscape

Figure in Landscape

Figure with Clasped Hands

Figures from Khirbat al-Mafjir

Figures on a Beach


Fille nee sans mere

Fillmore St. MUNI Station Project

Film Center Building

Film Guild Cinema

Film School Complex

Film Shed


Filucy Bay Residence

Final projects

Financial District

Findhorn Farm

Fine Arts Building

Fine Arts Center

Fine Arts Pavilion

Fineview Crest

Fingal County Hall

Fingerspan Bridge

Finished Housing, Lakewood, California

Finlandia Hall

Finnish Embassy

Finnish Meal

Finnish Pavilion

Finsbury Health Centre


Fire Altars

Fire at the Tombs

Fire Station

Fire Station #15

Fire Station #4

Fire Temple

Fireman's Cemetery. Use Cypress Grove Cemetery

Firemen's Monument

Fireproof Building. Use County Record Building

Fireside Chat

Firestation #2

Firestone Building

Firestone Store, Offices and Warehouse

Firewood Cafe

Fireworks for APEC Conference


First African Baptist Church

First Avenue Cooling Plant

First Bank of the United States

First Baptist Church

First Baptist Church. Use Brattle Square Church

First Baptist Meeting House

First Christ Church. Use Tabernacle of Christ Church

First Christian Church

First Church

First Church of Christ

First Church of Christ Scientist

First Church of Christ, Scientist, Zurich

First Church of Christ. Use First Congregational Church

First Congragational Church

First Congregational Church

First Congregational Church, New Haven. Use Center Church

First Gallery

First Government House

First Harrison Grey Otis House

First House Built in Utah

First House of Shanxi Province. Use Quadrangle Group of the Wang family

First Impressions

First Inaugural

First Love

First Mitsui Bank

First National (Crocker) Bank

First National Bank

First National Bank of Oakbrook

First Nationwide Bank Building Addition

First Palace Group. Use Ciudadela Tschudi

First Parish Church

First Parish Congregational Church

First Presbyterian Church

First Presbyterian Church of Encino

First Presbyterian Church of Sag Harbor. Use Whaler's Church

First Temple. Use Temple of Solomon

First Unitarian Church

First Unitarian Church. Use Unitarian Church of Rochester

First Unitarian Congregation of Rochester. Use Unitarian Church of Rochester

First United Methodist Church of Palo Alto

First Village

Firth of Forth Bridge

Firuz Aga Cami

Firuz Shah III Tughluq Tomb

Fischtal Experimental Housing

Fish Lamps

Fish Pond

Fish ponds

Fisher Building

Fisher House

Fisheries Building

Fishermen on Reed Raft

Fitting-out Equipment for Alfa-Romeo

Fitzroy Square

Five Dragons Pavilion

Five Great Places to Live

Five Nations

Five O'Clock Tea

Five Stones

Five Stones and a Tree

Five superimposed lanes of traffic

Flagellation of Christ, The

Flagg House #1

Flagg House #2

Flagg Studio

Flagler Residence (Whitehall)


Flaminian Obelisk



Flat Topped Pyramid

Flatiron Building

Flatiron Intersection


Flats at Gentofte

Flats at Ladbroke Grove

Flats for single women

Flats for Women

Flats in Holborn

Flats, Hansaviertel

Flaven House

Flavin House

Flax Mill

Fleetwood Center

Fleischhacker Pool

Fleishhacker building

Fleishhacker Residence

Fleurs, Fruits et Feuillages...

Flick & Click

Floating City

Floating Gardens

Floating Sauna

Floating Tetrahedral City

Floating Volume

Floor Office

Floor Plans for Tenement Housing in New York City


Flora Lamson Hewlett Library

Floral Depot

Florence at the Time of Dante

Florence Cathedral. Use Santa Maria del Fiore

Florence Zuckerman House. Use Zuckerman House

Florentine Codex

Florey Building, Queen's College

Floriac House


Florida A&M University

Florist Shop

Flow City

Flower Appreciation Pavilion. Use Shoka-tei

Flower arranging class

Flower Hall

Flower Man's House

Flower Street

Flowered Arches -- Giverny


Flowers Against a Blue Window

Flowers on a Table


Fluidic Muscle

Fluorescent Light

Flushing Meadow Park

Fo Hsiang Pagoda


Fo-kung-ssu Pagoda. Use Fogong Temple

Fog and Fire

Fogg Art Museum

Fogg Museum Addition. Use Sackler Gallery

Fogong Si Pagoda. Use Fogong Temple

Fogong Temple

Foguangsi Monastery. Use Fo-Kuang-ssu

Foliage on a Bank

Folkestone Channel Tunnel Terminal. Use Cheriton Terminal

Folkets Hus

Folkwang Museum

Folly Farm

Fondacio Joan Miro

Fondaco dei Turchi

Fontainbleau Hotel

Fontaine de la Tete de Bouef

Fontaine de Medicis

Fontaine des Innocents - 1er

Fontaine des Mers

Fontainebleau Chateau

Fontana Acqua Felice. Use Acqua Felice

Fontana Dam

Fontana del Moro

Fontana del Mose. Use Acqua Felice

Fontana del Nettuno

Fontana dell Acqua Paola

Fontana dell'Acqua Paola. Use Fontana dell Acqua Paola

Fontana della Vergogna. Use Fontana Pretoria

Fontana di Aqua Paolo. Use Fontana dell Acqua Paola

Fontana Maggiore

Fontana Pretoria

Fontana Trevi. Use Trevi Fountain

Fontane Quattro Fiumi

Fontego dei Turchi. Use Fondaco dei Turchi

Fontenay Abbey

Fontevrault Abbey

Fontfroide Abbey

Fonthill Abbey

Food Studio (Mission St. site)

Foothill Farms Housing

Foothill Student Housing


For a quicker start in 194X...

For Better Living

For Kate

For Reading Out Loud

Forbidden City

Forbidden City. Approach. Gates

Forbidden Planet

Ford Exposition

Ford Exposition Building

Ford Foundation Building

Ford Foundation Headquarters. Use Ford Foundation Building

Ford Motor Company

Fordyce Bath House

Foreign & Domestic Building. Use Casa del Prado

Foreign Faculty Housing

Foreign Ministry. Use Itamarati Palace

Foreign Office


Forest Hills Gardens

Forest Lawn Cemetery

Forest of Fontainebleau

Forest of Tombs Museum

Forest worker's village

Forest, The (Seven Figures, One Head)

Forestry School and Research Center

Foret du Porge Line

Forever in Love


Forma Urbis Romae

Formal turf garden

Former Lindt and Bata Department Store

Former Pensions Institute

Foro Italico Obelisk. Use Mussolini Obelisk

Foro Mussolini Obelisk. Use Mussolini Obelisk

Foro Romano

Forrest Super Market

Forsbacka Cemetery

Forssa Swimming Baths

Forster House

Forsyth Street House

Fort Aniuisk

Fort at Da'anjaniya

Fort at Khirbat al-Mudaybi

Fort at Lehun

Fort at Qasr Kharanah

Fort Cronkhite

Fort Jesus

Fort Lauderdale Federal Building, US Courthouse

Fort Mason Visitor's Center

Fort Peck Dam, Montana

Fort Point

Fort San Diego

Fort San Felipe de Barajas

Fort Winfield Scott. Use Fort Point

Fort Worth Art Museum. Use Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

Fort Worth Botanic Garden

Fort Worth Project

Fort Worth Public Library

Fort Worth Water Garden

Fort Zeller

Forth Rail Bridge. Use Firth of Forth Bridge


Fortress of Babylon (Qasr ash-Shammah)

Fortress Temple


Forty Martyrs of Sebaste

Forty-two kids


Forum Baths

Forum Boarium

Forum Boarium. See also Temple of Fortuna Virilis

Forum Caesar

Forum Civile

Forum Civile. Use Forum

Forum des Halles

Forum of Augustus

Forum of Proculus

Forum Romanum

Forum Romanum. Use Basilica Julia

Forum Taurus

Forum Transitorium

Forum Triangulum

Foster Residence

Foto Album (Geneva)

Foundation Record of Shalmaneser I

Foundation School

Founders Hall

Founders National Bank

Foundling Estate. Use Brunswick Centre

Foundling Hospital. Use Ospedale degli Innocenti

Foundling Project. Use Brunswick Centre


Fountain Court

Fountain in the Garden of the Asylum

Fountain of Ahmet III

Fountain of Autumn

Fountain of Cyrene

Fountain of Elisha Mound and Spring

Fountain of Flavius Tullus

Fountain of Lumini

Fountain of Mercury

Fountain of Rome

Fountain of Sultan Ahmet Cesmesi. Use Fountain of Ahmet III

Fountain of the Four Rivers. Use Fontane Quattro Fiumi

Fountain of Winter (Saturn)

Fountain, rear view down steps

Fountainhead, The

Fountains Hall

Four bedroom house

Four Compositions

Four Courts

Four Freedoms Fountain

Four Houses

Four Kinds of Hats

Four Last Things

Four Little Fish, Juchitan, Oaxaca, Mexico

Four Module Piece

Four Seasons

Four Sound Boxes

Four spiritual animals, or sishen

Four Tetrarchs, The

Four Times of Day

Four Women on a Pedestal (Quatre Femmes Sur Socle)

Four-Sided Pyramid

Fourth Court

Fox and Stork

Fox Arlington Theater

Fox Creek

Fox Theater

Foxiang Pagoda. Use Fo Hsiang Pagoda

Fragment of centuriation plots from 100 BCE

Fragrance Garden

Fragrant Hills Hotel

Fraley Residence

Frame bent units

Frame for "Caprice in Purple and Gold"


Fran Hals Museum


France, scale 1:100 mi

Frances Cabrini Housing

Francesco Calceolari's Museum in Verona

Francis Dodge House. Use Dodge House

Francis Scott Key Monument

Franciscan Convent. Use Convento e Iglesia de San Francisco

Franciscan Monastery Nuestra Senora

Francisco Sanchez Adobe

Francisco Terrace Apartments

Franco Albini: Architecture & Design 1930/1970

Franco-Muslim Institute


Francofurtum Ut Uersus Orjentem Uisitur..

Francois Poulenc Conservatory of Music

Frank B.A.Linton Portrait

Frank C. Havens House

Frank Gehry Offices

Frank Hamilton Cushing Portrait

Frank House. Use Case Study House #25

Frank J. Hecker House

Frank Mar Community Housing

Frank Thomas House

Frankendaal Residential Complex

Frankfort. Frankfurt am Mayn

Frankfurt Airport Office Complex

Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial. Use FDR Memorial

Franklin High School

Franklin Institute

Franklin Park

Franklin Roosevelt

Franks Residence

Franzosische Kirche. Use French Church


Fraterna Grande di Sant'Antonio

Fraternity House

Frau und Gewichtheber

Fredensborg Castle

Frederic Church House. Use Olana

Frederick Phineas & Sandra Priest Rose Center. Use Rose Center for Earth & Science

Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum

Fredericks & Co. Bldg

Fredericks House

Fredericksborg Castle

Free Ride Home

Free Time Node: Trailer Cage

Free University of the Environment

Freedman-Montlack House

Freedom Monument (Nasb al-Hurriyya)

Freedom Tower

Freely create that men may better live

Freeman Farm

Freeman House

Freeman-Silverman House


Fremdenverkehrshaus. Use House of German Tourism

Fremont Street Experience

French Church

French Club, The

French Market

French Village

French-Galvan House

Frenchman's Map

Fresco in ceiling of the dome


Fresh Killed Poultry

Fresh Widow

Freshwater Pavilion

Fresno Mall

Freudenberg House

Frey House No.1

Frey House No.1. Use Frey House No.1

Frey House No.2

Fribourg State Bank

Frick Art Reference Library

Frick Building

Frida and Diego Rivera

Friday Mosque

Friday Mosque. Use Jami Masjid

Friday Mosque. Use Masjid-i-Jami

Friedman/Stassevitch House. Use Esherick House

Friedrich Werder Church. Use Werder Church

Friedrichstadt Passagen

Friedrichswerdersche Kirche. Use Werder Church

Frigidaire Oven


Fringed shawls with animal totems

Frisbie Walsh House

Fritza Riedler

Froebel's Building Blocks


Frois Building

From Airport to Town by Monorail

From hand to mouth

From or By Marcel Duchamp or Rrose Selavy

From Scottish earth

From the Radio Tower, Berlin

From the Shelton

Frost Amphitheater

Frugal Meal, A

Fruitvale Avenue-International Boulevard Design

Fu Xing Lu. Use House on Rue Lafayette

Fuad Riad House. Use Riad House

Fuchengmen. Use Ping Tzu Men

Fuencarral Public Library

Fuente de los Amantes


Fuji Group Pavilion

Fuji-Sankei Communications Group Headquarters Bldg. Use FCG Headquarters Building

Fujimori House. Use Tanpopo House

Fukuoka Civic Center

Fukushima DanJou Kenshuu Hall

Fukushima Lagoon Museum

Fulda Abbey Church

Full Service

Fulton Grove


Fumee d'Ambre Gris

Fun Palace

Fundacion Building

Fundacion Chinati. Use Chinati Foundation

Funeral chapel

Funeral Cortege

Funeral Cortege Pool

Funeral of Phocian

Funerary Barge

Funerary Bed

Funerary Stela

Funerary Temple

Funk's Own House

Fur-lined Teacup. Use Object (Luncheon in Fur)

Furness Building

Furness Library. Use Furness Building

Furnishing Public Realm


Furniture House

Fushiguro Castle Campsite Cottage C


Future Asian City, The

Future Housing Developments

Future Shack

Futurist House

Futurist masculine suit


- G -

G House

G-Nome Project

G. B. Mercantile General Store

G. H. G. McGrew House. Use McGrew House

G.G. Gillespie House

G.W. Layton House


Gabaribe Winery

Gadelius House

Gae House

Gage Building

Gaillon Chateau

Gainesway Farms

Gainesway Farms, Gardens

Gaiola Pombalina


Galanganatha Temple

Galata Mevlevihane

Galata Wall

Galaxy Theater

Galerie Algerienne

Galerie des Glaces. Use Hall of Mirrors

Galerie des Machines

Galerie du Barometre

Galerie Lafayette

Galerie Vivienne


Galeries Lafayette

Galeva de Cute Universal. Use Casa de Ortiz

Galgada. Use La Galgada

Galla Placidia

Gallaratese Housing

Gallarus Oratory

Gallaudet College

Galleria Colonna

Galleria Hall West

Galleria Kameoka

Galleria Querini Stampalia. Use Querini Stampalia Foundation

Galleria Regionale della Sicilia. Use Palazzo Abatellis

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Gallerie dell'Accademia. Use Santa Maria della Carita

Gallery for Contemporary Art

Gallery Lodge

Gallery of Ceramics

Gallery of Francis I

Gallery of Horyuji Treasures

Gallery of Modern Art. Use Two Columbus Circle

Gallery U

Galvez House. Use Casa Galvez

Gamble House

Gambling in the Dressing Room, Tokyo

Gamle Fru Hol

Gan Rehavia in Winter

Gandhi Labor Institute

Gangoji. Use Asukadera Temple

Ganna Walska Lotusland. Use Lotusland

Gannata Mariam Church

Gannon House. Use Kerna Maybeck House

Ganter Bridge

Gantry Plaza State Park

Gap Inc.

Gap Inc. Offices


Garau Agusti House


Garbisch model


Garden (Shiraz)

Garden at Yonewakasao Inn

Garden by the sea

Garden carpet from northwest Persia

Garden Chair

Garden Cities of To-Morrow

Garden City Staaken

Garden Courtyard

Garden Crematorium and Chapels

Garden Dressed in Modern Style

Garden for Ease of Mind. Use Jichang Yuan (Carefree-abiding Garden)

Garden for La Thebaide

Garden for Robert Goulet

Garden for the Akinos. Use Ku-an

Garden for the Blind

Garden for the Environment (Lawton Street Garden)

Garden Grove Community Church. Use Crystal Cathedral

Garden Hotel of Shanghai. Use French Club, The

Garden House

Garden in May

Garden in St. Germain

Garden Lunette

Garden near Paris

Garden of Eatin'

Garden of Ecstasy. Use Jichang Yuan (Carefree-abiding Garden)

Garden of Eden

Garden of Fida-i-Khan

Garden of Fidelity

Garden of Harmonious Charms. Use Xiequayuan

Garden of Harmonious Pleasure. Use Xiequayuan

Garden of Husayn Baygara

Garden of Linneaus

Garden of Love and Fire

Garden of Paradise

Garden of Pleasure. Use Yi Yuan Garden

Garden of the Four Elements

Garden of the Heart

Garden of the Preservation of Harmony. Use New Summer Palace

Garden of the Throne. Use Bagh-i-Takht

Garden Pavilion

Garden Shed and Workshop

Garden sites

Gardener's Cottage

Gardener's House

Gardener's Hse. Use Court Gardener's House

Gardener's Lodge. Use Blithewood Gatehouse


Gardens by Night

Gardens of Light

Gardens, 1631-1636

Gardner Held By His Mother

Gardner, John House. Use Gardner-Pingree House

Gardner-Pingree House

Gare d'Orsay

Gare de Lyon

Gare du Nord

Gare Saint-Lazare. Use Saint Lazare Station

Gare Windsor

Gargarin House


Garrison Church

Garrison House. Use Peter Tufts House

Garrowby Hill

Gary Group

Gas Company Tower

Gas Works Park

Gasket homes


Gate House

Gate in the Paris Ramparts

Gate of Felicity. Use Bab us-Saade

Gate of Honor

Gate of Ptolemy III Euergetes

Gate of Salutation. Use Bab us-Salem

Gate of the Moon

Gate of the Sun

Gate of Xerxes

Gate Tower



Gates Guest House

Gates House

Gates Mansion

Gates of Hell

Gateshead Millenium Bridge


Gateway Building

Gateway Fountain

Gateway House

Gateway of India

Gateway Stress Cow Toys

Gateway to Crematorium

Gath & Chaves Department Store

Gauguin's Chair

Gauhar Shad Mausoleum-Madrasa

Gauhar Shad Mosque

Gavi Arch. Use Arco dei Gavi

Gay House

Gaylord High School

Gazar Gah

Gazi Husrefbeg Mosque. Use Husref Beg Mosque

Gazing at Red-Leafed Maple

Gazira Palace. Use al-Gazira Palace

Gazmuri House

GB Housing


Gedik Ahmed Pasha Mosque

Gedman House

Geffen Contemporary. Use Temporary Contemporary

Gehry House

Gehry Tower

Geisel Library

Geisler House


Geltru Castle and District Archives

Gemeinnutzigen Siedlungs und Wohngbaugesellschaft. Use GSW Headquarters

Gemeinnutzigen Siedlungs und Wohngbaugesellschaft. Use GSW Pavilion (Business Center)

Gen. George Patton Swimming Pool

Gendaikko Museum


Gene Coulon Memorial Park

General Assembly

General Charles G. Loring House. Use Charles G. Loring House

General Electric Plant

General Line

General Motors Pavilion

General Motors Place

General Motors Technical Center

General Panel System

General Plan of Charlestown Playground

General Plan..Sanitary Improvement of Muddy River

General Post Office

General Staff Building

General Vallejo House

General view of a mud-brick dwelling

General view of a village w/conical-roofed housing

General view of Calton Hill and parking lot

General view of ruins

General view of south end of city from the east

General view of Timgad

General view w/city in frgrnd, mountains in bkgrnd

General vw of a villa with cliffs in the distance


Generations of moghul emperors

Genius Americanus


Genoa. Genova. Genes


Genter Strasse Housing


Genuese Loge


Geodesic dome and living arrangement

Geometric parterres

Georg Muller House

George and Pilgrims Inn

George Blossom House. Use Blossom House

George Channing Residence. Use Channing Residence

George Clifford, 3rd Earl of Cumberland

George Crawford Manor

George H. Boke House

George Madison Millard House

George Sanderson Residence

George Steedman House. Use Steedman House

George Washington

George Washington Bridge

George Wheatland House

Georgetown University

Georgi Residence

Georgian Bay Retreat. Use Solomonov House


Gerd Rosen Gallery

Gerkin. Use Swiss Re Corporation

Gerland Stadium

German Architecture Museum

German Embassy

German Government Building

German House

German Pavilion

German Postal Museum

German Printers' Union Building

German Trade Unions Federation School

German Werkbund Yearbook

Germantown Unitarian Church

Germigny Des Pres Oratory

Gerow Garden

Gershwin Hotel

Gertler Residence

Geschwister Secondary School

Gesetze des Sehens

Gesolei Exhibition

Gestapo/SS Party Headquarters

Gestation III

Gestetner Duplicating Machine


Gethsemane Episcopal Cathedral

Getty Center

Getty Museum. Use Getty Villa

Getty Villa

Geun Jung Jun



Ghandi Smarak Sangrahalaya. Use Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Museum

Ghawanima Minaret

Ghetto Novo


Ghirardelli Square

Ghiyas-ud-Din Tughlaq Mausoleum


Ghost 6

Ghost House

Ghost Town, West Oakland


Giada Showroom

Giadighe Petroglyph

Giancolo Busts

Giant Sequoia

Giant Three-Way Plug

Gibraltar Savings Bank

Gibran Khalil Gibran Garden

Giftgas Giftset

Gilardi House. Use Casa Gilardi

Gilbert and Joanne Segel House. Use Segel House

Gilbert Elevated Railway

Gilbert Stark Residence

Gilded Landscape: Penland School Compost Cage

Gill Tract (UC Berkeley Research Garden)

Gilman Hall

Gilmore Skytrain Station

Gimilsin Palace Complex

Ginebra House Remodel


Giovanni Bressani in his Study


Giralda Tower

Girard Bank

Girard Bank. Use First Bank of the United States

Girard College

Girl Arranging Her Hair

Girl Playing Pool, Montmartre

Girl plays on discarded Stalin statue

Girl Seated, Writing

Girl with Black Eye

Girls' Industrial Building

Girona University Law Faculty. Use Law Faculty

Girvin Cabin

Giusti Gardens

Given: 1. The Waterfall, 2. The Illuminating Gas

Giza Palace. Use al-Giza Palace

Giza, Saqqara, Dahshur to El-Lahun

Glacial Stream

Glacis de fortifications Guinguette (20e arr)

Glade, The (Composition with Nine Figures)

Gladwin Garden

Glaoui Casbah

Glasgow School of Art


Glass & Bottle of Suze

Glass Bridge

Glass Bridge for Floriade 2002

Glass House

Glass House (Own house)

Glass House (Renovation)

Glass House. Use Drivhuset

Glass House. Use Johnson House

Glass House. Use Maison de Verre

Glass Palace. Use Van Eetvelde House

Glass Pavilions

Glass Shutter Studio

Glass Stairs

Glass Studio

Glass Video Gallery


Glastonbury Abbey

Glaverbel Building

Glazen Huis Leerdam. Use Laminata House

Gleeson/Jeanrenaud House

Gleich Residence

Glen Canyon Dam

Glen Eden Apartments

Glendale Adult Center Club House

Glendale First Methodist Church

Glenforest High School


Glessner House

Glienecke Palace

Glitter Gulch Casino

Global Warming Chart

Globar Student Union

Globe Hotel

Globe Works

Glory to Stalin

Gloucester Cathedral

Glover Street Condominiums

Gluckert House. Use Grosses Gluckert House

Glyphs of Aztec Kings


Go'o shrine

Goat House

Gobelin Tapestry

Gobernador Street Office Remodel. Use Conquistadores Street Office Remodel

God Judging Adam

God's Holiness Grove Camp Meeting

Goddard Library

Goddess Coatlicue

Goddess figures

Goddess figures. Anatolian culture

Goddess figures. Sesklo culture

Goddess figures. Tisza culture

Goddess in shrine

Goddess of Flowers. Use Flora

Godey's Lady's Book

Goering the Executioner


Goetheanum II

Goetsch-Winckler House

Goetz Art Gallery

Gogol residence. Use No.17 Morskaya Street

Gok Medrese

Gol Gumbaz (Mahmud Adilshah Tomb)

Gol Gumbaz. Use Gol Gumbaz (Mahmud Adilshah Tomb)


Goldberg, Bowen & Company

Goldberg-Bean Residence

Golden Chedi. Use Phra Si Rattana Chedi

Golden Gate

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate International Exposition

Golden Gateway Commons

Golden Hall. Use Kondo

Golden House. Use Domus Aurea

Golden Mosque. Use Ali el-Hadi Mosque

Golden Nugget

Golden Pavilion Temple. Use Kinkaku-ji

Golden Plough Tavern

Golden Storm

Goldfinger House. Use 2 Willow Road

Goldfish (To My Critics)

Goldman & Sachs Department Store. Use Goldman & Salatsch Dept. Store

Goldman & Salatsch Dept. Store

Goldman House. Use Anti-Villa

Goldman Sachs Tower. Use 30 Hudson Street

Goldstine House

Golestan Palace

Goliad Memorial to Massacred Texans

Goltz-Kinsky Palace

Golz-Kinsky Palace. Use Goltz-Kinsky Palace

Gong Wang Fu

Gonsalez Garden

Gonville & Caius College

Gonzales Residence

Goochland Courthouse

Good Hope Castle

Good Lesson, The

Good postwar planning deserves good carpet ...

Goodman Building 2. Use g2

Goodyear Airdock


Gooiland Hotel & Theater

Gopal Bhawan

Gordon Biersch

Gordon Drake Residence. Use Drake Residence

Gordon Stark House

Gore Hall Library

Gore Place

Goritsky Monastery

Gorki Palace of Culture. Use Gorky Palace of Culture

Gorky Palace of Culture

Goshikizuka Burial Mound


Goshuden Gate, Maeda Residence. Use Main Gate

Goslin House

Goslinsky House

Gospel Book for John II Comnenus

Gospel cover, Archangel Michael

Gospel cover, Codex Aureus from Echternach

Goss house

Gotha Garden & Orangerie

Gotham Court

Gothic Revival Rowhouses

Gothic Temple

Gotz Headquarters

Gouache Painting

Gourna Village. Use New Gourna Village

Govenor Alfred E. Smith Houses

Government Building

Government Fisheries building

Government House

Government House. Use De Tuynhuis

Government Offices

Government Offices (Whitehall)

Governor's House. Use First Government House

Governor's Palace

Governor's(?) House

Goyu Inn

Gozo Island Ggantija Temples

Gracanica Monastery

Grace Church

Grace Episcopal Church

Graceland Cemetery

Gracia Winery

Gradiva Rediscovers the Anthropomorphic Ruins

Graduate College

Graduate School of Design Offices (Renovation)

Graduate Theological Union

Graduation Building

Grady Gammage Auditorium

Graeme Park House

Graham House

Graham Square Housing

Grain Dealer Journal

Grain Elevator

Grain Elevators, Buffalo

Grains of Wheat

Grameen Bank Housing. Use GB Housing

Gran Teatro de la Habana

Grand Army Plaza

Grand Bath at Bursa

Grand Cafe du XIXe Siecle

Grand Canal

Grand Canal from Palazzo Bernardo to Palazzo Manin

Grand Canal, Venice

Grand Canyon Looking North II, Sept. 1982

Grand Canyon Looking North, Sept. 1982

Grand Canyon North Rim Lodge. Use North Rim Lodge

Grand Canyon Park. Use Wildcat Canyon Park

Grand Central Station. Use Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal

Grand Coulee Dam

Grand Duke Cosimo I de Medici

Grand Ecran

Grand El-Khidevye

Grand Entrance

Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel Gooiland. Use Gooiland Hotel & Theater

Grand Hyatt Hotel

Grand Hyatt Park

Grand Louvre

Grand Louvre. Use Louvre

Grand Marche

Grand Mosque, The. Use Masjid al-Haram

Grand Palace

Grand Palaestra

Grand Palais

Grand Palais. Use Congrexpo

Grand Pyramids de Louvre. Use Grand Louvre

Grand Serail

Grand Theater

Grande Arche

Grande Galerie

Grandella department store facade post-fire

Grandes Chroniques de France

Grandfather Wall House

Grange, The

Granite Assemblage

Granite Park, Sacramento

Granolhet Townhouse

Granovitaya Palace

Grant Avenue, San Francisco

Grant House

Grant Park Pedestrian Bridge


Graphite/charcoal drawings

Grass House Wigwam

Grass House. Use Tanpopo House

Grauman's Chinese Theatre

Grave Circle A

Grave Creek Mound

Gravensteen Castle. Use Counts of Flanders (Gravensteen) Castle

Graves Warehouse Residence

Graves-style house

Gravetye Manor

Gray's New Map of Annapolis

Grayoaks. Use Hopps House

Great Altar of Hieron II. Use Altar of Hieron II

Great Altar of Zeus. Use Altar of Zeus

Great American Nude, 2

Great Artemis

Great Attalid Dedication. Use Dying Gaul

Great Bronze Doors

Great Buddha of Nara

Great City

Great Conservatory

Great Court

Great Dixter

Great Eastern Temple. Use Great Mosque of Sian

Great Enclosure

Great Gander Pagoda. Use Ta Yen Ta (Great Wild Goose Pagoda)

Great Garden

Great Greenhouse

Great Hall

Great Hall of State. Use Daigoku-den

Great Hall of State. Use Daigokuden

Great Hypostyle Hall

Great Hypostyle Hall. See also Hypostyle Hall, Karnak

Great Ideas (Kant)

Great Kremlin Palace

Great Kyz Kala

Great Lecture Hall. Use Lecture Hall

Great Maytham

Great Mosque

Great Mosque and Hospital Complex

Great Mosque of al-Mutawakkil

Great Mosque of Sian

Great Mosque. Use Masjid-i-Jami

Great Mosque. Use Mezquita

Great Northwest Branch Library

Great Oratory

Great Palace

Great Palace of the Byzantine Emperors. Use Great Palace of the Emperors

Great Palace of the Emperors

Great Palm House

Great Plasto-Dio-Dada-Drama: Germany's Greatness..

Great Plaza

Great Pyramid

Great Sanctuary Amphitheater

Great Shrine (Ancient)

Great Shrine (Taisha)

Great Southern Inn

Great Sphinx

Great Stupa

Great Tangley Manor

Great Temple

Great Temple of Amun. Use Temple of Amun-Re

Great Temple of Hattusa

Great Temple. Use Minaksi-Sundaresvara (Great) Temple Complex

Great Temple. Use Temple Mayor

Great Theater

Great Wall

Great Western Factory

Great Wooden Tower Pagoda. Use Fogong Temple

Great Zimbabwe

Great-West Life Center

Greater Baltimore Medical Center Maternity Wing

Greater Propylon

Greatest Homosexual, The

Greatest Show on Earth, The

Greek Orthodox Church

Greek Revival House

Greek Revival Houses

Greek Theater. Use Hearst Greek Theater

Green Architecture and the Agrarian Garden

Green Bridge, The

Green Dancer

Green Gables. Use Fleishhacker Residence

Green Gulch

Green Mausoleum. Use Tomb of Sultan Mehmet I

Green Mosque

Green Ring. Use Water Theatre Grove

Green Rock, White Vase, Red Teapot

Green Sea

Green Snowcapped Mountains

Green Warehouse

Green, The. Use Town Green


Greenbelt House. Use Case Study House #4

Greenbriar Hotel

Greene House

Greening of Detroit Pavilion

Greenwood Cemetery

Greenwood Common

Greenwood Common House

Greenwood Garden

Greenwood Village Plaza. Use Harlequin Plaza

Gregory Bateson Building. Use California State Office Building

Gregory Bateson Office Building. Use California State Office Building

Gregory Farm House

Gregory Residence (1st), Greenwood Terr.

Gregory Residence (2nd), Le Roy Ave.

Gretchen's Fruit

Grey Walls

Greyhound Bus

Greyrock Commons

Greystone. Use Doheny Estate

Grid of lower Manhattan

Grid Shelf

Griffith House

Grimes Residence

Grinnell College

Griswold House

Grolier Club


Groot Constantia

Groote Kerk

Gropius House

Gross Clinic, The

Grosse Neugierde

Grosses Gluckert House

Grosses Haus Gluckert. Use Grosses Gluckert House

Grossman House

Grosvenor House

Grosvenor Square

Grote Kerk

Grotesque Ballet

Grotesques, South Door of Duomo, Verona

Grotta House


Grotto Dome (Lewis Residence)

Grotto of Hades

Grotto of Thetis

Ground Swell

Ground Zero Memorial. Use World Trade Center Site Memorial

Ground Zero. Use Freedom Tower

Ground Zero. Use World Trade Center Site

Ground Zero. Use World Trade Center Site Memorial



Group 9N-8

Group A-V. Use Structure A-V

Grouping to produce the Beautiful

Grouping to produce the Picturesque

Grove Clubhouse, Bohemian Club of San Francisco. Use Bohemian Club Grove Clubhouse

Grove Clubhouse. Use Bohemian Club Grove Clubhouse

Grove of Apollo

Grove of Cottonwood

Grove of Cypresses

Grove of Domes

Grove of the Arch of Triumph

Grove of Three Fountains

Grove of Trees

Grove Park Inn

Grove Point

Grove Street Cemetery


Grow Home, Windsor

Grundt: Rifs von der Stadt Hamm..

Grunes Schloss. Use Herzogin Anna Amalie Bibliothek

GSW Headquarters

GSW Pavilion (Business Center)

GTE Telephone Operations Headquarters

Guadalupe Monastery

Guamuhaya Archeological Museum. Use Casa de Ortiz

Guansheng Temple, Lower

Guanying Pavilion

Guapulo church

Guaranty Building

Guardians of the Secret

Guardiola House

Guatemala Pavilion

Guatiza Cove Restoration

Gudit Field

Guduk Minaret Tomb


Guell Chapel. Use Guell Colony Chapel

Guell Colony Chapel

Guell Estate

Guell House. Use Casa Guell

Guell Park

Guell Warehouse. Use Guell Winery

Guell Winery

Guell Workers' Colony Church. Use Guell Colony Chapel

Guelph University

Guerra House

Guest House

Guest wing

Guggenheim Museum

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

Guggenheim Museum renovation and addition

Guggenheim Museum Salzburg

Guide to Home Planning

Guide to the Ideal Residential Area

Guild House, Friends Housing for the Elderly

Guild House. Use Guild House, Friends Housing for the Elderly


Guildhall Library


Gujarat State Fertilizers Housing Development

Gul Baba Mausoleum

Gulbahar Hatun Mosque

GUM Department Store

Gumbad Darwaza (Domed Gate)

Gunbad-i Kharaqan I

Gunbad-i Kharaqan II

Gunbad-i Shibli Tomb Tower

Gunbad-i-Alaviyan Mosque





Gunma Museum of Modern Art

Gunnesbo School

Gunston Hall

Gur Emir. Use Gur-i-Mir

Gur-i-Amir. Use Gur-i-Mir


Gurel Family Summer Residence. Use Gurel House

Gurel House

Gust of Wind, The

Gustavo Cristo House

Guttanen, Passage of Grimsel

Gutzlaff Signal Tower

Guy Hyde Chick House

Gwalior Rayon

Gwinn Estate and Gardens

Gym Club on Park


Gypsy wagons outside Porte d'Ivry, Paris


- H -

H. H. Richardson House

H.Rashad House


Ha-ha Exhibit

Haarlem plan

Haarlemmer Houttuinen Housing

Haas School of Business

Haas-Lilienthal House


Habitat Group for Shooting Gallery

Habitat Puerto Rico

Haci Bektas Tekke

Haci Kilic Camii

Haci Ozbek Cami

Hacienda del Pozo de Verona

Hacienda, New Mexico type

Hackensack Water Tower

Hadaik Towers

Hadassah University Medical Center

Haddad Residence

Haddon Hall

Hades' Grotto. Use Grotto of Hades

Hadrian's Arch

Hadrian's Library

Hadrian's Mausoleum. Use Mausoleum of Hadrian

Hadrian's Villa, the Larger Baths

Hadrian's Villa. Use Villa Adriana

Hadrian's Wall

Hadrianic Baths

Hafiz Tomb

Hafnia Metropolis Et Portus Celeberrimus Daniae

Haft Aurang

Haft Awrang. Use Haft Aurang

Hagar House

Hagar Qim

Hagens Residence

Hagerstens Apartments

Haggard-Cooper House

Haggerty Plaza

Hagia Eirene

Hagia Sophia

Hagios Demetrios

Hagley Hall

Hague City Hall, The

Hague House

Haida House Screen

Haight Street Lofts

Hairy House. Use Sitooterie

Haj Terminal, Jiddah Airport

Hajj Fort

Hakim Mosque

Hakone Prince Hotel

Hakusan Shrine

Hakuun Tei

Hal Saflieni

Hal Tarxien

Hala Ludowa. Use Centennial Hall

Halawa House

Hale O Keawe Heiau

Hale o Lono Temple

Hale Solar Observatory (Garden)

Halep Gate

Half-timber Farmhouse

Halfway House Estate

Halifax Building Society Headquarters

Halil Rahman Mosque

Halime Hatun Mausoleum


Hall 8

Hall of 100 Columns

Hall of 40 Columns. Use Chihil Sutun

Hall of Chestnut Trees. Use Hall of Classical Statues

Hall of Chosroes. Use Taq-i Kisra

Hall of Classical Statues

Hall of Doric Pillars

Hall of Eternal Life. Use Muryangsujon

Hall of Facets. Use Granovitaya Palace

Hall of Justice

Hall of Liberation. Use Liberation Hall

Hall of Mirrors

Hall of Muses

Hall of Nations

Hall of Prayers. Use Qinian Dian

Hall of Science

Hall of Supreme Harmony. Use Tai Ho Men (Taihemen)

Hall of the Cubicles. Use Hospitalia

Hall of the Kings. Use Hall of Justice

Hall of Winds. Use Hawa Mahal

Halle au Ble

Hallenbad City Zurich

Halley House

Hallidie Building

Halls of Justice and House of Detention

Halperin House

Halprin House

Halprin Residence

Halprin Workshop Roof Garden

Ham House

Hamar Archaeological Museum

Hamburg Kunsthalle Contemporary Addition

Hamburg Music School

Hamdi Seif Al-Nasr House

Hamilton Garden

Hamilton Hall

Hamilton Residence


Hamlyn House. Use Cohen House


Hammam Al-Sarah

Hammam Yalbugha

Hammam Yalbugha al-Nasri. Use Hammam Yalbugha

Hammarberg Garden

Hammering Man 3307624

Hammond-Harwood House

Hampden County Courthouse

Hampstead Garden Suburb

Hampton Agricultural Institute

Hampton Court Gardens

Hampton Court Palace

Hamza-nama Manuscript

Hancock Residence

Hand-painted map of Copenhagen

Handelsblad-Cineac Cinema

Handloom Pavilion

Hands of Georgia O'Keeffe

Hanegi Forest

Hanford Nuclear Power Plant


Hanging Construction

Hanging Gardens

Hanging Palace. Use Herod's Palace

Hanging Space Construction

Hannover Expo 2000

Hannoverscher Anzeigers

Hanoi Cathedral

Hanoi Railway Station

Hanover Court House

Hans Herr House


Hanselmann House

Happy Birthday

Happy End (Bertolt Brecht, Kurt Weill)

Happy House

Happy Valley I

Har-El Synagogue and Community Center

Haram, The. Use Masjid al-Haram

Harappa Granary

Harappa Residential Mound

Harappa Well

Harbor Savings and Loan Association

Harbor Springs House. Use Douglas House

Harbor, Svolvaer, Lofoten

Harbormaster's Office

Harborplace Single Room Occupancy Hotel

Hardwick Hall



Harem Ladies Feeding Pigeons in Palace

Hargrove Music Library

Harkness House

Harlaxton Manor

Harlech Castle

Harlem River Houses

Harlem River Project

Harlequin Plaza

Harmon Gymnasium

Harmon Hall

Harmonic Institution

Harnischmacher House

Harold Bradley House

Harold J. Bissner Residence. Use Bissner Residence

Harold Jones Child Study Center. Use Child Study Center

Harold Washington Library

Harp Bridge

Harper & Brothers building

Harran Kalesi. Use Citadel of Harran

Harriet Beecher Stowe House

Harriet Square

Harris House

Harris Museum and Art Gallery

Harrison Gray Otis House. Use First Harrison Grey Otis House

Harrison House. Use Case Study House #26

Harrison Memorial Library

Harry Carr House

Hartmann Villa

Harun Minar Bridge

Harun-i-Vilayet Mosque

Harvard Graduate Center

Harvard Houses

Harvard Street Condominiums

Harvard University

Has Bey Dar al-Huffaz

Hasan Aga House

Hasegawa House

Hasekai Hurrem Hammam

Hashidono. Use Taihei-kaku

Hashihaka Kofun

Hasht Bihisht

Hasirizade Tekke

Hassan II Mosque

Hassan Mosque

Haste/Channing Student Housing

HASTRA Administration Building

Hatfield House

Hathor Chapel

Hathor Temple

Hatshepsut Temple

Hatshepsut's Obelisk

Hattenbach Residence

Hatuniye Madrasa. Use Cifte Minare Madrasa

Hatuniye Mausoleum

Hatuniye Mosque

Haughwout Building



Haus am Horn

Haus Bianchetti. Use Bianchetti House

Haus der Arbeit

Haus Grenzwacht

Haus Kalmann. Use Kalmann House

Haus Snider. Use Snider House

Hausgruppe, Palmdwarsstraat

Hautes-Formes Apartments. Use Apartments, rue des Hautes-Formes

Hauz Khas

Havemeyer Building

Havens House

Havens House. Use Frank C. Havens House

Haviland Hall

Having Been Built with Sand w/Another Base (Basis)

Hawa Mahal

Hawaii Studio (N.Kohala, Hawaii)

Hawkweed Group Office Building

Hay Al-Salam Housing

Hayden Planetarium

Hayes Residence

Hayy Assafarat Landscaping

Hazarat Ali

HB Film Office

Head of a Child

Head of a Negro

Head of a Young Woman

Head of Naram-Sin

Head of Odysseus

Head of Shapur I

Headlands Center for the Arts

Headquarters of the Association of Como Employees

Heads of Rebel Beys

Heale House

Health Center

Healy Guest House

Hearst Castle. Use San Simeon

Hearst Competition

Hearst Corporation Headquarters

Hearst Field Annex

Hearst Greek Theater

Hearst Gymnasium for Women

Hearst Mining Building

Hearst San Simeon State Historical Monument. Use San Simeon

Heart of the Andes, The

Heart-Ubiquitous Site-Nagi's Ryoanji

Heartbreak House

Heat Urinal

Heath House


Heavenly Lady Pagoda (Thien Mau Tu Pagoda)

Heavy Traffic

Heb Sed Court

Hebelstrasse Bldg.

Hebrew Congregation Temple and Community Center

Hebrew University

Hebrew University, Givat Ram

Heckendorf House

Heckscher House. Use Vacation House

Hector Malot Garden

Hedgerow House Four

Hedgerow House One

Hedgerow Houses. Use Esherick Cluster

Hedingham Castle

Hedingham Keep

Heian Jingu

Heian Jingu. Use Heian Jingu

Heil House


Heiligen Geist Hospital


Heimberg Indoor Tennis Center

Heinser/Corson Loft

Heinz Family Foundation

Heinz-Galinski Schule

Heirs Come to Pass, 3

Hekimbashilarin Yali

Helen Brought to Paris

Helen Keller Memorial Tower

Helene Rouart in her Father's Study

Helgo Buddha

Helicline. Use Trylon & Perisphere

Helicoids project. Use Helix City Plan for Tokyo



Heliotherapeutic baths on the Atlantic

Helix City Plan for Tokyo

Hell's Angel (Doug), San Francisco

Hellbrunn Garden

Hellerhof Siedlung


Helping to make the multiple dwelling...attractive

Helping to strike the spark of planning

Helsingor Fort

Helsinki Railroad Station

Helsinki Technical University

Hemiciclo a Benito Juarez

Hemingway-Warren Studio (SBA-001)

Hemis Monastery

Hemse Stave Church

Henderson Garden

Hendrickus DuBois House


Henri IV Equestrian Statue

Henri Matisse Museum Extension

Henri Tronquoy Agora and Vestal

Henricus de Alemania Lectures at School of Bologna

Henrietta House

Henriette Ronnerplein Apartments

Henry Bollman House

Henry Ford Hospital

Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey

Henry Hudson Parkway

Henry Meyers Architectural Office

Henry Ossawa Tanner Portrait

Henry Pedder Residence. Use Glenmont

Henry VII Chapel

Henry Whitfield House

Hensman Residence


Hera Argiva Temple. Use Heraion (Temple of Hera I)

Hera Argiva Temple. Use Heraion (Temple of Hera II)

Hera Lacinia. Use Temple of Juno Sacinia

Heraeum. Use Heraion


Heraion (Temple of Hera I)

Heraion (Temple of Hera II)

Herb Robert

Herbert E. Law Estate. Use Lauriston Estate


Hercules and Cacus

Hercules, The

Herdsman, The

Here Comes the Flying Bus

Here's your post-war market

Heritage Retirement Center

Heritage Village

Herlev Park

Herm column

Hermann/Steiner houses


Hermes Store. Use Maison Hermes

Hermes w/ Boy Dionysus

Hermit's Cave

Hermit's Rest


Hermitage Castle. Use Altes Schloss Ermitage

Hermitage of Santo Amaro

Hermitage. Use Winter Palace

Hero and Leander

HERO Children's Center

Herod's Palace

Herod's Temple. Use Temple of Herod

Heroic Landscape

Herpich & Sons Fur Store

Herrenchiemsee Castle


Herrera House

Herrick Iron Works

Herz Jesu Church

Herz-Jesu-Kirche. Use Sacred Heart Church

Herzog August Library. Use Wolfenbuttel Library

Herzogin Anna Amalie Bibliothek

Heschl House

Hesire panels

Heslington Hall

Hessen Playhouse

Hessen State Department Building


Het Loo Palace

Hetch Hetchy Reservoir

Hettange R.R.

Hetzendorf Palace. Use Schloss Hetzendorf

Heurtley House

Heurtoir 23 Avenue de Marigny (8e)

Hever Castle

Hewlett Packard Science and Technology Centre

Hewn Jetty House




Heyuan (Jixiao Shanzhuang)


Hibernia Bank Bldg

Hibernian Society Hall

Hibiya Kaikan

Hidden Fortress

Hiddigh Hall


Hieroglyph for "city"

Hieroglyphic Stairway (Structure 10L-26)

Hieron II Altar. Use Altar of Hieron II

Hietzing Station. Use Hofpavilion Station


High altar

High Bank

High Court

High Line

High Museum of Art

High Place of Sacrifice

High school

High School No. 9

High-Brow, Low-Brow, Middle-Brow

Higher Uppercot

Highgate Pavilions

Highland Park Camp Meeting

Highland Park Plant

Highland Place Houses. Use Davis House

Highland River

Highline Crossing

Highpoint One

Highpoint Two

Highrise City. Use Hochhausstadt

Highrise Commercial Center

Highway Hotel Project

Highway interchange

Hikone Castle

Hikone Screen

Hilafet Gazi Kumbet

Hildesheim Cathedral

Hilgard Hall

Hill & Dale Nursery & Kindergarten School

Hill House

Hill Ruin

Hill School

Hill Ski House

Hill Street (Day City)

Hill-Physick-Keith House

Hill-Physik-Keith House

Hill-Stead, The

Hill-Stead. Use Hill-Stead, The

Hill-top Church


Hills Swim & Tennis Club

Hillside Campus

Hillside clearcut

Hillside Club

Hillside Club Building. Use Hillside Club

Hillside garden

Hillside slums alongside highway

Hillside Terrace

Hillside Town house

Hillside West

Hillstead. Use Hill-Stead, The

Hilly Countryside

Hilton Hotel, Istanbul

Hilversum Community

Himeji Castle

Himi Seaside Botanical Garden

Himmlische und Irdische Liebe

Hindustan Steel

Hipolito Yrigoyen 2562


Hiram D. Kellogg House. Use Hiram Kellogg House

Hiram Kellogg House

Hiran Minar (Elephant Tower)

Hirbat al-Mafgar. Use Khirbat al-Mafjar

Hirose Memorial Hall. Use Hirose Rekishi Kinenkan

Hirose Rekishi Kinenkan

Hiroshige Museum

Hiroshima Peace Center

Hirshfield residence. Use Peanut

Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden

Hismen Hin-Nu Terrace

Hisolar Institute (Behnisch)

Hispano-Portuguese Studies Institute

Hiss Residence

Histadrut Headquarters

Histoire Naturelle: Le Start du Chataignier

Historia general de cosas de Nueva Espana. Use Florentine Codex

Historia Tolteca-Chichimeca

Historical Museum

History and Present State of Virginia

History Faculty Building

History of Architecture of All Countries

History of Architecture on the Comparative Method

History of Indian & Eastern Architecture, vol. 3

History of Matzah: the Story of the Jews

History of the Russian Revolution

History of the Skyscraper

History Portraits


Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

Ho Chi Minh Museum

Ho Phra Khanthararat

Ho Phra Monthien Tham

Ho Phra Nak

Ho/Hocker House

Hoagie House

Hoberg House



Hodegetria Church, Lady of

Hoechst A.G.. Use I. G. Farben Dyeworks

Hoechst AG Office Building. Use I. G. Farben Dyeworks

Hoenheim Nord Station


Hofburg Imperial Palace

Hofburg Theater. Use Burgtheater




Hofpavilion Hietzing. Use Hofpavilion Station

Hofpavilion Station


Hogan, Female

Hogan, Male


Hohenzollerndamm Apartments




Holbein Chamber, The

Hole-in-the-Wall Gang Camp

Holendrechtstraat 1-47

Holiday Gym Fitness Center

Holkham Hall

Holladay Avenue Housing

Hollainhof Social Housing

Holland House

Holland's Hill. Use Holly Hill


Hollis Business Center

Hollis H. Hunnewell Estate. Use Hunnewell Estate

Holly Courts

Holly Hill

Hollyhock House. Use Barnsdall House

Hollywood Hills Dome

Holme, The

Holocaust Memorial

Holocaust Memorial Museum. Use U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

Holocaust Museum, Washington D.C.. Use U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

Holocaust Museum. Use U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

Holocaust Tower

Holocaust, The

Holt Corporate Headquarters

Holy Apostles Church

Holy Apostles, Church of

Holy Archangels Monastery

Holy Cross Chapel. Use Chapel of the Holy Cross

Holy Cross Church

Holy Cross Church. Use Church of the Holy Cross

Holy Cross Church. Use Heiligkreuzkirche

Holy Cross of Jerusalem Church

Holy Door

Holy Family Church

Holy Ghost Hospital. Use Heilig-Geist-Spital

Holy Ghost Hospital. Use Heiligen Geist Hospital

Holy Innocents Cemetery. Use Cimitiere des Saints Innocents

Holy Sepulchre Church

Holy Shroud Chapel (Turin). Use Santissima Sindone Chapel

Holy Trinity Church

Holy Women, Church of the

Holz Altenreid Warehouse Showroom

Homage to New York

Homage to the Square: Insert


Home & Technology Exhibition

Home & the World, The

Home Building Association Bank

Home House

Home Insurance Building

Home Libraries

Home Ranch

Home Savings Building

Home Savings of America Tower Building

Home Sweet Home. Use Dalrymple House

Home Telephone Co.

Home... for a nation on wings

Homeless children in Johannesburg

Homeless people under a bridge

Homeless Projection: Proposal for City of New York

Homeless Vehicle Project

Homeplace Plantation

Homeric House, The. Use House of the Tragic Poet

Homesick Proof Space Station

Homestead from Pittsburgh Side of the Monongahela


Homewood House

Homilies of Monk James Kokkinobaphos


Honbo sutra repository (kyozo). Use Sutra Repository



Honey House

Honeymoon Cottages

Honeywell International Headquarters

Hong Kong

Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank Headquarters

Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, Hong Kong

Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Building

Hong Kong Museum Complex

Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Diptych

Hongnam Village



Hoogovens. Use Royal Dutch Steelworks

Hooker Chemical Building

Hoole House Garden

Hoover 150

Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam. Use View of Boulder Dam

Hope House

Hopewell Baptist Curch

Hopi House

Hoplitodromos Stele

Hopps House

Horace Jayne House

Horatio West Court


Horned Ant

Hornstein House

Horologion of Andronicos. Use Tower of the Winds

Horozoglu Han

Horrea Epagthiana

Horreum Warehouse

Horse & Rider

Horse barn

Horse fountain

Horse Guards

Horse Stables

Horse's head walls. Use View of matou qiang



Horta House & Studio

Horta Museum. Use Horta House & Studio

Horticulture Bldg

Horton House

Horton Plaza

Horton-Wickham-Landon-Case House. Use Old House

Horus Netcheryket. Use Zoser Funerary Complex

Horus of Buhen Temple


Horyuji main hall. Use Kondo

Hosap Kale

Hosfelt Gallery

Hoshang Shah Tomb

Hosios Loukas

Hosokawa Family Mansion

Hosokawa Studio

Hospederia del Banquete. Use Double Lodge

Hospederia del Errante. Use Wanderer's Lodge

Hospederia Doble. Use Double Lodge

Hospicio de Ave Maria y San Fernando. Use Hospicio de San Fernando

Hospicio de San Fernando


Hospital de la Santa Creu i de Sant Pau. Use Hospital de Sant Pau

Hospital de la Santa Cruz

Hospital de Sant Pau

Hospital de Ser Natichler de Cha Cristian. Use Ospizio del Morion

Hospital Real

Hospital St. Paul. Use Hospital de Sant Pau

Hospitale delle Boccole. Use Ospizio del Morion


Hospitalicos. Use Iglesia del Hospital de Corpus Christi

Host Analog

Hostal de los Reyes Catolicos. Use Hospital Real

Hostalets Civic Center

Hostel Building. Use Apartment Block

Hostel for Girls

Hostos Community College

Hot Concept Cars at the New York Auto Show

hot house. Use Chakofa

Hot Rhythm


Hotel Bremant

Hotel Carnavalet

Hotel Cecil

Hotel Ceramic

Hotel d'Artagnan de Fesenzac

Hotel de Beauveau Craon

Hotel de Donon

Hotel de Gouthieres: Rue Pierre Bullet

Hotel de L'Imperatrice

Hotel de les Artes

Hotel de Montmorency

Hotel de Salm

Hotel de Sens

Hotel de Thelusson

Hotel de Ville, Sfax

Hotel del Coronado

Hotel des Invalides

Hotel des Monnaies

Hotel des Monnaies, Avignon. Use Mint Building

Hotel du Department des Bouches-du-Rhone

Hotel du Region

Hotel du Rhone

Hotel Esplanade

Hotel Guimard

Hotel Horta. Use Horta House & Studio

Hotel Leger

Hotel Les Goges du Dades

Hotel Metropole

Hotel P. Use Hotel Poluinya

Hotel Poluinya

Hotel Ritz

Hotel Royal

Hotel Santa Fe

Hotel Shelton

Hotel Soubise

Hotel Sphinx. Use City of the Globe Captured

Hotel Taj Mahal

Hotel Terminal

Hotel Tichka

Hotel Van Eetvelde. Use Van Eetvelde House

Hou Tso Men gate (Houzuomen)

Houck Family Birthing Center


House & Home

House (1958)

House (fancy brick)

House (Winnetka)

House 1

House 102 Laidley

House 134 Laidley

House 140 Laidley

House 1526 Masonic Avenue. Use E.B. Power House

House 16 Paloma Court

House 195 San Leandro

House 24

House 290 Roosevelt

House 3377 Pacific Avenue

House 37

House 44

House 45

House 54

House 65 San Leandro

House 7

House 715 Florida Street

House 8

House 90 Woodland Avenue

House A

House Addition

House adjacent to Myonichikan

House and Factory of M. Henry, Soissons

House and Studio at Toro Canyon. Use Myers House

House as boatyard

House as fantastic carnival

House at Djupdalen

House at Origlio

House at Pregassona

House at Riva San Vitale

House at Stabio

House at Storvik. Use Villa Nilsson

house church. Use Christian Community House

House DA

House dress

House for a Botanist

House for a Kayaker

House for an Art Collector

House for Benn Levy

House for Five Wives

House for G. Erskine

House for Pauline Lowe and Clive Delbridge. Use Pauline Lowe Residence

House for the Torso and Skulls

House I.2-3. Use House of the Relief of Telephus

House I.ix.5 (or I.xi.5?). Use House of the Orchard

House I.vii.10-12/19. Use House of the Ephebe

House I.x.4. Use House of Menander

House I.xi.15

House II

House II.ii.2. Use House of Loreius Tiburtinus

House III

House in a Plum Grove

House in Aobadai

House in Berkeley Hills

House in Big Sur

House in Bolinas

House in Chofu

House in Higashikurume

House in Imazato

House in Magomezawa

House in Nerima

House in Old Westbury (Weinstein House)

House M. Use Mohenjo-Daro VS Area. House 13

House model

House No.3, Gay Street

House of Cars #2

House of 2089

House of a Lady

House of Abba Ubanos. Use Bet Abba Libanas

House of Adivino

House of an Elite

House of Ara Massima

House of Camelia

House of Charm

House of Cleopatra

House of Commons

House of Commons in Session

House of Culture. Use Culture House

House of Cupid

House of D. Octavius Quartio. Use House of Loreius Tiburtinus

House of Daniel

House of Diana

House of Dionysus

House of Distinguished Guests

House of Earth and Light. Use McCue House

House of Faith

House of German Tourism

House of Glass. Use Maison de Verre

House of Golden Cupids

House of Golgotha. Use Bet Golgota

House of Hermes

House of Hospitality

House of James L. Flood

House of Leendert Bronck

House of Lords

House of Loreius Tiburtinus

House of Mary. Use Bet Mariam

House of Menander

House of Mose

House of Mysteries

House of Names

House of Neptune and Amphitrite

House of Opus Craticum

House of Orpheus. Use House of Vesonius Primus

House of Pansa

House of Paquius Proculus

House of Pilate. Use Casa de Pilatos

House of Pre-Pottery

House of Raphael. Use Palazzo Caprini (House of Raphael)

House of Sert. Use Sert House

House of Technical Education

House of the Admiral

House of the Agricultural Guards of Maupertuis

House of the Archangels. Use Bet Gabriel-Rufa'el

House of the Bacabs

House of the Bicentenary

House of the Centenarian

House of the Chaldees

House of the Corinthian

House of the Cross. Use Bet Maskal

House of the Dancing Faun

House of the Dead

House of the Dead. Use Casa de las Muertes

House of the Deer (Cervi)

House of the Dolphins

House of the Doves. Use Dovecote

House of the Ephebe

House of the Fruit Orchard. Use House of the Orchard

House of the Future

House of the Gem

House of the Gilded Cupids. Use House of Golden Cupids

House of the Government

House of the Great Fountain

House of the Hogon (Lebe priest)

House of the Labyrinth

House of the Macaws

House of the Magician. Use House of Adivino

House of the Masks

House of the Mosaic Atrium

House of the North

House of the Orchard

House of the Ovens

House of the Pillars

House of the Prophet. Use Prophet's Holy Mosque

House of the Relief of Telephus

House of the Serpent

House of the Silver Wedding

House of the Skulls

House of the South

House of the Soviets

House of the Surgeon

House of the Tragic Poet

House of the Trident

House of the Vettii

House of the Viceroys

House of the Wooden Partition (Sacellum)

House of Thutmose the sculptor

House of Thutnefer

House of Tiles

House of Tiles (Buenos Aires). Use 1328 Paraguay St.

House of Tomorrow

House of Union

House of Venus Marina

House of Vesonius Primus

House of Vizier Nakht

House on a Terminal Line. Use Project Montague House

House on Rue Lafayette

House posts

House Project

House T

House Type 1 of 10

House Type 2 of 10

House Type 3 of 10

House Type 4 of 10

House Type 5 of 10

House Type 60

House under Construction

House V.ii.i. Use House of the Silver Wedding

House VI

House VI..xv.1. Use House of the Vettii

House VI.B

House VI.i.10. Use House of the Surgeon

House VI.viii.5. Use House of the Tragic Poet

House VI.xiv.20. Use House of Vesonius Primus

House VI.xvi.7. Use House of Golden Cupids

House Where People Always Want To Go

House with Courtyards

House with Potige

House Without Walls

House X

House, Chinese style

House, Hyde & Chestnut Streets

House, typical

Household Engineering


Houses and Hills

Houses D,E,F

Houses for the Steles

Houses in Venice

Houses of Parliament

Houses of the Triennale

Houses on a hillside

Houses, east side

Houses, Palaces, Cities

Houses, plans


Housing Amenities Diagram

Housing at Eaglestone

Housing at Fors

Housing at Gastricke-Hammerby

Housing at Gyttorp

Housing at Jadraas. Use Forest worker's village

Housing at Malarblik

Housing at Svappavara

Housing at Zwolle

Housing Enterprises for the Less Privileged. Use West H.E.L.P.

Housing Estate

Housing for Mining Workers. Use Housing at Svappavara

Housing on Novinsky Blvd.. Use Narkomfin Apartments

Housing Project

Housing with External Circulation. Use Documenta Urbana Housing

Houston Triptych

How I Got Over

How Residence

How should we rebuild London?

How to improve your neighborhood- today

How U.S. Cities Can Prepare for Atomic War

How Up-to-Date are you on Aluminum?

Howard B. Gates House. Use Gates House

Howard House

Howard House (2nd)

Howard Library

Howard Morgridge Residence. Use Morgridge Residence

Howard [Memorial] Public Library

Howes House

Howlands Farm Student Housing

Hoysalesvara Temple

Hsiao-t'un House

Hu Myung Won Voidium

Hua Jue Jiang Mosque. Use Great Mosque of Sian


Huaca 1

Huaca de los Reyes

Huaca del Sol y Huaca de la Luna

Huaca El Dragon

Huaca Fortaleza

Huaca Juliana

Huaca la Esmeralda

Huaca la Florida

Huaca Larga

Huaca Las Avispas

Huaca las Balsas (Mound of the Rafts)

Huaca Rajada. Use Tombs

Huai Sheng Mosque

Huaisheng Si. Use Huai Sheng Mosque

Huang Qian Dian

Huang Qiong Yu

Huangji Dian. Use Hung I Ko (Hongyige)

Huangji Gate

Huanuco Pampa


Huaytara Church

Huazhong You Pavilion

Hubbard House

Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome. Use Metrodome

Hubertus Home. Use Hubertushuis


Huchui Qozqo. Use Huchuy Qosqo

Huchuy Cusco. Use Huchuy Qosqo

Huchuy Qosqo

Hudavent Hatun Mausoleum

Hudson River Logging

Hudson River Purge

Hudson River State Hospital

Hudspeth House. Use Hedgerow House One

Huesca Sports Hall

Hufeisen Seidlung

Hugh & Hazel Darling Law Library

Huguenot Church

Huguenot Memorial

Hui Shan Yuan. Use Jichang Yuan (Carefree-abiding Garden)

Hull House

Hulme Arch Bridge

Hulsen map of Rome


Human Sacrifice upon an Aztec Temple

Humanities Building

Humayun Mausoleum

Humayun Shah Bahman Tomb

Humber Valley Village Middle School

Humboldt Bank Building

Humboldt Park Building



Hunat Hatun Camii

Hundred Chambers

Hung I Ko (Hongyige)

Hung Lu Shan Chuang

Hungarian Pavilion

Hungerford Market

Hunnewell Estate

Hunstanton Secondary Modern School

Hunt House

Hunting Baths

Huntington Botanical Gardens

Huntington Hall

Huntington Hartford Gallery of Modern Art. Use Two Columbus Circle


Hural Residence

Husain Baiqara Madrasa

Husain Doshi Gufa

Husn al-Ghuwayzi

Husref Beg Mosque

Husref Bey Mosque. Use Husref Beg Mosque

Hussainabad Garden. Use Small Imabara

Hussayn Tomb. Use Hussein Tomb

Hussein Tomb

Husser House

Husuni Kubwa

Husuni Kubwa Palace


Hut for preservation and reconstruction

Hutchinson Hall

Hutton Residence

Huy, tomb. Use Tomb of Huy


Hwasong Fortress

Hyatt Regency Dallas Hotel

Hyatt Regency Hotel

Hybrid Building

Hybrid drawing techniques by contemporary arch...

Hyde Park Barracks

Hyde Park Corner Screen

Hyde Square Coop


Hydro Block Housing

Hymerford House

Hynes Convention Center

Hyogo Prefectural Art Museum


Hyper House

Hyperdynamic Reporter, represented by Egon Kisch


Hypo Bank Center


Hypostyle Hall of Amenhotep III

Hypostyle Hall, Karnak

HYSOLAR Research Institute

Hôtel de Ville

- I -

I Carseri. Use Carceri

I Hate War

I Shop Therefore I Am

I Want a Child

I was a Rich Man's Plaything

I Yuan Garden. Use Yi Yuan Garden

I'timad-ud-Daula Tomb

I. G. Farben Dyeworks

I. Magnin Co.

I. Magnin Co. (lst)

I.T.T. Student Center. Use McCormick Tribune Campus Center

I: Claims

Iaroslav Administration Building

Iate Clube

Iauza River Locks


IBA Apartments

IBA Social Housing

Ibadat Khana. Use Diwan-i-Khas

Ibaraki Kasukaoka Church. Use Church of the Light

Ibero-American Building. Use Plaza de Espana

Ibero-American Exhibition

IBM Building

IBM Exhibit Pavilion

IBM manufacturing and training facility

IBM New York showroom

IBM Random Access Memory Accounting Machine

IBM Solana

IBM System/360

IBM Tower

IBM Tower. Use Menara Mesiniaga

IBM/Solana Steam Fountain

Ibn Tulun Mosque

IBN-DLO Institute

Ibrahim Bey Imaret

Ibrahim Khan Madrasa



Ice Age in Europe

Ice and icicles dipped in water held against...

Ice arch left to freeze overnight before...

Ice Balloon

Ice Chapel

Ice Hotel

Ice Number I

Ice Rink

Ice tent


Ichan-Kala (inner city)

Ichigoya Honkan Building


Icon V (Coran's Broadway Flesh)

ICS Building

Ida Franger

Idea File

Ideal City plan for Latin America

Ideal City. Use Citta Ideale (Baltimore panel)

Ideal City. Use Citta Ideale (Berlin panel)

Ideal City. Use Citta Ideale (Urbino panel)

Ideal Palace

Idee pour...grande ville,Berlin,Checkpoint Charlie

Identical Twins, Roselle, NJ


IDS Center

If this home were to be yours...

IFCCA Competition for New York's West Side

Ightham Mote

Iglesia de la Compania

Iglesia de la Santa Veracruz

Iglesia de la Santisima Trinidad

Iglesia de las Angustias. Use Virgen de las Angustias

Iglesia de San Francisco

Iglesia de San Luis

Iglesia de San Miguel

Iglesia de San Pedro

Iglesia de Santa Ana

Iglesia de Santa Catalina

Iglesia de Santa Maria

Iglesia de y Exconvento de la Asuncion

Iglesia del Convento del Carmen

Iglesia del Hospital de Corpus Christi


Iglu. Use Igloo

Igualada Cemetery

II: Consolidation

IIAS. Use International Institute for Advanced Studies

III: Security

IJ Tower Block


Ikea superstore

Ikeda Muromachi Development

Ikuno House

Il Gesu

Il Magistero

Il Museo e le Gallerie Nazionali di Capodimonte. Use Capodimonte

Il Redentore

Il Vittoriale. Use Vittoriale degli Italiani

Ildefonso Franco House, Ave. de la Paz

Ile Orisa Ikire

Iliadic House, The. Use House of the Tragic Poet

Illauntannig Cashel Monastery

Illinois Central Train Station

Illinois Institute of Technology

Illuminated Manuscript

Illuminating Building

Illustrated letter

Illustration fr Les Muller/Cacheux

Illustration of a greenhouse from Diderot's Encycl

Illustration of city surrounded by farmland

Illustration of family in peristyle garden

Illustration: rhythm of a story

Illustrations fr Pure Patterns in a Natural World

Iltutmish Mausoleum

Ilyas Bey Mosque

Im Sechsten Stock. Use Sixieme Etage

Image of Caravaggio

Image of the City, The

Imam al-Shafi'i Mausoleum

Imam Khomeini Mosque. Use Shah Mosque

Imam Mosque. Use Masjid-i-Shah

Imamzada Sayyid Mir Muhammad

Imamzada Shah Chiragh

Imamzadeh Jaafar Mosque

Imamzadeh Mosque

Imarat i Khosrau

Imelda Building

Immaculate Conception Church

Immaculate Heart Retreat. Use Earle C. Anthony House

Immaterial/Ultramaterial: Thin-Ply

Immeuble Clarte. Use Clarte Apartments

Immeuble d'Habitation (apartment house)

Immeuble d'Habitation. Use 25b Rue Franklin Apartment Block

Immeuble de la Publicite. Use Project Maison de la Publicite

Immigration Station

Impasse des Bournais

Imperial Asylum, Vincennes

Imperial Baths

Imperial City

Imperial College of Science, Technology & Medicine

Imperial Durbar

Imperial Forum

Imperial Garden

Imperial Gate. Use Bab i-Humayan

Imperial Gate. Use Miyuki-Mon

Imperial Guard Headquarters

Imperial Halls

Imperial Hotel

Imperial Household Museum. Use Tokyo National Museum

Imperial Library. Use Hofbibliothek

Imperial Palace

Imperial Palace, Vienna. Use Michaelertrakt

Imperial Vault of Heaven. Use Huang Qiong Yu

Imperial War Museum North

Imperial-Royal Public and University Library. Use Czech National Library

IMPIVA Headquarters

Impressions of Africa

In a Medici Villa

In Advance of the Broken Arm

In Occasionem

In Space...

In Switzerland

In the Barley Harvest

In the Infield Was Patty Peccavi

In the Stalin Factory

INA Plaza

Inadomi House

Inaugural Fountain

Inca walls

Incallacta. Use Incallajta


INCAMA Apartments

Ince Minare Camii

Inchon International Airport Transportation Center

Inda Medhane Alem Church

Independence Hall

India House

India Office

India Oxygen House

India Sketchbook

Indian Arts Museum

Indian Composition

Indian corn

Indian Institute of Management

Indian tusser silk

Indiana Avenue Studios

Indiana State Capitol

Indiana World War Memorial

Indianapolis Public Library

Indigo Planter's Bungalow

Indochine Pavilion. Angkor Temple

Indology Institute

Industrial Arts

Industrial Facades

Industrial Head Offices

Industrial locations

Industrial Museum

Industrial Peasants

Industrial settlement on a hillside

Industrial Trade School


Industry Building

Infantado Palace

Infill Housing

Infill Housing for Stockton

Infill Housing, Amsterdam


Inflatable Dwelling

Inflatable School

Inflatable Stadium

Info Box


Information Computer Sciences/Engineering Research

Ingalls Hockey Rink

Inka llaqta. Use Incallajta

Inka Wasi. Use Inkawasi

Inkallakta. Use Incallajta

Inkallaqta. Use Incallajta



Inland Revenue Centre

Inland Steel Company Headquarters

Inmos Microprecessor Factory

Inn Side Hotel

Inner city defense rings

Inner Gate

Inner Quadrangle

Inner Shrine. Use Naiku

Innsbrucker Platz

Inoue House

Inscription House


Inside and Outside

Inside Out?


Insignium Romae Templorum prospectus...

Insley site

Inspector's House at the Source of the Loue. Use Director of the Loue River House


Installation 133651

Instead of an Animal

Institut d'Hygiene

Institut de France

Institut du Monde Arabe

Institute for Forestry & Nature Research. Use IBN-DLO Institute

Institute for Social Research

Institute Library

Institute of Asian Research

Institute of Education

Institute of Human Development Child Study Center. Use Child Study Center

Institute of International Education (IIE). Use Kaufmann Conference Center (IIE)

Instituto de la Pequena y Mediana Empresa. Use IMPIVA Headquarters

Instituto Superior de Ciencias du Trabalho Empresa

Instituto Veneto Di Scienze Lettere E Arti

Insula Aurighi

Insula on Capitoline (below Ara Coeli)

Insurance Center Building

Insurance Company Building

Insurgentes Theatre

Integracion Latino Americano

Integral Urban House

Inter-Action Center

Inter-American Defense Board

Inter-faith Spiritual Center

Inter-University Seminar House

Interaction of Color: IV, 1 color looks like 2

Interaction of Color: IX, Mixture in paper

Interaction of Color: V, Gradation--intensity

Interaction of Color: VI, Reversed grounds

Interaction of Color: VII, Diff. colors look alike

Interaction of Color: VIII, After-image

Interaction of Color: X, Addit.& subtractive mixt.

Interaction of Color: XI, Transparence & space

Interaction of Color: XII, Optical mixture

Interaction of Color: XIII, The Bezold Effect

Interaction of Color: XIV, Transformation

Interaction of Color: XIX, The Masters

Interaction of Color: XV, Intersection

Interaction of Color: XVI, Quantity

Interaction of Color: XVII, Film & volume color

Interaction of Color: XVIII, Free studies

Interaction of Color: XX, Weber-Fechner Law

Interaction of Color: XXI, Warm-cool

Interaction of Color: XXII, Vibrating boundaries

Interaction of Color: XXIII, Equal light intensity

Interaction of Color: XXIV, Color theories

Interaction of Color: XXV, Leaf studies

Interbau Exposition

Intercession, Cathedral of the. Use Saint Basil the Blessed Cathedral

Intercontinental Hotel and Conference Center

Interieur d'un Cabinet de Curiosites


Interior occupation project

Interior of a Hospital Tent

Interior of Church of St Odulphus, Assendelft

Interior of Oud Kerk, Amsterdam

Interior of St. John's Church at Utrecht

Interior of St. Lawrence's Church at Alkmaar

Interior of the Teatro Regio

Interior of the Temple of Abu Simbel, Nubia

Interior of the Temple of Hathor

Interior view of a Safeway Supermarket

Interior with Female Bust

Interior With Harpsichord

Interior with Stove

Interior, Pembroke Studios, London

Intern'l Art Exhib. of the Centennial, 1910

International Airport

International Arts Festival Centre

International Business Center

International Center for Possibility Thinking

International Conference Center

International Exhibition

International Exhibition Center

International Exposition, 1867

International Exposition, 1873

International Exposition, 1878

International Exposition, 1889

International Exposition, 1900

International Exposition, 1937

International Freedom Center

International Homes

International Institute for Advanced Studies

International Institute of Buddhistic Studies

International Library of Children's Literature

International Tennis Hall of Fame. Use Newport Casino

Internationale Bauausstellung. Use IBA


Interpretation of dreams, The (La clef des songes)

Intersession of the Virgin on the Nerl, Church of

Interventionist Manifesto

Intihuatana. Use Intiwatana


Into House

Into the Dawn. Use A l'aube

Intro: Environmental biography mapping

Inturist Housing Complex. Use Mokhovaia Street Apartments

Ionic Stoa


Iot Club Pampulha

Iowa State Capitol

Iowa State University, Ames

Iowa State University, Iowa City

Ipy, Tomb. Use Tomb of Ipy

Ira B. Joralemon House. Use Joralemon House

Ira Joralemon House. Use Joralemon House

Iranian National Consultative Assembly. Use Majlis Building

Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Arts. Use Cantor Visual Arts Center

Iris Dome

Iron Bandstand

Iron Bridge, Severn River

Iron Duke Class

Iron Forge viewed from without

Iron Mine, Port Henry, NY

Iron Path

Iron: Man

Ironwork shop


IRS Records Building

Irwin House

Is Descartes American?

Isa Beg Mosque

Isa Bey Mosque

Isa Khan Tomb

Isaac Bell House

Isaac Delgado Memorial Museum

Isaac Flagg House #1. Use Flagg House #1

Isaac Flagg House #2. Use Flagg House #2

Isaac Royall House

Isaacs-Henricks House

Isaacson House

Isabel Roberts House

Isabel Stewart Gardner Museum

Isaiah Davenport House

Ise Jingu

Ishak Pasa Sarayi. Use Ishak Pasha Palace

Ishak Pasha Palace

Ishikawa Nishida Kitaro Museum of Philosophy


Ishtar Gate

Ishtar Temple

ISI Building (Inst. for Scientific Information)

Isidore House. Use La Maison Picassiette

Isis Temple

Iskele Mosque

Isla de Umunnum

Islam Khwaja Madrasa

Islamic Arts Museum

Islamic Center of Evansville

Islamic Center of Greater Toledo

Islamic Cultural Center

Islamic Garden

Islamic Iran

Islamic law and neighbourhood building guidelines

Islamic Society of North America

Islamic Villa

Island Mosque

Island of grids bordered by rivers

Island on the Mur

Islandia Hotel and Restaurant

Islands, The

Ismail Palace (Jazirah Palace)

Ismail the Samanid Mausoleum

Ismetpasa Institute for Girls

Isokon Flats

Isokon Long Chair

Isokon Long Lounge

Isolated Mass Circumflex 1

Isolated Mass Circumflex 9

Isolated Masses

Israel Goldstein Synagogue

Israel House

Israel House. Use Ehrmann-Coombs House

Israel Museum Complex

Israeli Foreign Ministry

Israelite Tomb


Istanbul Radio

It's called "Post-War Dreamitis" and it's catching

It's Psychological Fact Pleasure Helps Your...

It's the Real Thing - Self-Portrait at Buchenwald

Italian Aeronautics Exhibition

Italian Civil Palace

Italian Garden

Italian Immigrants Seeking Lost Luggage

Italian Landscape

Italian Pavilion

Italian Re-evolution

Italian Still Life

Italy During the Renaissance

Italy Seen Through Worker's Banners

Italy Under the Early Empire

Itamarati Palace

ITEL Building (101 California St.)

ITM Building

Itsukushima Shrine

Iuriev Monastery. Use Yuriev Monastery

Ivar Aasen Museum & Study Center

Ivory Flakes Advertisement

Iznaga Plantation

Iznik Museum. Use Nilufer Hatun Imaret

Izumi Gardens

Izumo Grand Shrine

Izumo Shrine. Use Izumo Grand Shrine

Izumo Taisha. Use Izumo Grand Shrine

Izuna House

Izvestia (Editorial & Production) Building

Izzedin Kaykavus Sifahanesi Medrese

- J -

J. A. Owens House. Use Owens House

J. B. Tufts House #1. Use Tufts House #1

J. B. Tufts House #3. Use Tufts House #3

J. F. Park Dome. Use Park Dome

J. H. Senger House. Use Senger House

J. Irwin and Xenia Miller House

J. Irwin Miller House. Use J. Irwin and Xenia Miller House

J. Paul Getty Museum

J. Paulinson Homestead. Use Demarest House

J.B. Elston House. Use Elston House

J.H. Burnett House. Use Burnett House

J.J. Glessner House. Use Glessner House

J.M. Olbrich House

J.Robert Oppenheimer Residence

JA Building


Jabrin Fort

Jaca Cathedral

Jack Atkin Residence. Use Atkin Residence

Jack in the Box Mark I

Jack in the Box Mark II

Jack Murphy Stadium

Jack the Elephant

Jack Van der Ryn House

Jackson Brewery

Jacksonville Free Public Library

Jacob K. Javits Convention Center

Jacob Reis Park

Jacobin Monastery

Jacobs Field

Jacobs Garden

Jacobs House #1

Jacobs House #2

Jacobsen House and Studio

Jade Bridge. Use Yudai Bridge

Jaen Cathedral

Jag Mandir

Jagannatha Sabha

Jagdish Temple

Jagdschloss Amalienburg

Jahaj Mahal

Jahangiri Mahal

Jahrhunderthalle. Use Centennial Hall

Jahrunderthalle. Use Centennial Hall

Jai Mandir

Jai Vilas Palace

Jain Temple Complex

Jain Universe

Jaipur Museum (Jawahar Kala Kendra)

Jaipur Palace

Jakarta International Airport

Jakob Kaiser Haus

Jalal al-Din al-Rumi Tekke

Jallianwala Bagh National Memorial

Jama al-Kitab


Jamali Masjid

Jamboree Camp

James & Camilla Alexander Residence. Use Alexander Residence

James A. Culbertson House. Use Culbertson House

James A. Latham House

James Allred House

James Blake House

James Cheney House

James House

James J. Fagan House. Use Fagan House

James Johnston House

James Leary Flood Mansion. Use House of James L. Flood

James Lee Court

James Logan House. Use Stenton House

James O. Turner House. Use Turner House

James R. Thompson Center

James Real Studio-Office

James' House

Jamestown Windmill

Jami Masjid

Jami Masjid. Use Friday Mosque

Jamma Masjid

Jan Strand House. Use Walk-in Cabins, Unit #52

Jan Van Hoesen House

Jandial Temple ruins

Jane Frelicher Cutout

JANM Pavilion

JANM Temple Building

Jantar Mantar Observatory

Janus, Ocumichu, Michoacan, Mexico

Japan Agriculture Building. Use JA Building

Japan Expo 2001

Japan Pavilion

Japanese American Cultural Center, Presidio

Japanese American Internment Barracks Installation

Japanese American Internment Memorial

Japanese American National Museum

Japanese Building

Japanese Garden

Japanese Gardens

Japanese Nursing Association Building

Japanese Tea Garden

Japanese Water Temple at Awaji. Use Honpukuji

Japanese-Western House

Jardin d'eau et de lumiere

Jardin d'hiver

Jardin dans la Banlieue. Use Garden for La Thebaide

Jardin de l'Eveche

Jardin de la Union

Jardin des Bambous

Jardin des Luxembourg, Paris, 10th August 1985

Jardin, El

Jardines del Pedregal

Jardins de la Fontaine

Jasenovac Memorial

Jaunpur Bridge

Jausaq al-Kharqani

Javari Temple

Jay Paley Residence

Jayawardene House


Jazz (series)

Jealousy (The Pool)

Jean Hasbrouck House

Jean Mus' Garden

Jean-Marie Tjibaou Cultural Center. Use Tjibaou Cultural Center

Jedburgh Abbey

Jefferson Building. Use Library of Congress Building

Jefferson Market Courthouse

Jefferson Market Prison

Jefferson Memorial

Jefferson Plan

Jeffrey Pine

Jehangir Mahal

Jehangir's Fort. Use Old Fort


Jenkins House

Jennie A. Reeve House. Use Reeve House

Jennifer Reed Showroom

Jenny Lind Hall

Jensen Garden

Jeppesen Terminal. Use Elrey Jeppesen Terminal

Jerathmeel Peirce House. Use Peirce-Nichols House

Jeremiah Lee House

Jerome Camp

Jerome Residence

Jerusalem Museum of Tolerance

Jesse Shepard House. Use Shepard House

Jessie H. Payne House


Jesuit College and Church. Use Clerecia

Jesuit Real Colegio del Espirito Santo. Use Clerecia

Jet d'Eau Fountain

Jets Stadium

Jew's House


Jewelry case

Jewelry Shop for Hitomi Hama

Jewish Cemetery

Jewish Community Museum

Jewish Museum Berlin

Jewish Museum San Francisco. Use Contemporary Jewish Museum of San Francisco

Jewish School, Berlin. Use Heinz-Galinski Schule

Jewish Town Hall

Jewish Youth Center


Jiaotai Dian

Jichang Yuan (Carefree-abiding Garden)


Jihad vs. McWorld:...globalism & tribalism...

Jim Jack's Cabin

Jimmy Corrigan, The Smartest Kid on Earth

Jimmy's Garden

Jin Mao Building

Jinchokan Moriya Historical Museum


Jinyangkung. Use Ching Yang Kung

Jixiao Shanzhuang. Use Heyuan (Jixiao Shanzhuang)

Joachim Schminke House

Joan & David (Staircase)

Joan Miro Foundation. Use Miro Foundation

Joan Miro Library

Jobson House

Jodh Bai's Palace

Jodhpur Fort

Joe in Garvey Park, West Oakland

Joe on San Pablo Ave., Oakland

Joe Robbie Stadium. Use Pro Player Stadium

Joe's Installation, West Oakland

Johann Michael Sailer Montessori School

Johann Zacherl Factory


Johanneskirche. Use Saint John's Church


John Adams House

John B. Nesbitt. Use Nesbitt House

John Brown House

John Bull

John Coles Building. Use Estouteville

John Deere Headquarters

John Derby House

John Dickinson House

John F. Kennedy Airport

John F. Kennedy Library

John F. Kennedy Peace Forest

John Graves House

John Hancock Building

John Hancock Tower

John J. Herrick Residence. Use Ericstan

John J. Vassall House

John K. Mitchell III Residence. Use Mitchell Residence

John Langley Howard House. Use Howard House

John Nutting Apartments

John P. Humes Japanese Stroll Garden

John Rylands Library

John Sowden House

John the Baptist Reliquary

John Whedon House. Use Whedon House

Johns Hopkins Hospital

Johns Hopkins University. Use Johns Hopkins Hospital

Johnson Chapel

Johnson House

Johnson Wax Administration Building. Use Johnson Wax Company

Johnson Wax Company

Johnstown Public Library

Joie de Vivre

Join AVIAKhIM! Aerial Sentry of the USSR

Jokhang Temple

Joli Salon and Spa

Jolon Ranch

Jonathan Fairbanks House. Use Fairbanks House

Jonathan Hasbrouck House

Jonathan Sturges House

Jones Farmstead

Jones House

Jones House. Use Hedgerow House Four

Jones Residence

Jonkerhuis Complex

Joodse Invalide

Joralemon House

Jordan House

Jordans Meeting House

Jorge Vergara Cabrera Center. Use JVC Center

Jose de Alancar Theater, Fortaleza, Brazil

Josef Gartner & Co.

Joseph Brown House

Joseph Ellicott Complex

Joseph Fredericks & Co.. Use Fredericks & Co. Bldg

Joseph Leidy House & Office

Joseph Ltd. Stair

Joseph Manigault House

Joseph Nightingale House

Joseph Papp Theater. Use Astor Library

Joseph Rogers House

Joseph Store

Joseph Webb House

Joshua W. Young House

Joss House

Journey of the Magi

Joy/Millen Residence

Joyce House

JRTC. Use James R. Thompson Center

Juan de Anza Adobe

Juarez Housing Project

Jubilee Campus

Jubilee Church

Jubilee Palace

Jubilee Synagogue

Juchitec Women, Juchitan, Oaxaca, Mexico

Judean Landscapes

Judge Franklin's Residence

Judge Institute of Management Studies

Judge Residence

Judge Residence, second

Judgment of Paris. Use Queen Elizabeth and the Three Goddesses

Judisches Museum. Use Jewish Museum Berlin

Judisches Shule, Berlin. Use Heinz-Galinski Schule

Jug Saloon

Jugendgastehaus. Use Youth Educational Institute Hostel


Julia C. Lathrop Homes

Julian A. McPhee College Union. Use College Union

Julian Street Inn

Juliana School

Julianna Latrobe Monument

Juliet and her Nurse

Juliet with Peacock Feather

Julius Caesar

Julius Gluckert House. Use Grosses Gluckert House

Julius Shulman House. Use Shulman House

Jun Building


Just Imagine

Just what is it that makes today's homes so...

Juval Castle Glass Roof Addition

JVC Amphitheater

JVC Art Museum

JVC Center

JVC Children's Museum Island

JVC Convention Center

JVC Entertainment & Cinema Center

JVC Fairgrounds

JVC Hotel & Housing

JVC Office & Retail Center

JVC Palenque

JVC University

Jyvaskyla Teachers College (Jyvaskyla University)

Jyvaskyla University. Use Jyvaskyla Teachers College (Jyvaskyla University)

- K -

K'eshwachaca. Use Keshwa Chaca Bridge

K'ung Ning Kung (Kunninggong)

K.B.A. Stadium

K.St.Transit Mall

Ka'ba. Use Kaaba

Ka'bah. Use Kaaba



Kaaba-i Zardusht

Kabakcilar House

Kabal American Zephyr

Kabale und Liebe (F.von Schiller)

Kabuki Theater


Kachiqhata. Use Kachikhata

Kadiri Tekke


Kagawa Prefectural Office

Kagawa Prefecture Gymnasium

Kagemni, Tomb. Use Tomb of Kagemni

Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim Synagogue. Use Beth Elohim Synagogue

Kahun-An Egyptian Town for Workmen

Kailasanath Nandi Temple

Kailasanatha Temple

Kairouan Conservation Programme


Kaiser Center

Kaiser Geodesic Dome

Kaiser Wilhelm Church

Kaiser Wilhelm Gedachtnis Kirche. Use Kaiser Wilhelm Church

Kaiserbad Dam Control Bldg


Kakadu National Park Visitor Information Center

Kakegawa City Hall


Kalasasaya Temple

Kalayan Minaret

Kalemegdan Fortress


Kalkriese Archaeological Museum Park


Kallimarmaro Stadium

Kallis House

Kalmann House

Kalta Minar

Kalwaria Zebrzydowska Sanctuary

Kalyan Minar

Kalyan Mosque

Kalyan Square

Kalyana Mandapa

Kamakura Museum of Modern Art

Kamakura Temple Complex

Kambara House

Kambattadi Mandapa

Kameido Tenjin Shrine

Kamigyo House

Kamiichi Mountain Pavilion

Kammermusiksaal. Use Chamber Concert Hall

Kampong Bugis Development Guide Plan

Kampung Kali Cho-de

Kancha K1E

Kancha K2E

Kancha K6E

Kancha K7E


Kandarya Mahadeva

Kaneaki Heiau

Kanegafuchi Cotton Mill

Kangaroo Valley House

Kanna Nakasato Town Hall

Kansai International Airport

Kansai Science City

Kansai-Kan National Diet Library Competition

Kansas State Capitol

Kantanagar Temple

Kantara Castle


Kao House

Kappel House

Kappel, The. Use Benedictine Monastery

Kappeli primary school

Kara Camii

Kara Mustafa Pasha Kiosk (Summer Pavilion)

Karadeniz Technical University

Karadjoz Begova Mosque


Karamanli Mosque. Use Pasha al-Qarahmanli Mosque


Karas House

Kare-sansui. Use Rock garden

Karen Terry House. Use Terry House

Kariye Cami. Use Kariye Mosque

Kariye Mosque

Kariye Museum. Use Kariye Mosque

Karl Linn Community Garden

Karl Marx Hof


Karlsplatz Station

Karlsplatz Station. Use Karlsplatz Station

Karolinska Hospital

Kars Kale

Karsura Rikyu. Use Katsura Rikyu

Kasai Rinkai Park View Point Visitors' Center

Kassel-Donche Housing

Kasuga Shrine

Kasui-en. Use Miyako Hotel Annex

Katarina Elevator. Use Katarinahissen


Kate and Laurance Eustis Chapel

Kate Mantolini

Katei Hankurankai. Use Model House for Home Exhibition


Katimavik (Gathering Place). Use Canadian Pavilions

Katsura Detached Palace. Use Katsura Rikyu

Katsura Rikkyu. Use Katsura Rikyu

Katsura Rikyu

Katsurahama Lighthouse

Kauchuk Workers' Club

Kauffman Stadium

Kaufhaus Wertheim. Use Wertheim Store

Kaufmann Conference Center (IIE)

Kaufmann House

Kaupanger Stave Church


Kavanagh Building

Kawai Kanjiro's House

KaYo House

Kazan Cathedral

Kaze no Oka Crematorium

Keating Residence

Kebran Gabriel Monastery

Keck Plans the Trans-Duo

Kedleston Hall

Keio Plaza Hotel

Keio University

Keiyaki Hiroba

Kelbaugh House

Kelham Garden

Kellam House

Kells Monastery

Kelmscott Chaucer

Kelmscott House

Kelp Rock, Stedman Residence

Kemeter Paint Warehouse

Kempsey Museum and Information Centre

Ken Edwards Center for Community Services

Ken Moody & Robert Sherman


Kenco Battery Fan

Keniset Mari Girgis


Kenko-in Garden

Kennedy Airport

Kennedy Bridge

Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

Kennedy House. Use Kennedy Studio

Kennedy Residence (Cityhouse)

Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Studio

Kennedybrucke. Use Kennedy Bridge

Kensal House

Kensington Gardens

Kentucky Dam

Kentucky Knob House

Kentucky State Capitol, fourth


Kenwood House

Kenyon Residence

Keokuk on Horseback

Kerameikos Cemetery


Kern County Free Library

Kerna Maybeck House

Kesava Temple

Keshava Temple

Keshwa Chaca Bridge

Kesik Minare Mosque

Kestner Portfolio

Kew Gardens Lodge

Kew Royal Botanical Gardens

Key Grove

Khadju Bridge

Khafre Pyramid. Use Chephren Pyramid

Khafre Valley Temple. Use Valley Temple

Khafre. Use Chephren

Khajeh Abasalt Mausoleum

Khalil Mardam Bik House


Khan al-Khalili

Khan Asaad Bacha. Use Khan Asad Pasha

Khan Asad Pasha

Khanqah of Baybars al-Gashankir. Use Baybars II al-Gashankir Khanqah & Mausoleum

Khanqah of Baybars II. Use Baybars II al-Gashankir Khanqah & Mausoleum

Kharim Khan Zand Residence. Use Pars Museum

Kharraqan I Gumbad. Use Gunbad-i Kharaqan I

Kharraqan II Gumbad. Use Gunbad-i Kharaqan II

Khas Mahal

Khazanat al-Fir'awn

Khipu. Use Quipu

Khirbat al-Mafjar

Khirbat al-Mafjir. Use Khirbat al-Mafjar

Khirbat Faynan

Khirbet el Mefjer. Use Khirbat al-Mafjar

Khloris. Use Flora

Khnum Temple

Khoda Khaneh (House of God)

Khonsu Temple

Khufu Pyramid. Use Cheops Pyramid

Khwaja Abu Nasr Parsa

Khwaja Zainud-Din Mosque


Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art

Kiddus Yohannes

Kiefhoek Workers' Village

Kievskaya Station

Kigmas al-Ishaki Mosque

Kihin-kan. Use Shobi-kan

Kikkoman Soy Sauce Factory

Kikugetu-tei. Use Tea House



Kilcher Factory

Kilic Ali Pasha Mosque

Killing Time

Killingsworth Residence

Killingworth housing estate

Kiln House Farm

Kimball House

Kimbell Art Museum

Kimmel Center

Kinbasha Pachinko Parlor II


Kindred Spirits

Kinesthetics Projects

King Abdul Aziz International Airport. Use Haj Terminal, Jiddah Airport

King Akhenaten w/Nefertiti & daughters

King Albert Apartments

King Auibre Hor

King Center. Use Martin Luther King, Jr Center

King Charles Block

King Charles the Martyr Church

King Dawit Castle

King Faisal Mosque

King Fasiladas Baths. Use King Fasilidas Baths

King Fasiladas Castle. Use King Fasilidas Castle

King Fasilidas Baths

King Fasilidas Castle

King Henry VII & VIII

King Henry VIII (portrait)

King Henry VIII w/Jane Seymore & his parents

King Iyasu Castle

King Kong

King Menkaure

King Saud University

King Shinmun's Tumulus

King Street Gardens

King William County Courthouse

King Zoser Statue

King's Apartments

King's Bath

King's Chapel

King's College Chapel

King's College Fellows Building

King's Head

King's Pyramid (Ku.1)

King's Road House. Use Schindler House

King's Square. Use Maidan-i-Shah

King's Views of New York

King's Wing

Kingdom Land

Kingdom of Italy Pavilion

Kingo Housing Project

Kings Cross Railroad Station


Kingscote Addition

Kingswood School for Girls


Kinsey Stores

Kinsky Palace. Use Goltz-Kinsky Palace

Kintampo Quern Factory


Kiosk for Propaganda

Kiosk of Nectanebo I

Kiosk of Qertassi

Kiosk Restaurant

Kirali Baths

Kirby Hall

Kirche am Steinhof. Use Steinhofkirche

Kirchner Museum Davos

Kirlin Residence

Kiro-san Observatory

Kirov Dist. Dept. Store & Public Feeding Complex

Kirov District Soviet

Kirovsky Department Store and Mechanized Canteen. Use Kirov Dist. Dept. Store & Public Feeding Complex

Kirovsky District Soviet. Use Kirov District Soviet

Kirovsky Univermag. Use Kirov Dist. Dept. Store & Public Feeding Complex

Kise Villa

Kish Bank Lighthouse

Kit Carson House

Kitab al-diryaq (Book of antidotes)

Kitagata Apartment Building

Kitakyushi Museum


Kitchenless House




Kizil Kule

Klaasen House

Klahanie Lake Park Townhomes

Klein Glienecke. Use Glienecke Palace

Kleinburger, Die

Kleines Schloss. Use Damenhaus


Klima building

Kline Biology Tower

Kline Residence

Kloster Weltenburg. Use Saint George Abbey Church

Klostergards School

Klotz House

Knapp Garden

Knapp Garden. Use Rosstown Houses

Knauer Residence

Kneeling Muscular Figure With Beard

Kneses Tifereth Israel Synagogue

Knights of Columbus Headquarters

Knipp-Stengall Barn


Knot design

Knowlton Rings

KNSM Island Apartments

Knut Hamsun Museum

Knutsen House

Ko Ware Bowl


Kobayakawa Minka

Kobe Waterfront Plaza

Koca Mustafa Pasa Hamman

Koca Mustafa Pasa Mosque

Kochi Castle

Kochi Kenritsu Literary Museum

Kochi prefectural library

Kochi Prefectural Literary Museum. Use Kochi Kenritsu Literary Museum

Kochstrasse Housing

Kochstrasse Residence & Business House. Use IBA Social Housing

Kodak Complex

Kodak of Nadar


Kodo (Lecture Hall)

Koechlin House

Koehring 1066 Excavator advertisement


Kogoi Bath House

Kohlberg Hall

Kohun-ji Temple

Koil. Use Vaisnava Temple

Koizim House

Koizumi Studio

Kokedera. Use Saihoji Garden

Kokumin Shinbun Home Exhibition. Use Model House for Home Exhibition

Kokuritsu Gekjo. Use National Theater of Japan

Kokusai Building

Kokusai Kodomo Toshokan. Use International Library of Children's Literature

Kol Ami Temple

Kol Atsei ha-Ya'ar

Koldingstrasse Monstessori Children's House


Kollektivhuset. Use Collective House

Komercni Banka. Use Bank of Commerce

Komikan (Kurashiki Cultural Center)

Komsomolskaia Subway Station

Komyoji Temple

Kona Field System

Konami Nasu Seminar House

Konar Sandal A


Kondo (Toji main hall)

Kongens Have Garden

Kongresshaus Zurich

Kongsholm Park

Koning/Eizenberg House

Kono family dwelling

Konopiste Castle

Kontorhaus Mitte. Use Block 109

Koopmans House

Koopmans-De Wet House

Koprucay River Bridge

Koprulu Yali

Korakuen Garden


Koranic School


Kore with Peblos

Korean Presbyterian Church of New York

Korean War Veterans Memorial

Koret Residence

Korkeasaari Lookout Tower

Koshino House

Koshland Hall

Koshoin. Use Old Shoin

Koskimo Village

Kotaijingu. Use Naiku

Kotila-i-Firuz Shah

Kouros of Anavyssos

Kousoun Caravanserai



Kraaijvanger Urbis Studio. Use Glass Bridge

Krac des Chevaliers

Kraemer Junction

Kramlich Residence and Media Collection

Kremlenagrad Castellum Urbis Moskvae


Kresge Auditorium

Kresge College

Kreuzberg Day Care Center

Krier (Leon) House



Kritios Boy. Use Youth

Kroller-Muller Museum

Kronborg Castle

Kronprinzen Palais. Use Crown Prince's Palace

Krystal Palast. Use UFA Cinema Center



Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Kuala Lumpur Railway Station

Kubaa Gardens Complex


Kubitschek Memorial

Kubitschek Memorial, Circular Building

Kubus Haus System

Kucuk Aya Sofya Cami. Use Saints Sergius and Bacchus Church

Kudako Lighthouse Keeper's house

Kuhn Residence

Kule Loklo

Kulliye of Suleyman. Use Suleymaniye


Kumamoto Castle

Kumamoto Dome. Use Park Dome

Kumamoto House

Kumamoto Prefectural College of Agriculture Dorm

Kumamoto Prefectural Tumulus Museum. Use Forest of Tombs Museum

Kumbeshwara Temple



Kungsholmen Girl's School




Kunsthalle Schirn

Kunsthaus Graz

Kunsthaus Wien


Kunstlerkolonie Austellung

Kunstlerkolonie Austellung. See also Ernst-Ludwig Haus



Kunstschule (Art School)

Kunti Suyu

Kuppersmuhle Museum. Use Duisburg Museum of Art

Kurashiki Archaeological Museum

Kurashiki City Hall


Kuroki Minka


Kursunlu Camii

Kusakabe House

Kutub Minar. Use Qutb Minar

Kutubiyya Mosque

Kuwahara House

Kuwait National Assembly Complex

KV17. Use Tomb of Seti I

KV2. Use Tomb of Ramesses IV

KV20. Use Tomb of Hatshepsut

KV35. Use Tomb of Amenhotep II

KV5. Use Tomb of Ramesses II's sons

KV9. Use Tomb of Ramesses VI

Kvarnsveden Cemetery

Kyo Undercurrent

Kyobashi N House

Kyong Hoe Rue

Kyongbok Palace

Kyongchon Pagoda

Kyoogokokuji. Use Toji (East Temple)

Kyoto Imperial Palace

Kyoto Imperial Palace. Use Gosho

Kyoto Kokusai Kaikan. Use International Conference Center

Kyozo Hall

Kyrenia Castle

Kyrenia Gate

- L -

L Hall. Use Lyric Hall

L House

L'Amerique Moderne

L'angelo della cittaˆ. Use The Angel of the City

L'Apparition. Use Apparition, The

L'Architecture Mobile

L'Avenue des Maisons-Tours

L'Ecole de Plein Air

L'Enfant's Tomb

L'Esprit Nouveau

L'Expo-IBM. Use IBM Exhibit Pavilion



L'Illustrazione Italiana

L'Opera. Use Paris Opera House

L'or du Rien

L'Ossuaire de Douaumont. Use Ossuary of Douaumont

L'Urss costruisce il Socialismo

L-shaped Housing

L. M. Ericsson Factory

L.A. Prime Matter

L.D. Owens House

La Boheme (Puccini)

La Cachata. Use Palacio de la Inquisicion

La Candelaria

La Cartuja

La Casa a la Carta

La casa de Menandro. Use House of Menander

La Cattolica

La Charge

La Citta Nuova

La Clota House Renovation

La Compania de Jesus

La Concha Beach Promenade

La Concha Motel

La Construction Moderne

La Crau: The View from Montmajour

La Cuesta Encantada. Use San Simeon

La Cupole (P.T.T. Office)

La Defense

La Fabrica

La Fonda Hotel

La Fregate Cafe

La Frigate Cafe

La Galgada

La Grabatoire

La Grande-Motte Resort

La Grange Terrace

La Granja de San Ildefonso. Use La Granja Palace

La Granja Palace

La Gymnastica

La Horde

La Joconde

La Jolla Woman's Club

La Lonja de la Seda

La Maddalena. Use Santa Maria Maddalena

La Madelaine

La Magdalena

La Magistral

La Maison de la Cote Minton. Use Minton Hill House

La Maison Picassiette

La Maison Suspendue (Suspended House)

La Maitrise (Galeries Lafayette Pavilion)

La Mamounia

La Marseillaise

La Martiniere (Constantia)

La Martorana

La Mina Cultural Center

La Miniatura. Use Millard House

La Mota

La Pedera. Use Casa Mila i Campas

La Pedrera. Use Casa Mila

La Place. Use City Square, The

La Placita de Trinidad. Use Plaza Mayor de Trinidad

La primiere pipe

La Rabida

La Ramona Morales Apartments

La Reggia di Caserta. Use Palazzo Reale

La Revolution Surrealiste

La Roca Sagrada

La Roche-Jeanneret House

La Rotonde, Boulevard Montparnasse

La Toilette, Rue Quincampoix

La Torerera Camping Cabins

La Tourette

La Tourette Monastery. Use La Tourette

La Trinite

La Vendimia House

La Venta

La Ville Spatiale

La Villette Museum. Use Museum of Science and Industry

La Villette Music Conservatory. Use Cite de la Musique

La Visita del Doge alla Chiesa nel Giorno della...

La Zisa. Use Palazzo Zisa


Laban Centre for Movement and Dance

Laban Dance Center. Use Laban Centre for Movement and Dance


Laboratory of Epidemiology and Public Health

Laburthe-Brivazac 1929



Lace impressions

Lacock Abbey

Ladd House

Ladder for Booker T. Washington

Ladder to Heaven, The


Ladies Protection and Relief Society Residence. Use Heritage Retirement Center

Ladies' Concert at the Phillharmonic Hall

Lady and Gentleman at Wine

Lady at her Toilet

Lady at the Poster Column

Lady Caroline Capel holding her daughter Harriet

Lady Chapel

Lafayette Lofts

Lafayette Place. Use La Grange Terrace

Lafayette/Orinda Presbyterian Church

Laforet Department Store

Lagoa & Leblon Districts


Lagoon Cycle, The

Lagreco Residence

Laguna de los Cerros

Laing House

Laja Hacienda, La

Lake Biwa Museum and UNEP Environmental Center

Lake Dal

Lake Merritt Pergola

Lake Nemi at Sunset

Lake Palace Hotel

Lake Point Tower

Lake Shore Drive Apartments

Lakeshore Housing (lst Phase)

Lakeside Deli

Lakeside Pavilion & Covered Gallery

Lakeview Apartments

Lakewood Center

Lakewood Hills Development

Laklot Mosque. Use Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque

Lakshmana Temple

Lal Darvaza Masjid

Lal Gumbad

Lal Qila. Use Red Fort

Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque. Use Saint Nicholas Cathedral

Laleli Mosque

Lama Temple. Use Yonghe Gong


Lamb's Creek Church

Lambay Castle

Lamberth Bungalows


Laminata House

Laminated wood and lacquered plywood armchair




Lampton School

Lamy-Newton Pavilion

Lan Ting, The. Use Lan-T'ing Garden

Lan-T'ing Garden

Lancaster School

Land growth 1911 to 1933

Landing: Alameda Ferry Terminal

Landmark Tower. Use Expo tower


Landscape (Chinese brush painting)

Landscape Composition

Landscape Imagineer in the Dream Layout

Landscape in Drenthe

Landscape Room. Use Room One

Landscape study developed from a blot

Landscape with Abandoned Psyche

Landscape with Bridge

Landscape with Cumulus Clouds

Landscape With Garage Lights

Landscape with Jacob & Laban & his Daughters

Landscape with Jacob at the Well

Landscape with stack of peat and farmhouses

Landscape with Trees

Landscape with Trees and Rocks

Landscape: a didactic poem, The

Landscapes Along the Colorado Front Range

Landscaping a Hill

Landscaping an entrance

Landschafspark Duisburg Nord

Lane's Conservatory

Lang Music Building

Langelinie Pavilion

Langham Close

Langham Court

Langley Park

Lanhydrock House


Lannan Foundation Park


Lanzon Obelisk

Laocoon and His Sons

Laon Cathedral

Laperouse Mausoleum

Laredo Demonstration Blueprint Farm

Large Baths

Large Bouquet

Large Fern

Large Reclining Nude

Lark-Inn for Youth

Larkin Building. Use Larkin Company Administration Building

Larkin Company

Larkin Company Administration Building

Larkin House

Larkin Street Youth Services

Larry's Bar, NYC

Larson House

Las Angustias. Use Virgen de las Angustias

Las Arboledas

Las Capuchinas

Las Columnas

Las Duenas Monastery

Las Huelgas

Las Limas Monument 1-Figure w/ Were-Jaguar Infant

Las Tejas. Use Thorne-Ledbetter House

Las Vegas Ranch

Las Violetas Tea Room

Lascaux Cave

Lascaux Cave Area

Lascaux Cave II

Last Seder, The

Last Supper

Last Supper (Ognissanti)

Last Supper (San Marco)

Last Supper, West Oakland

Late Modern Tribute

Lathrop House

Latino Culture Center

Latona Basin

Latona Parterres


Latrine Project

Laugerie-Basse Shelter

Laughing Mannequins

Laughing Thoughts Pavilion. Use Shoiken

Launch of warship

Laundry women

Laura R. Gale House. Use Mrs. Thomas Gale House

Laurel Hill Cemetery

Laurentian Library. Use Biblioteca Laurenziana

Lauriston Estate

Lavoisier's furnace

Law Basilica. Use Basilica of Apuleius

Law Courts

Law Courts Competition Project

Law Faculty

Law Sakes Alive! What are you doing, Baby?

Law School


Lawn Road Flats. Use Isokon Flats

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

Lawrence Hall

Lawrence House

Laws of the Indies

Lawson House #2. Use Andrew C. Lawson House

Lawson House. Use Andrew C. Lawson House

Lawson-Westen House

Lay down as it started raining or snowing...

Laybourne Art Barn

Laybourne Residence

Layered House. Use Sekisou House


Layering Collage

Lazarus at the door of the rich man

LBS Norddeutsche Landesbausparkasse

Le Bar Sous le Toit

Le Beau Monde. Use Beautiful World, The

Le blanc-seing. Use Carte Blanche

Le Blond plan for Saint Petersburg

Le Corbusier Center

Le Corbusier Studies

Le faux miroir. Use False mirror, The

Le Fresnoy National Studio of Contemporary Arts

Le Gran Confort

Le Lizo Plan

Le Mans Cathedral

Le Mas-d'Azil Cave

Le masque vide. Use Empty mask, The

Le Mirail Apt Block

Le Parisien Offices

Le Petit Prince

Le Pigeon House

Le Thoronet Abbey

Le-Taken Olam

Leacanabuaile Fort

Leadbetter Garden

Leader, Teacher and Friend

Leadgate Infant School


Leaf Chapel

League of Nations



Learning Exchange EarthWorks

Learning from Las Vegas

Learning Resource Center

Learning Wall, The

Leaver Residence

Leaves on leaves pressed flat with spit...

Leaves wrapped around/the end of a rock

Lebek: a city of northern Europe through the ages

Leben Eduards des Zweiten von England

Leca Swimming Pool

Lechner Chair


Lecture Hall


Ledbetter House. Use Thorne-Ledbetter House

Ledge House

Lee Goodwin Residence

Lee Residence

Lee Residence (La Jolla). Use Lee Tree House

Lee Tree House

Lee's Orchard

Leeds Residence

Leeds Town Hall

Leek House. Use Nira House

Leeum Samsung Museum of Art

Leeuw van Waterloo. Use Lion's Hillock

Legacy and Action

Legend Garden Villas

Legend of St. Ursula, the Church & the Synagogue

Leger Wanaselja House

LEGO Concentration Camp Set

Lehman College

Lehman Pavilion

Lehnin Cistercian Monastery

Lehrter Bahnhof Tower

Leicester Square

Leicester Square Station

Leicester University

Leichtenstein Castle

Leidschenveen Town Centre

Leifer Residence. Use Koizim House

Leighton House


Leiston Abbey

Leisure Pavilion

Leisure Pier

Leisure Studio

Leiter Building

Leiter Building II

Leland Building

Lena Pope Home

Lenin Library

Lenin Library Addition

Lenin Library. Use Pashkov Palace

Lenin Mausoleum

Leningrad City Soviet Housing. Use Lensovet Housing

Leningrad Opera House

Leningrad Revolutionary Celebration, 1918

Leningrad Senate & Synod

Leningradskaya Station

Lennis Jones: the academic dictates a book

Lenox Reference Library

Lensovet Housing

Leon Auditorium

Leon Krier House. Use Krier (Leon) House

Leon L. Roos House

Leonard Community Chapel

Leonardo Murialdo Primary School

Leonidas Tomb


Leopold Museum

Lepers Hospital

Lerchenberg Housing

Leria House

Lermontov Station. Use Dzerzhinskii Square Station

Les Antiquites d'Athenes

Les Demoiselles d'Avignon

Les Halles Centrales

Les Maisons du Rio a l'Estaque

Les Musulmans offrent les cles de Palerme a Roger

Les Promenades De Paris

Les Promenades de Paris: Champs-Elysses

Les Quais Pont Neuf Hiver: Brovillard Matin

Lescaze House

Leslie W. Miller Portrait

Less Drink More Homes

Lesser House

Lesser Propylon

Lessons for students in architecture


Let A Thousand Parks Bloom

Let me come over..

Let Us Fulfill the Plan of the Great Projects

Let's Not Be Stupid


Letchworth Garden City

Letter from the artist in Rome, with a view...

Letter, The

Letters L & O in Landscape

Leucadia Community Center

Leucadia Shared Housing

Levens Hall & Gardens

Levens Hall Garden

Lever House

Lever Set Circular Saw Mill

Lever/Morgenthaler House

Levi Strauss Plaza

Leviathan, The

Levine House

Levitated Mass

Levy House

Levy/Kaminstein House and Studio

Lewis Center for Environmental Studies

Lewis Courts

Lewis Environmental Studies Center. Use Lewis Center for Environmental Studies

Lewis House

Lewis House. Use E. R. Lewis House

Lewis Thomas Laboratory

Lex Sacra

Leyritz Plantation

Liam Teck Lee High Class Shanghai Leather Trunk

Liberation Hall

Liberation of Aunt Jemima


Liberty Bell Pavilion

Liberty Building (Edificio Liberdad)

Liberty Elementary School

Liberty Science Center

Liberty Street House

Liberty Warehouse


Library and Cultural Center

Library at Wiblingen

Library in Venice

Library of a Poet

Library of Celsus

Library of Congress Building

Libyco-Punic Mausoleum

Lichfield Cathedral

Licht House

Lichtburg Cinema

Lichter-Marck House

Lichtrequisit. Use Light Prop for an Electric Stage

Licinian Baths

Lick Conservatory of Flowers

Liechtenstein Garden Palace. Use Liechtenstein Palace

Liechtenstein Palace

Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) Housing

Life of Edward II of England (Brecht). Use Leben Eduards des Zweiten von England

Life of St. Bernardino. Healing of Man Injured...

Life of St.Bernardino.Resurrection of still-born..

Life Sciences Addition

Life Sciences Building

Lifeboat Museum

Lifeguard Tower

Light & Heavy Light: Shadow Garden

Light Installation

Light of Trinity. Use Debre Birhan Selassie Church

Light Prop for an Electric Stage

Light Temple (Lichttempel)

Light, Church of the. Use Church of the Light

Light-Space Modulator. Use Light Prop for an Electric Stage

Lighting ... Planned to serve for tomorrow's home

Lightning Field

Likhachev Club. Use Palace of Culture

Likras Kallah

Lilienthal Garden

Lillian Bridgman House. Use Bridgman House

Lilong housing

Lily (Lily Langtry)

Lily Pool

Lima Cathedral

Lin Mij Factory Extension

Lin Yin Sze Monastery. Use Lingyin Temple

Lin Yuan Garden


Lincoln Castle

Lincoln Cathedral

Lincoln Center

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. Use Lincoln Center

Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial Gardens

Lincoln Zephyr

Lincoln's Inn Fields

Lindberg School

Lindblade Tower

Lindenau House

Lindisfarne Castle

Lindisfarne Guest House

Lindsey House

Lindstrom Hotel

Linen Collar

Linga. Use Shiv-linga

Lingam, The. Use Shiv-linga

Lingaraja Temple

Lingotto Factory. Use Fiat Lingotto Factory

Lingyin Si. Use Lingyin Temple

Lingyin Temple


Linwood Hill (Dr. Federal Vanderburgh Cottage)

Linxia Mosque

Lion Column

Lion Gate

Lion Grove Garden. Use Shi Zi Lin (Lion Grove Garden)

Lion of Judah Statue

Lion Statue

Lion Temple

Lion's Hillock

Lion's mound. Use Lion's Hillock

Lioness Gate. Use Lion Gate

Lios Monastery Church. Use Fenari Ise Camii

Liquid Jungle Lab

Liquid Sugar Lofts

Lisbon developing plan to the W and N, 2nd version

Lisbon..destroyed by an earthquake... Use Lissabon..door een Aardbeving verwoest..

Lissabon, Lisboa

Lissabon..door een Aardbeving verwoest..

Lisson Gallery

Lister County Courthouse

Lit Brothers Store

Literacy For All

Litterae Lucernes

Little Big Mouth's Tipi

Little Castle (keep)

Little Elephant, The

Little Girls at Tea

Little House

Little III Residence

Little Nemo in Slumberland

Little Singer Building. Use Singer Loft Building

Little Thakeham

Little Theater Amphitheater

Little Washer Girl

Little Wenham Hall

Littlejohn House

Liu Yong Yuan. Use Liu Yong's Garden

Liu Yong's Garden

Liverpool Tenements

Livestock Exchange Building

Living 1990

Living Bridge

Living Dead of Buchenwald, The

Living King. Use Shah-i-Zind

Living Room

Living Room, The

Living Unit

Living Water Park



Llama Train

Llewellyn Park

Llofriu Studio

Lloyd Lewis House

Lloyd's Insurance Company Headquarters

Loarre Castle

Local School

Loches Donjon

Lockwood-Mathews Mansion

Locomotive, Jersey City

Lodge for the Three Patriarchs

Lodi Gardens

Loew's 175th St. Theater

Loew's Ohio

Loew's Theater and Office Building. Use Carpenter Center for the Performing Arts

Loewen Windows & Doors

Loews Philadelphia Hotel. Use Philadelphia Savings Fund Society Building

Logan Fontenelle Homes

Logan House

Logan International Airport

Logements sociaux, rue des Hautes-Formes. Use Apartments, rue des Hautes-Formes


Loggia del Bigallo

Loggia del Capitano

Loggia House. Use Case Study House #5

Logrono Town Hall


Loke Yew Mansion

Lom Stave Church

Lomas Rishi Cave

Lombardi House Addition

Lomontsov University. Use University of Moscow

Londini Angliae Regni Metropolis Novissima..


London Bridge Station Hotel

London Bus

London Central Mosque

London City Hall

London Eye. Use Millennium Wheel (British Airways London Eye)

London Heathrow Airport

London Times, The

London Zoo

London, 1500

Long Beach High School

Long Beach, California

Long Corridor

Long Gallery

Long Gallery, The

Long Garden

Long House Ruin

Long Island City

Long Island Railroad Pavilion

Long Meadow

Long Residence

Long Toilet

Longfellow House. Use John J. Vassall House


Longleat House

Longmen Grotto Buddhist Caves

Longstones Lighthouse

Longstreth Residence II

LongTang Houses

Longwood Bridge

Longwood Redevelopment Project

Longwood Villa

Looking Along Broadway Towards the Grace Church

Looking West From the Business Center

Lookout Studio

Lookout Tower

Looshaus. Use Goldman & Salatsch Dept. Store


Lord of the Plain. Use Malik-i-Maidan

Lords Media Centre

Lords of the West

Lorenteggio Public Housing


Lorenzo de'Medici

Lorenzo il Magnifico

Lorin Station

Los Angeles

Los Angeles Airport

Los Angeles City Hall

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Los Angeles Federal Courthouse & Post Office

Los Angeles Herald Examiner Building

Los Angeles Mixed-Use Development

Los Angeles Outdoor Art Festival

Los Angeles Public Library

Los Angeles Public Library Addition

Los Angeles Rapid Transit District Tower

Los Angeles Spring

Los Angeles, California

Los Clubes

Los Manantiales

Los Remedios. Use Cholula Pyramid

Los Vilos House (Boza-Wilson House)

Loteria Nacional

Lott House

Lotus Temple. Use Honpukuji


Lou/Snyder Residence

Lough Gur (The Spectacles)

Loughborough University

Louis Sullivan Tomb

Louis Vuitton Ginza

Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey Tower. Use LVMH Tower

Louis Vuitton Omotesando

Louis Vuitton Roppongi Hills

Louis Vuitton Tower. Use LVMH Tower

Louis XIV (ptg)

Louisiana Flora project

Louisiana Monument

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Louisiana Purchase Exposition

Louisiana State Capitol

Lourdes of America. Use Santuario de Nuestro Senor de Esquipulas


Louvre. See also Grand Louvre


Love of Jupiter & Semele, The

Love Planet Exhibition

Love Token, The

Love, Scandal & Mem. to Caine I

Lovejoy Plaza

Lovell Beach House

Lovell House

Lovers Picnic

Lovers' Fountain. Use Fuente de los Amantes

Lovers' garden

Lovett House

Low Memorial Library

Low Table/Bench

Low-cost Housing

Lowe House. Use Pauline Lowe Residence

Lower Brockhampton Manor

Lower Manhattan Expressway project

Lower Saxony Provincial Parliament

Lower School (Escuelas Menores)

Lower Villa. Use Jugetsukan

Lowry Center

Lowther Lodge

Loyola Law School

Loyola University

Lu & Maynard Hale Lyndon House

Luakini temple


Lucerne Cultural and Congress Center

Lucille Halsell Conservatory

Lucky Casino

Lucretia Gardens

Lucy's House

Ludekin (Belvedere) House

Ludington Garden

Ludwig Erhard Haus. Use Berlin Stock Exchange & Erhard Haus

Ludwig Max University Additions

Ludwig Museum of Modern Art

Ludwig Uhland School

Lugo Cathedral

Luigi Pecci Center for Contemporary Art

Luitpold Arena

Luitpold Hall

Luiz Cezar Fernandez garden. Use Odette Monteiro Estate gardens


Lume Media Center

Lummi Type, North American Indian series

Lunar module

Lunch Box Planners

Luncheon of the Boating Party

Lunenburg County Courthouse

Lungotevere Cenci Synagogue


Luscombe Castle


Lusto Finnish Forestry Museum

Lustron Homes

Lutfullah Mosque

Lutheran Church

Lutheran Church Center

Lutheran Churches in Europe, c.1560

Lutzenburg Castle. Use Charlottenburg Palace

Luxembourg Gardens

Luxembourg Palace

Luxor Hotel & Casino

Luxor Obelisk

Luykas Van Alen House

LVMH Osaka

LVMH Tower

Lycee J.F. Champollion. Use Champollion School

Lych gate

Lyford House


Lyndon Point Dume House

Lyndon-Wingwall House

Lyric Hall

Lyton Park Place

Lytton Savings

- M -

M House


Maack-Schreiter House

Maastricht Academy for Art and Architecture

Maastricht Fire Station

Maastunnel Sleeper Installation

Macabre Capital

Macaya House


Macchi Bhavan Complex

MacDonald Garden

Macdonald Medical Research Labs

Machine-Made America I

Machinery Building

Machinery Hall


Machlup Residence


Machu Picchu

Macleay House. Use Elizabeth Bay House

MacMonnies Fountain (Columbia Fountain)

Mad Cad

Mad River Rafting Facility

Madame Renoir

Madana Mohana



Madhya Pradesh Electricity Board Building

Madinat Al-Salam

Madinat Al-Zahra'


Madonna & Child

Madonna dal Collo Lungo (with the Long Neck)

Madonna dell'Orto Church

Madonna di San Luca

Madonna Enthroned

Madonna Inn

Madonna of the Goldfinch

Madonna of the Poor

Madonna with Saints Omobono, Barbara and John

Madonna with Seated Child


Madrasa Ghiyathiya

Madrasa of Four Minarets. Use Char Minar Madrasa


Madrasah of Chahar Bagh. Use Madar-i-Shah

Madrasah-i-Kharjird. Use Madrasa Ghiyathiya

Madres Capuchinas...Purismo Corazon...Convento. Use Las Capuchinas


Madrid Codex

Madrid Regional Archives. Use Madrid Regional Documentary Ctr (Archives&Library)

Madrid Regional Documentary Ctr (Archives&Library)

Madrid Regional Library. Use Madrid Regional Documentary Ctr (Archives&Library)

Madrona Residence

Maechen Garden

Maeght Foundation

Maeght Foundation Sculpture Garden

Maes Howe

Mafra Palace-Convent

Magao Grottoes

Magao Pagoda



Magazzini Generali

Magdalen College

Magdalene College

Magdelene Church

Maggie L. Walker House

Maggie's Centre

Magic Chef Building. Use American Stove Company Building


Magna Engineering Corp

Magnanimous Cuckold


Magney House



Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Museum

Mahindra & Mahindra Corporate Offices

Mahmoudiya Mosque

Mahmud Adilshah Tomb. Use Gol Gumbaz (Mahmud Adilshah Tomb)

Mahmud Gawan Madrasa

Mahmud Pasha Mosque

Mahmud Pasha Tomb

Mahmud Shah Bahmani Tomb

Mahmut II Turbe


Maidan Bazaar. Use Maidan-i-Shah


Maidan-i-Shah, Citadel, Cairo


Maidstone Club

Maimonides Hospital

Main Building

Main Chapel

Main Gate

Main Hall

Main Hall (Kondo)

Main Hall. Use Honden

Main Pavilion, Imperial Japanese Garden

Main Street

Maine Room

Maine State Capitol

Mairie of the First Arrondissement


Maison a la Tourelle. Use Turret House/St.Paul's House

Maison Calvin

Maison Carree

Maison Church. Use Villa Church

Maison Citrohan. Use Project Citrohan House

Maison Cook

Maison de l'Homme. Use Le Corbusier Center

Maison de la Colline

Maison de la Publicite. Use Project Maison de la Publicite

Maison de Mlle. Guimard. Use Hotel Guimard

Maison de Verre

Maison de Verre (Dalsace House)

Maison de Verre (Dalsace House). Use Maison de Verre

Maison des Directeurs de la Loue. Use Director of the Loue River House

Maison Drouin

Maison du Peuple

Maison Floriac. Use Floriac House

Maison Folie

Maison Franco-Japonais. Use Athene Francais

Maison Gourdeau

Maison Guay

Maison Hermes

Maison Louis Carre

Maison Morissette

Maison Mourier

Maison Planeix

Maison Sauve

Maison St-Paul. Use Turret House/St.Paul's House

Maisons Jaoul

Majestic Apartment Remodel

Majestic Apartments

Majlis Building

Majolica House

Majorelle Garden

Make it more than wishful thinking

Makina Medhane Alem

Making a film journal

Making a Place in the Country

Making Plans to Win his Heart?

Making Space: A Collaborative Investigation...

Makino Botanical Garden Toilet

Makuhari Housing

Makuhari Messe

Makuhari Prince Hotel

Malaga Cathedral

Malagueira Cooperative Housing

Malaparte House. Use Villa Malaparte

Malay Festival

Malayan Railway Administration

Malcolm Wells House

Male Nudes

Malegitti Temple

Malibu House


Malin House

Mall of America

Mallia Palace

Mallikarjuna Temple



Malmo Eastern Cemetery

Malmo Municipal Theater

Malvern Hall

Mama Hatun Mausoleum


Mammisi of Nectanebo I

Mammisi of Trajan

Man & Unity. Use Scandinavian Pavilion

Man and Woman

Man at the Crossroads

Man bites dog!

Man Equals Man

Man in the Forest

Man Who Was Thursday

Manchester Royal Exchange


Mandala of Amogha-Pasa

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Du Rhone. Use Hotel du Rhone

Mandir Hindu Temple

Mandolin and Clarinet


Manglerud School

Manhattan Bridge

Manhattan Building

Manhattan Building. Use American Life Building

Manhattan IV B

Manhattan Psychiatric Center

Manhattan Skyline from Ellis Island

Manhattan water arrival

Manila Housing Project

Mann's Theater. Use Grauman's Chinese Theatre

Manner of raising forrest trees, The

Mannesmann Office Building


Mansion House

Mansion-house, Chinese style

Mansour Palace. Use Dar Fe Bedi Palace


Manti L.D.S. Temple

Mantra Restaurant

Manufactured Housing

Manufacturers Hanover Trust, Fifth Avenue Branch

Manufactures & Liberal Arts Bldg

Manufactures Building

Manuscript (unnamed)

Manuscrito de 1576 (The Manuscript of 1576). Use Aubin Codex

Manville Hall (Law Student Housing)

Manzanar Internment Camp

Mao ling Tomb

Mao Tse-Tung

Maori, Whare Temple Interior in Auckland Museum


Map #26. Use Hand-painted map of Copenhagen

Map of Amsterdam

Map of archaeological sites near Cuzco

Map of Bois de Boulogne

Map of Caribbean Migration Patterns

Map of Central Italy

Map of Chicago in 1830

Map of Chicago showing Original Subdivisions

Map of Crete and the Aegean Sea

Map of Curitiba city center

Map of early rural resistance

Map of ethnic division in South Africa

Map of European Settlements in the Americas

Map of European Settlements in the Americas, 1630

Map of forced relocations in South Africa

Map of former Weaver's district, Lodz

Map of functional units in Lodz

Map of Inca road network

Map of Istanbul and Galata

Map of Italy

Map of known world during time of Iliad & Odyssey

Map of London - 1746

Map of Mycenaean World

Map of New York with two persective views

Map of old Weaver's district, Lodz

Map of Pacific Ocean

Map of Pisco Valley with Tambo Colorado

Map of Pompeii

Map of Portugese Trade Routes

Map of South American Administration c. 1800

Map of the Book of Possessions

Map of the Campus

Map of the Central Park

Map Of The City Of New York Extending Northward...

Map of the City of Savannah

Map of the Country round Delhi

Map of the Croton Water Pipes with the Stop Cocks

Map of the island, bordered by the Seine

Map of the Metropolitan Olmec area

Map of the Near East

Map of the Ringstrasse

Map of the river through the city

Map of the University of California Berkeley

Map of the university of California, Berkeley

Map of unknown origin

Map of Venice showing churches

Map of Weaver's district, Lodz

Map of westward expansion

Map showing Hanan-Hurin division of the city

Map showing puma shape of Cuzco

Map showing traces of centuriation, 20th C. Italy

Maps of poverty distribution

Maps of the area before and after redevelopment

Maqamat. Use Garden carpet from northwest Persia

Maquette for 'Guitar'

Maquette for Book Cover (O'Hara: Collected Works)

Mar Vista Remodeled Home

Mar Vista Residential Development


Maracaibo Sports Arena


Maragha Bridge

Marbel Palace, The

Marble Boat

Marble Palace

Marble Palace. Use A.T. Stewart's Marble Palace

Marcelle House. Use T-House


March Heath

March of the Workers

Marchand Abat-Jours

Marchand de vin rue Boyer

Marche Bonsecours

Marcus Church. Use Saint Mark's Church

Marcus Garvey Commons

Mardi Gras

Marfa. Use Chinati Foundation

Margaret Audley, Duchess of Norfolk

Margaret Carnegie Library

Margaret Esherick House. Use Esherick House

Margaret Stonborough-Wittgenstein


Margarite Parker Chapel

Maria Alicia Apartments

Maria Konigin Church

Maria Laach Abbey Church

Maria Luisa Park

Mariacki Church. Use Marienkirche

Maridalen School

Maridani Mosque. Use Amir Altunbugha al-Moridani Mosque

Marie-Catherine Standing

Marienburg Fortress


Marika-Alderton House


Marin City

Marin County Civic Center

Marin County Courthouse

Marin General Hospital

Marina City

Marina Linear Park

Marine diety

Marine Hospital

Marine Technology Facility

Mario Corbett Residence. Use Corbett Residence

Maritime Museum

Maritime Theater

Markelius House

Market Building

Market Folks

Market Gateway

Market Hall

Market Street

Market Street East


Marks House

Marl Apartments

Marl-Drewer School

Marlborough Family


Marmburra Marika House. Use Marika-Alderton House


Marnoon Bridge

Marquand Retreat

Marquesas Is. Platform House

Marquette Building

Marquis de Lafayette, The

Marrick Convent

Marriott Hotel


Marseilles Block

Marsh Court

Marshall County Courthouse

Marshall Field Wholesale Store

Marshall Garden

Marten School

Martin Chuzzlewit

Martin Gropius House

Martin House

Martin Luther King Jr. Building

Martin Luther King Jr. House

Martin Luther King Middle School

Martin Luther King Way, West Oakland

Martin Luther King, Jr Center

Martin Luther King, Jr Center for Nonviolent.... Use Martin Luther King, Jr Center

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

Martin Melck House

Martin Ryerson Tomb

Martinez de Companon Sector

Martmoutier Abbey

Marty and Veronica

Marty V. Leonard Community Chapel. Use Leonard Community Chapel

Martyr's (Shaheed) Monument

Martyr's Statue

Martyrs of the Deported Memorial. Use War Memorial to the Deported

Marutan Honsha Bldg

Marvin L. Heckendorf House. Use Heckendorf House

Marx-Engels Institute

Mary Cassatt (Miss Cassatt assise, tenant...)

Mary Cooper Jewett Arts Center

Mary Leonard Community Chapel

Mary Medina Building

Mary Rose Museum

Mary Stoughton Residence

Mary the Queen Church

Mary Wolton, Lady Guilford (portrait)

Mary, Countess Rivers

Maryam-az-Zamani Palace

Maryhill Museum of Art

Maryhill Observatory

Marzahn Apartment Building


Masallaci Juma'a Mosque


Masek Residence


Masjid al-Haram

Masjid Ali Minaret

Masjid Jame. Use Masjid Jamik

Masjid Jamik

Masjid Negara

Masjid-i Kabud

Masjid-i-Ali Shah






Mask of Agamemnon


Maslak Pavilions

Masmak Fortress

Mason's Bend Community Center

Masonic Hall

Masonic Temple

Masons' Sketchbook

Mass Festival

Mass MoCA. Use Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art

Massachusetts General Hospital

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Techology. Use Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art

Massachusetts State Building

Massachusetts State Prison

Massachusetts Transportation Building

Massart House

Massive Offering

Masson Mill

Mastaba tomb of Seshemnefer IV


Master Packing (34th St., Oakland)


Masui House

Matador Saluting


Material World: a global family portrait

Mathematical-Physical Salon

Mather House. Use Samuel Mather House

Mathewson House


Matri Misericordiae Church

Matsuma Yoshitsugi House

Matsunoyama Museum of Natural Science

Matsusaka Townhomes

Matsuya Dept. Store

Mattancheri Synagogue

Mattern House

Matteson Library


Matthews Residence

Mattress factory

Maude Adams as Joan of Arc

Mauna Kea Beach Hotel

Maund Ruin

Maurer Photo Studio

Maurer Studio. Use Maurer Photo Studio


Maurya Palace


Mausoleo delle Fosse Ardeatine. Use Ardeatine Cave War Memorial and Mausoleum


Mausoleum #14

Mausoleum der Konigin Luise. Use Mausoleum of Queen Louise

Mausoleum Khalid ibn al-Walid

Mausoleum of Constantina. Use Santa Costanza

Mausoleum of Hadrian

Mausoleum of Hadrian. Use Mausoleum of Hadrian

Mausoleum of Prince Musa

Mausoleum of Queen Louise

Mausoleum of Sehzade Sultan Mahmut

Mausoleum of Timur Lenk. Use Gur-i-Mir

Mausoleum Project

Mausoleum Tor de Schiavi

Mausoleum, St. Remy de Provence


Max Pot. Use Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems

Max Schmitt in a Single Scull

Maxim Gorky Russian Drama Theater

Maxwell's Marvelous Equations

May 1940 - The Destroyed City

May House. Use Meyer May House

Mayakovskaya Metro Station

Mayan civilizations

Mayan lime-kiln


Maybeck Studio

Mayden-i-Shah. Use Maidan-i-Shah

Mazarine Library

Maze Landscape

Mbari House

MC Squared

McAlmon House

McBee House. Use Patrick Duncan House

McCone-Flynn Residence

McConnochie House

McCormick Tribune Campus Center

McCue House

McCullogh Motors, Office and Showroom

McCullough Garden

McDonald House


McDonald's Nation

McGrath Residence

McGrew House

mci-a + mj

McIntyre House

McKean House

McKenzie House

McKim House

McLane House

McLean Hospital


McMicking Garden

McMillan Commission Plan. Use McMillan Plan

McMillan Plan

McNamara Alumni Center

McNary Dam

Mcphaedris-Warner House

McPhee Union. Use College Union

McQuire Warehouse

McWilliams and Clark townsites

MDS Gallery

Meadors-Staples-Anthony Houses

Mebon West

Mechanical device with double pulley

Mechanical Engineering Building

Mechanical Wing Prototype

Mechanics Institute

Medellin Club Hotel

Media Park, Zollhof 3

Mediatheque. Use Sendai Mediatheque

Medical Arts Building. Use 450 Sutter Street

Medical Assistance Clinic

Medical Dental Building. Use 450 Sutter Street

Medical Faculty Housing Complex

Medical School

Medical School in Zurich

Medici Chapel (New Sacristy)

Medici Fountain

Medici Slot Machine


Medieval Court

Medina Azzahra. Use Madinat Al-Zahra'

Medina County Court House

Mediterranean Town House

Meekness of Mr. Pecksniff & his charming daughters

Meeting Hall of Privy Council. Use Kubbealti

Meeting House

Meeting of Pope & Doge Ziani

Meeting Place

Meeting, The


Megaron B

Mehmet II Fatih Mosque. Use Holy Apostles, Church of

Mehmet Pasa Cami

Meidan-i-Shah. Use Maidan-i-Shah

Meierei. Use Farmhouse

Mein Garden

Meiner's Oaks School

Meisel Residence

Meissen Chinoiserie: plate

Mel's Diner

Melbourne Museum

Meleia Willis-Starbuck Memorial

Melnikov Residence


Melrose Court

Memoirs inedits de Madame La Comtesse de G.

Memoirs of a Saint (Les Memoires d'un Saint)


Memorial Bowlder on Training Green

Memorial Church. Use Kaiser Wilhelm Church

Memorial Coliseum

Memorial Fountain

Memorial Gate

Memorial Glade

Memorial Hall

Memorial to Fallen Students

Memorial to French Martyrs of World War II. Use War Memorial to the Deported

Memorial to Princess Alice, Grand Duchess of Hesse

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. Use Berlin Holocaust Memorial

Memorial totems

Memories as Not to Find

Memories of Chicago Fire in 1871

Memory of Yantra

Memory Theatre of Guilio Camilio

Men's Faculty Club

Men-an-Tol. Use Stone Ring

Menai Straits Bridge

Menara Garden

Menara Mesiniaga

Menars Chateau

Mendelsohn House

Mending the Net


Mendota Stoppages

Mendoza Codex


Menhir du Champs Dolent


Menier Chocolate Works

Menil Collection Building


Menkaure Pyramid. Use Mycerinus Pyramid (Menkaure)

Menthuhetep. Use Mentuhotep Temple

Mentuhotep Temple

Menzel House

Mer Rouge Villas

Mercado de Abasto. Use Abasto

Mercado de Abastos

Mercantile Continuation School

Mercato Centrale di San Lorenzo

Merced County Courthouse

Mercedes-Benz Building

Merchandise Mart

Merchant family

Merchant's House

Merchants and Trades on Hudson Street

Merchants' National Bank


Mercury Drawing Room

Mere Gregoire

Meredith-Colson House

Mereruka Mastaba Tomb


Mereworth Castle

Merida Bridge

Merida Chapel

Meridian line Akashi Ferry Terminal

Merinid Tombs

Merk Residence

Merkhavei Raki'a

Merlin's Hat

Mero universal joint

Merode Triptych

Merriconeag Waldorf School

Merrill Hall

Merrimack Mills

Merrimack Mills Worker Housing

Merzbau Hannover

Merzbild 32A (Cherry Picture)

Merzbild Einnundreissig (Merzpicture 31)

Merzbild Rossfett

Merzzeichnung 219

Mesa Verde Area

Mesa Verde Housing

Mesoamerica central core

Mesopotamia in the World of the Near East

Mesopotamia: Cities

Metal Research Institute

Metal Shutter & Violin


Metallurgy and Materials Building


Metalworkers Union

Metamophosis of the Object


Metro Station


Metroon (Temple of Kybele)

Metropole Hotel


Metropolitan Cathedral

Metropolitan Cathedral. Use Christ the King Cathedral

Metropolitan Club

Metropolitan Community Church

Metropolitan districts

Metropolitan Life Insurance Building

Metropolitan Life Insurance Building, S.F.. Use Ritz Carlton Hotel

Metropolitan Life. Use Pan Am Building

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Metropolitan New York viewed from Space

Metropolitan Opera House

Metropolitan School of Education Plazas

Metropolitan Toronto Library. Use Toronto Library

Metropolitan. Use Saint Demetrius Church

Metz House

MEV Laboratory. Use Building 58

Mevlevihane Kapisi

Mexicali Housing

Mexican, The


Mexuar Court

Mexuar Hall

Meydan Mosque. Use Hatuniye Mosque

Meyer Estate

Meyer House. Use Johnson House

Meyer May House

Meyerhold Theater



MGM Grand Hotel & Casino

MHANY Scattered Site Rehab

Miami Valley Hospital

Miami-Biltmore Hotel

Michaelerhaus. Use Goldman & Salatsch Dept. Store


Michel Terrassee in the Dining Room of Le Bosquet

Michelangelo Park & Garden

Michelangelo presenting plans to Leo X and...

Michelin map of Hyde Park

Michigan Ave. with a View of the Art Institute

Michigan Consolidated Gas Company

Michigan State Capitol

Microsoft Augusta Campus

Mid-Day Meal, Cairo

Middachten Castle

Middle East Technical University

Middle Shoin

Middle Terrace

Middle Villa. Use Rakushiken

Middlesex Mills

Middleton Inn

Middleton Park

Middleton Place

Middletowne Arch

Midland Hotel. Use Saint Pancras Station

Mies exhibit, Museum of Modern Art, 1947


Might of Islam Mosque. Use Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque

Miglio House

Migrant Workers Housing

Migration Series, The


Miho Museum

Mihrimah Cami

Mikaye Design Studio Gallery. Use MDS Gallery


Mila House. Use Casa Mila

Milam House

Milan. Milano


Milenback Garden

Milford Environmental Center

Militar Chair


Military Camp

Military school cadets

Military Tribune

Mill Creek Canyon Earthworks

Mill Creek Public Housing

Mill No.3

Mill Owners Association Building

Mill Race Park

Mill Road House

Milla Digital

Millard House

Millard Sheets Art Center

Millbank Penitentiary

Millen Griffith House. Use Griffith House

Millennium Bridge

Millennium Building

Millennium Dome

Millennium Park Music Pavilion

Millennium Wheel (British Airways London Eye)

Miller Estate

Miller Estate Gardens

Miller Shop

Miller SQA

Million Dollar Mermaid


Mills Building

Mills College

Mills College Campanile

Mills College Main Building. Use Mills Seminary

Mills Seminary

Mills/Wright House

Miltimore House

Milton Ernest House

Milwaukee Art Museum

Mimar Sinan's Tomb

Minakshi Temple. Use Minaksi-Sundaresvara (Great) Temple Complex

Minaksi Temple. Use Minaksi-Sundaresvara (Great) Temple Complex

Minaksi-Sundaresvara (Great) Temple Complex

Minami Dera

Minaret of Jam

Minaskshi Sundareschvara Temple. Use Minaksi-Sundaresvara (Great) Temple Complex

Mindcenter Corporation

Mineral King Cooperative Ranch


Mines and Metallurgy Building

Mines Building

Ming Tombs

Mingle PLaza. Use Haggerty Plaza

Miniature portrait of Emperor Jahangir

Miniature portrait of Suleyman the Magnificent

Minimal Dwelling

Minirail Station. Use Metro Station

Ministere de l'Economie,des Finances,et du Budget

Ministerio da Justica. Use Ministry of Justice

Ministry Building

Ministry Buildings

Ministry Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Civil Aviation

Ministry of Colonial Affairs. Use Colonial Museum

Ministry of Economy, Finance, and Budget. Use Ministere de l'Economie,des Finances,et du Budget

Ministry of Education and Health

Ministry of Education gardens

Ministry of Finance. Use Ministere de l'Economie,des Finances,et du Budget

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Housing

Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Use Colonial Museum

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Justice, former

Ministry of Public Works

Ministry of Social Welfare

Ministry Shop

Minnaert Building

Minnakhte, Tomb. Use Tomb of Minnakhte

Minneapolis Rowing Club

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

Minnesota State Capitol

Minor Central American town from air

Minor House

Minsterio de Hacienda. Use Customs House


Mint Building

Mint Casino, The

Minton Hill House

Minus Residence

Mir-i-Arab Madrasa

Mira Vista School

Miracle of San Bernardino of Siena:

Miracolo dell'Ostia Profanata, Il

Mirador de Lindaraja

Miraflores Lock

Mirage Hotel & Casino

Mirasaka Cermaics Studio

Mirman Residence

Miro Foundation


Mirror Hall. Use Talar Aineh

Mirroring Evil: Nazi Imagery/Recent Art

Misericordia Slope

Miseries in India

Mishongovi pueblo

Misr Insurance Office Building

Misr Textile Co. Employee Housing

Missing House, The

Mission Beach House

Mission Dolores. Use Mission San Francisco de Asis

Mission Hills Houses

Mission San Antonio de Padua

Mission San Antonio de Pala Asistencia

Mission San Antonio de Valero

Mission San Buenaventura

Mission San Carlos Borromeo

Mission San Diego de Alcala

Mission San Fernando Rey de Espana

Mission San Francisco de Asis

Mission San Gabriel Archangel

Mission San Jose de Gracia

Mission San Jose de Laguna

Mission San Juan Capistrano

Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa

Mission San Luis Rey de Francia

Mission San Miguel Arcangel

Mission Santa Barbara

Mission Santa Ines. Use Mission Santa Ynez

Mission Santa Ynez

Mission Soledad

Mission Trails Regional Park Vistor Center

Mississauga City Hall

Mississippi County Community College

Mississippi State Capitol (2nd)

Missouri Botanical Garden

MIT Library of Architecture, Planning, & Art. Use Rotch Library Addition

Mitad del Mundo

Mitchell Park

Mitchell Residence


Mithraeum under Circus Maximus

Mithraeum under San Clemente



Miyagi Prefectural Library

Miyako Hotel Annex


Mkalles Redevelopment Project

Mnaidra Temples

Mnajdra Temples. Use Mnaidra Temples


Mobil Oil Building

Mobil Urban Kiosk

Mobilar System

Mobile Camp

Mobile Dwelling Unit

Mobile Eco Lab

Mobile Figure

Mobile HIV/AIDS Clinics for Sub-Saharan Africa

Mobile Home of the Future

Mobile home with curved skylights

Mobile Homes

Mobile Linear City

Mobius House

Mobius strip

MOCA. Use Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles

Mockbee's Own House

Model 23 A

Model 36 Lounger

Model Boat

Model Factory

Model House for Home Exhibition

Model Houses For Families

Model kitchen for household without help

Model of Audio-Visual Experience

Model of Metabolic Process

Model representing the sunrise purification rite

Model, Ancient Rome in Age of Constantine

Modena Cathedral

Modern Architecture - International Exhibition

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

Modern Building

Modern Druid, The

Modern House

Modern Movements in Architecture

Moderne Wohnraume Exhibition


Modernizing the Smaller Store

Modry Kostol


Moere-Numa Park

Moffat-Ladd House

Moffitt Undergraduate Library

Mohammad Ali Palace (Shubra Palace)

Mohenjo-Daro Chief's House

Mohenjo-Daro Citadel

Mohenjo-Daro DK Area (residential)

Mohenjo-Daro Great Bath

Mohenjo-Daro House

Mohenjo-Daro HR Area

Mohenjo-Daro Residential Mound

Mohenjo-Daro SD Area

Mohenjo-Daro Temple

Mohenjo-Daro VS Area. House 13

Mohenjo-Daro Well

Mohenjo-daro. Use Mohenjo-Daro Citadel

Moira Shearer and Ludovic Kennedy

Mokhovaia Street Apartments

Mole Antonelliana

Moledo House

Moll d'Espanya

MOMA. Use Museum of Modern Art

Momigara Park

Mon Oncle

Mona-stery. Use Chelsea monastery, no. 8305

Monaco Pavilion

Monadnock Block. Use Monadnock Building

Monadnock Building

Monadock Building. Use Monadnock Building

Monasterio Cisterciense de Santa Maria de Sobrado


Monastery of Miraflores

Monastery of Saint Anthony

Monastery of Saint Daniel

Monastery of San Miguel de Huejotzingo

Monastery of Santa Maria de Belem

Monastery of Santiago de Vilar de Donas Church

Monastery of Sao Bento

Monastery of the Holy Ghost

Monastery, Sanctuary, and High Seminary of the OFM

Mondadori Office Buildings

Mondonedo Cathedral

Mondrian Influenced Bathhouse

Monet Home & Studio

Monetniy Dvor

Monk's Mound

Monnaies Maison, Avignon. Use Mint Building




Monreale Cathedral

Monsale Dale Viaduct

Monsanto Chemical Co

Monsanto Day Care Center

Monsanto Plastic House


Monster Globe


Mont-Cenis Academy

Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey

Montacute House

Montana St. Martin Gallery. Use Tramway Oasis Gas Station

Montclair, The

Monte Alban City Center

Monte Carlo

Monte Vista Apartments

Montecatini Pavilion

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Montessori School

Montessori teaching tools and toys

Montezuma Castle

Montgomery Block

Montgomery Ward


Montjuich Park


Montmartre Cemetery

Montpellier Housing

Montreal Expo '67

Montreal History Center

Montreal Tower

Montreal Universal & International Exposition. Use Montreal Expo '67

Monument 1 (El Rey)

Monument 7 (Column tomb)

Monument a Colom

Monument Against Facism, War, Force

Monument Against Fascism. Use Monument Against Facism, War, Force

Monument de Los Danzantes

Monument I (to Vladamir Tatlin)

Monument in Memory of Vaillant-Couturier

Monument in Piazza della Loghia

Monument to 3rd Congress of the Communist Int'l

Monument to John Baskerville - Industry & Genius

Monument to Karl Liebknecht & Rosa Luxemburg

Monument to March Dead

Monument to Peace

Monument to Sandro Pertini

Monument to Steel Industry

Monument to the 3rd International

Monument to the Battle of the Peoples. Use Volkerschlachtdenkmal

Monument to the Fallen

Monument to the Fallen of Germany

Monument to the Fallen. Use Monument to the Fallen

Monument to the Great Fire

Monument: Canal St. and Broadway, New York City

Monumental Church

Monumento a La Raza

Monumentum Ancyranum. Use Augustus Temple

Monza Cemetery Competition

Moody Residence

Moon and Waves Pavilion. Use Gepparo

Moon Picture bridge. Use Engetsu

Moonlight Garden

Moonlight Revelry

Moonlit Landscape

Moonraker Athletic Center

Moonsoon Restaurant



Moor Fountain. Use Fontana del Moro


Moore House

Moore, Richard Residence

Moorehead Residence

Moorelands Camp Dining Hall

Moorish Bath

Moorish Chief, The

Moorish House

Moorish Kiosk

Moorish Patio; Colorful Pavements, Sicily

MOP Building (Ministry of Justice & Public Works)

Moraduchayuq Compound

Morag (ha-Minhagim)

Morarka Haveli

Moravian Mission


Morcom Amphitheater of Roses

Mordekhai ve-Ester

Morella Boarding School

Morgan Family House

Morgan Hall

Morgan Lewis

Morgridge Residence

Mori Art Museum

Moridani Mosque. Use Amir Altunbugha al-Moridani Mosque

Morike Gymnasium

Mormon Tabernacle

Mormon Temple

Mormon Temple. Use Oakland Temple, Latter Day Saints

Moroccan Houses. Use House with Potige

Morosini hospice. Use Ospizio Morosini (o Grimani)

Morphological analysis, core of Medina Central

Morris Chair

Morriss Estate. Use Morriss Mansion

Morriss Mansion

Morse & Stiles Colleges

Mortimer Fleishhacker Sr. Residence. Use Fleishhacker Residence

Morton Duplex

Morton Garden

Morton International Building

Morton Liebermann Residence

Mortuary Temple

Mortuary temple of Ramesses II. Use Ramesseum



Moscone Center


Moscow Automobile Factory

Moscow Metro

Moscow Subway, Dynamo Station

Moscow Triumphal Gate

Mose, House. Use House of Mose

Moser Residence

Moses and Aaron (Schonberg)

Moses Fountain. Use Acqua Felice

Moses Pierce-Hichborn House

Moses Taylor House

Moslem castle

Moslem Tombs

Mosler House


Mosque (unbuilt)

Mosque Interior, Cairo

Mosque near Bab al-Mardum. Use El Cristo de la Luz

Mosque of Bab Mardum. Use El Cristo de la Luz

Mosque of Bilad Bani bu Ali

Mosque of El Mourestan

Mosque of Mecca. Use Masjid al-Haram

Mosque of Omar

Mosque of Omar. Use Dome of the Rock

Mosque of Sheikh Ahmed Bin Alwan

Mosque of Sikander Lodi. Use Bara Gumbad

Mosque of the Conquerer. Use Fatih Camii

Moss Temple

Mossovet Truck Garage

Mostra dell'Acqua Felice. Use Acqua Felice

Motecuhzoma II Portrait

Motel swimming pool


Mother and the Sister of the Artist

Mother Church

Mother Symbolically Captured/The Kathedral

Mother's Kiss

Mothers' House. Use Hubertushuis

Motherwell House. Use Robert Motherwell House

Mothi Mahal

Moti Masjid

Motorcycle Factory

Motorized road vehicle


Moulay Ismail Mausoleum

Moulin-Joli Chateau


Mound of the Bird

Mound of the Cross

Mound of the Heroes

Mound of the Offerings

Mound Toilet

Moundville complexes

Mount Airy

Mount Airy Station

Mount Auburn Cemetery

Mount Carmel Elementary School

Mount Holly Cemetery

Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant House

Mount Rokko Chapel

Mount Urgull

Mount Usher

Mount Usher Gardens

Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church

Mount Zion Hebrew Temple and Community Center

Mount Zuma Baptism at Boat Basin, Flint River

Mountain Grove Camp Meeting

Mountain Lake

Mountain Lake Powder Snow

Mountain scenery

Mountain Theater

Mountain View Cemetery, Oakland

Mountains, Single Golden Tree

Mountjoy Blant,Earl of Newport& George,Lord Goring


Movable Gallery


Moveable Sidewalk

Moving on: entering Federal Bldg in San Francisco


Moyer Meditation Chapel

Mozartstrasse Housing

MR chair

Mr. Architect Postwar Style

Mr. O.A. Deichmann's Mother Symbolically Sketched

Mr. Okogun's House

Mr.& Mrs.Phillip Wase

Mrs Woodrow Wilson Garden. Use East Garden

Mrs. Frank Tengle, Wife of a Cotton Sharecropper

Mrs. George M. Millard House. Use Millard House

Mrs. Mitchell's Garden. Use Mitchell Residence

Mrs. Thomas Gale House

Mrs.Charles Mather Henderson

Mrs.Henry Hill

Mrs.Noah Smith & Her Children

Mrs.Richard Alsop

Mrs.Stanford White

Mu'tabiya Madrasa

Mubarak Mahal

Mudd Garden


Muezzin's Call to Prayer

Mughak-i Attari (Apothecaries) Mosque

Mughal Sheraton

Muhammad Ali Mosque

Muhammad and followers going to Mecca

Muhammad Bey al-Alfi House

Muhammad Ghaus Tomb

Muhammad preaching in Medina mosque

Muhammad Shah Sayyid Mausoleum

Muhammed Shah Viewing Garden

Muharram Mosque

Muhlbach Housing

Muir Commons

Muktesvara Temple

Mulberry Plantation

Mulford Hall

Muller House

Multifaith Spiritual Center. Use Inter-faith Spiritual Center

Multiple Dwelling in 194X

Multiple ways of looking at a city


Mulvihill House


Mummy Cave Ruins

Mundo Perdido

Munich Illustrated News

Munich War Memorial

Munich. Muenchen

Municipal Asphalt Plant

Municipal Building

Municipal Corp Building

Municipal Creativity Center. Use Creativity Center

Municipal Gymnasium

Municipal Model Tenements

Municipal Mortuary. Use Tanatorio de Leon

Municipal Museum

Municipal Palace

Municipal public laundry

Municipal Pumping Station

Municipal Stadium

Municipal Theater

Municipal Transport Corp. Headquarters

Municipalities Bank


Munkkiniemi-Haaga. Use Munkkiniemen-Haaga

Munksnas-Haga. Use Munkkiniemen-Haaga

Munstead Wood

Munster City Library

Munttoren (Tower of the Mint)

Murad Bey Madrasa

Murad Hudavendigar Mosque

Muradiye Mosque & Madrasa

Mural (Metro entrance)


Murcia City Hall


Murphy/Rosenthal House

Murphys Grammar School

Murphys Historic Hotel & Lodge

Murray House (renovation)


MUSAC. Use Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Castilla y Leon

Musamman Burj


Musee Archeologique

Musee Chagall. Use Chagall Museum

Musee d'Art Moderne et d'Art Contemporain. Use Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

Musee de l'Arles Antique. Use Museum of Ancient Arles

Musee des Arts Africains et Oceaniens. Use Colonial Museum

Musee des Arts Asiatiques. Use Museum of Asian Art

Musee des Arts et Metiers

Musee des Sciences et de l'Industrie. Use Museum of Science and Industry

Musee des Travaux Publics. Use Museum of Public Works

Musee Tomo


Musees d'Art Modern

Museo Arqueologica Provincial. Use Hospital de la Santa Cruz

Museo Arqueologica y de Bellas Artes. Use Hospital de la Santa Cruz

Museo Civico di Storia Naturale. Use Fondaco dei Turchi

Museo de Arqueologia y Bellas Artes

Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Castilla y Leon

Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Monterrey

Museo de Cantabria

Museo de la Vina y el Vino

Museo Municipal. Use Hospicio de San Fernando

Museo Nacional de Arte

Museo Oscar Dominguez

Museo Pio-Clementino

Museo Rufino Tamayo

Museo Tokio. Use Occidental Art Museum

Museu d'Art Contemporani


Museum 1

Museum 2

Museum and Laboratory of Anthropology

Museum for Pre-Columbian Art

Museum for Prehistory and Early History

Museum Fridericianum

Museum fur Alte Kunst. Use Altes Museum

Museum fur Kunsthandwerk. Use Decorative Arts Museum

Museum Het Valkhof

Museum Insel Hombroich

Museum Jean Tinguely

Museum Kuppersbusch. Use Duisburg Museum of Art

Museum of Algiers (Musee d'Alger)

Museum of Ancient & Modern Art

Museum of Ancient Arles

Museum of Ancient Art. Use Altes Museum

Museum of Anthropology. Use Anthropology Museum

Museum of Art of Sao Paolo. Use Art of Sao Paulo Museum

Museum of Asian Art

Museum of Broadcasting. Use Museum of Television & Radio

Museum of Cave Painting

Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago). Use Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles

Museum of Contemporary Art. Use Contemporary Art Museum

Museum of Fine Arts Administration Building

Museum of Fine Arts Audrey Jones Beck Building

Museum of Fine Arts Caroline Weiss Law Bldg

Museum of Fine Arts Cullen Sculpture Garden

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Use Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Museum of Fruit

Museum of Islamic Arts. Use Islamic Arts Museum

Museum of Kyoto Annex

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

Museum of Modern Art

Museum of Modern Art Addition & Residential Tower

Museum of Modern Art of Hyogo Prefecture. Use Hyogo Prefectural Art Museum

Museum of Modern Art Stockholm

Museum of Natural History

Museum of Occidental Art. Use Occidental Art Museum

Museum of Photography

Museum of Public Works

Museum of Science and Industry

Museum of Science and Industry. Use Fine Arts Building

Museum of Scottish Country Life

Museum of Sex

Museum of Snow and Ice. Use Ukichiro Nakaya Museum of Snow and Ice

Museum of Television & Radio

Museum of the Nineteenth Century, Gare D'Orsay

Museum of Tolerance

Museum of Wood

Museum of Young Bosnia. Use Young Bosnia Museum


Music Building

Music Center of La Villette. Use Cite de la Musique

Music Hall and Imanaka Residence

Music Library

Music Research Institute and Museum. Use Musical Instruments Museum

Music Room

Music Suite

Musical Forms

Musical Instruments Museum

Musical Instruments Room. Use Music Suite

Musical score

Musical Theatre & Casino



Muskoka Boathouse


Mussolini Obelisk

Must we hide?

Mustafa Mahmoud Mosque

Mustafa Pasha Mosque


Muthesius House

Mutiny Memorial

Mutual Insurance Building. Use Vzajemna Insurance Building

MuYong Tap (Pagoda That Casts No Shadow)

Muzaffar Mosque


MWRD Centennial Fountain. Use Gateway Fountain

My Atelier

My Autumn Studio

My Birth

My Dog as Cerberus

My Egypt

My Grandmothers (series)

My Wheels

Mycenae Citadel

Mycerinus Pyramid (Menkaure)

Myers House

Myers Residence

Myokochi pond and residence

Mysore Palace

Mystic Marriage of St.Catherine, The


Mz 231.Miss Blanche

- N -

N Street Cohousing

N.S. Fatima Catedral. Use Brasilia Cathedral

N.Y.O. & B.

Nadir Divan-bigi Mosque

Nagasaki National Peace Memorial Hall

Nagasaki Peace Museum

Nagi-MOCA (Mus. of Contemporary Art)

Naglee Building

Nagore Durgha Shrine

Nagoya World Design Expo Pavilion

Nahagarh Fort

Naht: uber Toleranz


Naissance de Venus

Naj Tunich

Najjar Mohandeseen House

Nakagin Capsule Tower Building

Nakagyo House

Nakameguro T Building

Nakazun Banshoen

Naked City

Naked House

Nakha Tolab Church

Nam Kue Chinese School

Nambe Pueblo


Nandi Temple

Nando Mosque

Nanten Staff

Nanterres Housing

Naoshima Art Museum

Naoshima Art Museum. Use Benesse House and Museum

Naoshima South Temple. Use Minami Dera

Napa Valley Museum


Napoleon in Cairo

Napoleon in his Study

Napoleon Visits Pesthouse at Jaffa

Napoleon's Battle of the Pyramids, 1798

Nara 100 Nen Kan. Use Nara Centennial Hall

Nara Centennial Hall

Nara Convention Centre

Narenjistan-i Qavam

Narkomfin Apartments


Narni, The Pont Augusto over the Nera

Narrow Gauge train crossing a trestle

Narva Gate

Nasamanli Mosque. Use Pasha al-Qarahmanli Mosque


Naslund Residence

Nasr City

Nassau Hall

Nassief House

Nasturtiums and the "Dance"

Nasu History Museum


Natchez Grand Village

Natchez Grand Village Mound C

Natchez Grand Village Temple Mound

Nathan Jefferds House

Nathan Moore House

Nathaniel Jenks House

Nathaniel Withernell Residence. Use Witherell Residence

National Air and Space Museum

National and University Library

National Art Gallery. Use Victoria Memorial Hall

National Assembly Building. Use Majlis Building

National Assembly Complex (Dhaka). Use Sher-e-Banglanagar National Assembly Building

National Audubon Society

National Bank of the Republic

National Building Museum. Use Pension Building

National Cash Register Building

National Congress. Use Congreso Nacional

National Constitutional Center

National Ctr for Radio & Television Broadcasting

National Deaf Mute College. Use Gallaudet College

National Diet Library, Ueno branch. Use International Library of Children's Literature

National Farmers' Bank

National Farmers' Union Mutual & Avon Insurance Gp. Use NFU Mutual & Avon HQ

National Gallery

National Gallery East Building

National Gallery of Art

National Gallery of Canada

National Geographic Society, London. Use Lowther Lodge

National Gymnasia, Tokyo Olympics

National Gymnastic Center

National Institute for Cultural Properties

National Institute of Fashion Technology

National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial

National Library

National Library of Austria. Use Hofbibliothek

National Library of France. Use Bibliotheque de France

National Library of Russia

National Mall

National Mosque (Kuala Lumpur). Use Masjid Negara

National Museum of Anthropology

National Museum of Civilization. Use Canadian Museum of Civilization

National Museum of Modern Art

National Museum of Roman Art

National Museum of the American Indian

National Museum of the Risorgimento

National Oceanographic & Atmospheric Admin.

National Palace

National Palace. Use Hybrid drawing techniques by contemporary arch...

National Pensions Institute. Use Social Security Administration

National Professional Soccer Association

National Radio Building

National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, CO. Use NREL Solar Energy Research Facility

National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception

National Stadium

National Theater

National Theater of Japan

Nationale-Nederlanden Building

Nationale-Nederlanden ING Bank Addition

Nationale-Nederlanden ING Bank Headquarters

Nationalgalerie. Use National Gallery

Native Am.villages,battles,migrations,reservations

Nativity and Intercession of the Virgin, Church of

Nativity Church

Nativity of Christ Church

Nativity of the Virgin Cathedral

Natl Farmers' Union Mutual and Avon Insurance HQ. Use NFU Mutual & Avon HQ

Natoma Street Live/Work

Natural Drainage Patterns

Natural Ellipse House

Natural forms in City

Natural History Museum

Natural Instincts

Natural Resources Defense Council Headquarters

Nature and the idea of a man-made world

Nature House

Nature morte a la pile d'assiettes

Nature morte aux oeufs



Nautilus (Hunt Residence)

Naval Architecture Building

Naval Monument

Naval Transit Station

Navarro House. Use Samuel Navarro House


Navy Chair #1006

Nazareth Church

Nazarethkirche. Use Nazareth Church

NBC Tower

Neak Pean

Neanderthal Museum

Near Monterrey, California

Nebhepetre Mentuhotep II

Nebhepetre Mentuhotep II, statue. Use Nebhepetre Mentuhotep II

Nebi Unis

Nebraska State Capitol

Nebraska State Capitol (2nd)

Necco Garden


Nederlanden van 1845 Building. Use Insurance Company Building

Nederlandsche Handel-Maatschappij

Needle Tower

Needlepoint of an unidentified French garden

Neeltje Jans

Negative-Form, Monument to the Aschrott-Brunnen

Negoroji Temple

Negro Barber Shop Interior, Atlanta, Georgia

Negro Boy Dancing. Use Dancing Lesson, The

Negro Man Entering Movie Theater by "Colored" ...

Neighborhood Mosque

Neighborhood Planning Council

Neighborhood surrounding a quarry

Neighborhood Unit Plans

Neighborhoods are living things

Neil & Mauran Houses

Neiman Marcus Store

Nekhbet Temple

Nell Garden

Nemausus I Apartments

Nemrut Dagi Mound. Use Tumulus

Neoclassical Museum of Cultural History

Neon templates of the left half of my body...

Neptune at the Lake

Neptune Fountain

Neptune Fountain. Use Fontana del Nettuno

Neptune Pool

Nero's Golden House. Use Domus Aurea

Nesbitt House


Netcherikhe-Djoser Tomb. Use Zoser Funerary Complex

Neterikhet's Complex. Use Zoser Funerary Complex

Netherlands Dance Theater

Network Associates Coliseum. Use Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum

Network within Internet

Neu Orangerie. Use Orangerie

Neue Kirche

Neue Linie, Die

Neue Reichskanzlei (Chancellery)

Neue Wache

Neue Zollhof

Neuen Ikarier, Die

Neuen Reichskanzlei

Neues Museum

Neues Schloss Ermitage

Neurosciences Institute

Neuschwanstein Castle

Neva icebreakers

Nevada Test Site

Nevsky Cotton Mill cornerstone

Nevsky Cotton Mill workers

New American House

New and Improved Authoritarian Russia

New Archetypes

New Babylon

new Banraisha. Use Second research center

New Bariz Village

New Bethlem Hospital

New Brutalism, The

New Buildings for 194x

New Buildings on Paseo de la Reforma

New Capital of Bangladesh. Use Sher-e-Banglanagar National Assembly Building

New Cathedral

New Cathedral. Use Salamanca Cathedral

New Chancellery. Use Neuen Reichskanzlei

New City Hall. Use Toronto City Hall

New College

New Comiskey Park. Use U.S. Cellular Field

New Day

New Delhi (old city-Red Fort) India

New Delhi Government District

New Delhi Viceroy's House Complex. Use Viceroy's House Complex

New development reinstates prior plot subdivision

New Dryads are Ready for Your Call

New Eastern span

New Eishin Univ*. Use Eishin School

New England Kitchen

New Forum. Use South Forum

New Goten. Use New Palace

New Gourna Village

New Haven Green. Use Town Green

New Haven, 1700's

New Industrial Parks near Irvine, California

New Jersey Building

New Jerusalem Church

New Kirkgate Housing

New Labs outside of town

New Law Courts

New Map of the City of Pietermaritzburg

New Massey Hall. Use Roy Thomson Hall

New Meadows

New Mexico Building

New Mexico Heart Clinic

New Mexico State Capitol

New Moscow, The

New National Gallery

New National Theater

New North Church. Use Saint Stephen's Church

New Office Buildings on Paseo de la Reforma

New Old South Church

New Orleans Manor House

New Orleans Museum. Use Isaac Delgado Memorial Museum

New Palace

New Park

New Parliament House

New Project According to the Programme

New Royal Guardhouse. Use Neue Wache

New Saint Mary of Zion Church

New School for Social Research

New Sorbonne

New State Capitol

New State House

New Structures

New Summer Palace

New Synagogue

New Tokyo City Hall

New Town

New Trade Fair Hall

New University of Moscow. Use University of Moscow

New View Cohousing

New Wardor House. Use Wardour Castle

New Workers' Settlements

New World engravings

New World Scene

New Yok Park Monument: Teddy Bear

New York

New York - New York Hotel & Casino

New York 1950-60

New York Central Building

New York City

New York City Skyline from the Brooklyn Bridge

New York Crystal Palace. For the exhibition of..

New York Cultural Center. Use Two Columbus Circle

New York from the East River

New York from the Heights near Brooklyn

New York General Building. Use New York Central Building

New York General Post Office

New York in the Family of Cities

New York Life Insurance Building

New York Public Library

New York Public Library Chatham Square Branch

New York Public Library Rivington St. Branch

New York State Capitol

New York State Pavilion

New York Tolerance Center

New York University Medical Center

New York World's Fair 1939-1940

New Yorker (magazine)

Newark Earthworks

Newark of the Present

Newark Public Library

Newbern Baseball Field

Newbern Fire Station

Newberry House

Newbold Garden

Newcomen atmospheric engine

Newgate Prison

Newgrange Burial Chamber

Newhall Building


Newly built freeway

Newman Library Addition

Newport Casino

Newport Coast Elementary School

Newport Dunes Park


Newsagent, East London

Newspaper, The


Newton Library

NextGen House

Nexus World Housing

Nexus World Kashii

Nexus World Kashii. See also Nexus World Housing

NFU Mutual & Avon HQ

Ngarin Janu Country 1988

Ni'ihama Agricultural Cooperative


Niagara Falls

Niankhkhnum & Khnumhotep, Tomb. Use Tomb of Niankhkhnum & Khnumhotep


Nicholas County Courthouse

Nicholas Kratzer (portrait)

Nicholls House (Hunter House)

Nichols Own House

Nichols-Rice-Cherry House

Nick Wilder Installation. Use Corridor Installation

Nickel Construction


Nicola Valley Institute of Technology

Nicolait Residence

Nido de Aguilas School

Nielson Corporate Headquarters

Nietzsche Archives


Night and Day

Night Club Facade, West Oakland

Night Focus Dawn

Night in the Science Zone

Night Personage Presence

Night Raid on Nijo Castle

Night Thoughts on Life, Death & Immortality

Night view of River Elbe waterfront

Night Watch


Niigata Concert Hall

Nijo Castle

Nijojo. Use Nijo Castle

Nikai Chemical Guesthouse

Nike European Headquarters

Nikken Sekkei Approach to Green Buildings, The


Nila Gumbad

Nile River cataracts and area of Kush

Niles House

Niles House II

Nilufer Hatun Imaret

Nimrod Dam

Nine Books

Nine Dragon Wall

Nine foot square shelter

Nine Nevada Depressions

Nine Partners Meeting House

Ninewell Hospital

Ninoflax Building

Ninomaru Palace

Ninth Square

Nippon Convention Center. Use Makuhari Messe

Nipponbashi House

Nira House

Nishat Bagh

Nishi Fire Station

Nishi Honganji

Nishi Hongwanji Buddhist Temple. Use JANM Temple Building

Nishida Kitaro Museum of Philosophy. Use Ishikawa Nishida Kitaro Museum of Philosophy

Nishido House

Nishiyachio Station

Nitobe Memorial Garden

Niujie Libai Si (Niujie Mosque)

Nizam-ud-Din Auliya Shrine Complex

Nizami Khamsa

NMB Bank Headquarters

No Atomic War. Use Atomkreig Nein

No White People Allowed in Zoo Today

No. 12 Moyka Canal

No.1 Poultry


No.13 Morskaya Street


No.17 Morskaya Street


No.42 Rasinovo




Nodwell Longhouse 9

Noh Laboratory Theater Tessenkai


Noli mi tangere

Nolli Plan of Rome

Nomad Restaurant

Nonferrous Metals Exhibition

Nonsite, Franklin, New Jersey, A

Nonsuch Palace


Nordic Nations Pavilion

Nordic Watercolor Museum

Nordiska Akvarellmuseet. Use Nordic Watercolor Museum

Normal School

Norman Fisher House. Use Fisher House

Norman House

Norris Dam

Norris Dam Spillway and Powerhouse. Use Norris Dam

Norrkoping Villa

Norsk Folkemuseum. Use Norwegian Folk Museum

North Acropolis

North Alaskan Eskimo Winter Pit House

North Apse

North Beach Community Garden

North Canaan Congregational Church. Use East Canaan Congregational Church

North Carolina National Bank

North Carolina State Capitol

North Carolina State Legislative Building

North Christian Church

North Dade Courthouse

North Dakota State Capitol

North Easton Railroad Station. Use Old Colony Railroad Station

North False Creek

North Forum

North Gate Hall

North Mill

North Palace

North Platform

North Pyramid. Use Red Pyramid

North Rim Lodge

North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Use North Rim Lodge

North Shore Synagogue

North Shore Yacht Club

North Temple

North Theater

North Wall

North-South Axis

North-west Palace. Use Northern Palace

Northampton Free Public Library

Northampton Town Hall

Northeastern University

Northern Agora

Northern Arizona University Stadium

Northern Aviary. Use Snowdon Aviary

Northern Boulevard

Northern Byzantine Gate

Northern Palace

Northern Stoa

Northshore Congregation Israel

Northville Elementary School

Northwest Building

Northwest Landing

Northwest National Life Insurance

Northwestern University

Norton Residence

Norton Simon Gallery & Guest House

Norwegian Folk Museum

Norwegian Museum of Cultural History. Use Norwegian Folk Museum

Norwich Cathedral

Norwich School of Art and Design

Norwich Yarn Company

Nossa Senhora do Carmo

Nossa Senhora do Rosario dos Pretos

Not Cruel Enough

Notch Project

Notebook, The



Notkerstrasse housing


Notre Dame Abbey

Notre Dame Church

Notre Dame de Toute Grace

Notre Dame du Bon Secours Chapel

Notre Dame du Haut. Use Ronchamp Hostel

Notre Dame du Raincy

Notre Dame e la Pentecote

Notre-Dame Cathedral

Notre-Dame d'Afrique

Notre-Dame du Haut


Notting Hill House

Nottingham Shopping Centre

Nottingham Trent University

Nottoway House

Nou Campus Library. Use Valencia University Library

Nova Icaria

Nova Vida Housing

Novanoah I

Novanoah II

Novartis Laboratory

Novodevichi Convent

Novy LEF

Noyes Science Center

NRDC. Use Natural Resources Defense Council Headquarters

NREL Solar Energy Research Facility

Nubian Leading a Camel

Nubian Museum


Nuda Veritas


Nude Broad-jumping

Nude Crouching in the Tub

Nude Girl

Nude in Lamplight

Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe. Use Our Lady of Guadalupe Church

Nuestra Senora de la Encarnacion Church

Nuestra Senora de la Paz

Nuestra Senora de las Angustias. Use Virgen de las Angustias

Nuestra Senora de los Remedios

Nuestra Senora de los Remedios Church

Nuestro Senora Monastery. Use Franciscan Monastery Nuestra Senora

Nuevo Amanecer

Number 3

Nunnery, The

Nureddin Nimatullah Shrine

Nuremberg Nazi Party Congress

Nuremburg Imperial Castle

Nurney Farm

Nursery School


Nuru Osmaniye Mosque

Nusretiye Cami

Nussbaum Museum

Nuziders Waldburgstrasse Housing

NW Federal Credit Union

Nya Bruket housing estate

Nyland Community Housing


Nymphenburg Palace

Nyvang School

- O -

O Senor do Bom Jesus de Matozinhos Sanctuary. Use Bom Jesus de Matozinhos Church


O'Hara House



Oak Alley

Oak Hill Cemetery Chapel

Oak Office

Oak Terrace

Oakes Ames House

Oakes Ames Memorial Town Hall

Oakholm. Use Charles S. Greene House

Oakland County College Think Grid. Use Detroit Think Grid

Oakland Federal Building

Oakland Freeway Project

Oakland International Airport Concourse

Oakland Museum of California

Oakland series

Oakland Spring Garden Show

Oakland Temple, Latter Day Saints

Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum

Oakleigh Plantation

Oakleigh Thorne House. Use Thorne-Ledbetter House


Oaks, The

Oakshott Place


Oasis Apartments

Oath of the Horatii

Oatlands Plantation

Oaxaca Cathedral

Obelisco de Buenos Aires. Use Obelisk of Buenos Aires


Obelisk of Buenos Aires

Obelisk of Senusret I

Obelisk Temple

Obelisk Tomb

Ober St. Veit Station

Ober St. Veit Station. Use Ober St. Veit Station


Oberlin College

Oberoi Four Sails Hotel

Object (Compass Roses)

Object (Hotel Theatricals by the Grandson of...)

Object (Luncheon in Fur)

Object (The Door)

Objective Obtained

Oblique street view of arcades

Oblique view of arcades along a narrow street

Oblique view of Art Nouveau apartment block

Oblique view of church and aqueduct

Oblique view of mud-brick dwellings

Oblique view of mud-brick exterior wall and facade

Oblique view of mud-brick wall and doorways

Oblique view of spectators at a Pink Floyd concert

Oblique view of Victorian row houses, fr sidewalk

Oblong Meeting House

Oboe Player (Portrait of Dr. Benjamin Sharp)

Observation deck. Use Outside Line

Observations on the Highlands of Scotland



Observatory House

Observatory House. Use Davids/Killory Addition

Observatory of Madrid

OCAS Steel Research Center

OCBC Centre. Use Overseas-Chinese Banking Corporation Centre

Occhio alato col motto Quid Tum?

Occidental Art Museum

Occidental Arts & Ecology Center

Occidental Board Presbyterian Mission House. Use Donaldina Cameron House

Occidental College

Occult Psychogenic Misfeasance

Occupation Health Association

Occupation Health Association Gardens

Ocean Greyness

Ocean Park Cooperative

Ocean Park series

Oceanfront House

Oceanside Civic Center

Ochre Project


Octagon House

Octagon House. Use Abijah Thomas House

Octagonal House

Octagonal Tower. Use Musamman Burj

October Revolution School

October Revolution, 5th Anniv. Construction

Octopus Vase

Odate Day Care Center

Odawara Castle

Odawara Pavilion

Ode to Joy

Odeon Theater

Odessa Street Beach Pavilion

Odette Monteiro Estate gardens

Odeum of Herodes Atticus

Odigitria Church. Use Hodegetria Church, Lady of

Odwara Festival Hall. Use Odawara Pavilion

Odysseus' Assistant


Oegstgeest Preschool

Of Shoes & Ships & Sealing Wax

Of Statues

Off Deal

Off India Docks

Off the Nore: Wind and Water

Offertory of Mnesarchi

Office & Apartment Building (Block 205)

Office and Apartment Building (Block 108)

Office and Apartment Buildings

Office Baroque

Office Building

Office Building Brau und Brunnen

Office Building in 194X

Office Building, Junkernstrasse

Office buildings

Office Buildings, Alexanderplatz

Office Furniture

Office in a Small City

Office of Kuala Lumpur Municipality (Town Hall). Use Sanitary Board Offices

Office of Margaret Bourke-White

Officers' Club

Ogden Park Plaza

Oglebay Mansion

Ohara House

Ohara Museum of Art

Ohara Museum of Art Annex

Ohashi House

Ohio State Capitol

Ohio State University

Ohlone (Costanoan) people

Ohlson Recreation Center

Ohne Titel

Ohrstrom Library



Oil Can #1

Oil Fields

Oil Rig

Oil Workers Monument


Ojo de agua

OK Park

Okamoto Dolmen

Okayama Castle

Oketo National District Forest Office

Okinawan Victim of the Atomic-Bomb Explosion

Oklahoma City National Memorial

Oklahoma State Capitol


Okunoin Temple

Okusya no Chaya


Olbia Social Centre

Old Administration Building

Old Admiralty Building

Old Arsenal

Old Art Gallery

Old Brick. Use Saint Luke's Church

Old Castle

Old Cathedral

Old City Hall

Old College

Old Colony Building

Old Colony House

Old Colony Railroad Station

Old Corner Bookstore

Old Custom House. Use Second Bank of the U.S.

Old Districts of Granada

Old Donation Church

Old England Department Store

Old Executive Office Building

Old Faithful Lodge

Old Fishmongers' Hall

Old Foolishness

Old Fort

Old Fort. Use Peter Tufts House

Old Forum. Use North Forum

Old Franklin Institute. Use Franklin Institute

Old Fugazi Bank Building

Old Harbor Renovation

Old House

Old Iga Ware

Old Library. Use Alte Bibliothek

Old Louisiana State Capitol

Old Man and Death

Old man reading

Old Manor House, The. Use Upton Grey

Old Mission Cottage

Old Mission San Juan Bautista

Old Mormon Fort

Old Mosque. Use Eski Valide

Old Narragansett Church. Use Saint Paul's Church

Old Neighborhood Church

Old Newgate Prison

Old Nisa

Old North Church

Old North Church. Use Old North Church

Old Ogden House

Old Opera House

Old Order & the New, The

Old Pine Street Church. Use Third Presbyterian Church

Old Place

Old Post Office

Old Sacristy

Old Saint John's Church

Old Saint Peter's Basilica

Old Salamanca Cathedral. Use Old Cathedral

Old Ship Church

Old Ship Meeting House

Old Shoin

Old South Church. Use New Old South Church

Old South Meeting House

Old Spring. Use Eski Kaplica

Old State Capitol

Old State House

Old Stone Temple. Use United First Parish Church

Old Sturbridge Village

Old style Tenement, Single lot tenement of to-day

Old Summer Palace. Use Yuan Ming Yuan

Old Sutter Creek Grammar School

Old Swan House

Old Town House

Old TransAmerica Building. Use Old Fugazi Bank Building

Old U.S. Mint

Old Wardour Castle

Old-New Synagogue. Use Altneushul

Oldest House


Olisippo. Lisabona

Oliver Ames Free Library

Oliver Phelps-Hatheway House

Oliver Ranch

Olivetti Exhibition System

Olivetti Showroom

Olivetti Stand

Olivier Theatre

Oljeytu Tomb. Use Uljeitu Tomb


Olmec lithic materials

Olmec sculpture

Olson Hall

Olympic Arch

Olympic College

Olympic Pavilion

Olympic Ring

Olympic Stadium (restored)

Olympic Velodrome

Olympic Village

Olympieion. Use Temple of Olympian Zeus

Omaha Station


Omega. Use Case Study House #6

Omnimax Theater Addition


Omotensenke Gate

Omotesando Building. Use Tod's Omotesando

On the Aesthetics of Architecture

On the Banks of the Nile

On the Cliffs, Dieppe

On the Nile

On the St.Anne's, East Canada

On the threshold of freedom

On-site Concrete System

Once Pastoral and Deceptive, Now Congested and ...

Once There Was a Forest


One Column Temple

One Hundred Story City in Neo-American Style. Use City of the Future

One Liberty Place

One Omotesando

One University Plaza

One Woodward. Use Michigan Consolidated Gas Company

Oneida Community Kitchen

Oneida Community Mansion House

Onjo-ji Shrine

Onkel Toms Hutte House

Onkel Toms Hutte, Argentinische Allee

Onkel Toms Hutte, Auerhahnbalz

Onkel Toms Hutte, Riemeisterstrasse

Onkel Toms Hutte, Wilskistrasse

Only One


Onyx funerary mask

Oogaki Multimedia Studio

Ookmeerweg Housing. Use Woonzorgcomplex

Oost Montessori College

OPAL Commons

Open Air Museum

Open Air School

Open City

Open Door, The (from "Pencil of Nature")

Open Doors Family Housing

Open Hand

Open House

Open University of the Environment. Use Free University of the Environment

Open-air chapels

Open-Air Museum

Opera de Arame. Use Wire Opera House

Opera de la Bastille

Opera House

Opera of Cairo

Opera Pia Zuane Contarini

Opera Tower. Use Theater

Opernhaus. Use State Opera House

Oporto Cultural Center

Optic Nerve #7

Optician's Store

Ora Town Hall

Oraibi pueblo

Orange County Mobile Home Park

Orange Smiley Face Neon Head



Oratorio dell'Ospizio Falier

Orchard Park Apartments

Orchard Village/Oak Hill


Orchid Pavilion. Use Lan-T'ing Garden

Order of the Garter badge

Ordination Hall. Use Ubosot

Oregon Convention Center

Oregon State Capitol

Oresund Bridge

Organ Fountain

Organic City Architecture

Organizational Chart of the Bauhaus

Orhan Gazi Mausoleum

Oribe Ware

Oriel Row

Oriental Masonic Gardens

Oriental Scenery

Origin III Building


Oriole Park at Camden Yards

Orion in December

Orlando International Airport South Terminal


Oro, the war god

Orono Housing


Orpheus Mosaic

Orr House


Orsk City Plans

Ortakoy Mosque

Ortdrivaren housing development

Orthodox Baptistery

Ortiz House

Ortiz Monasterio House

Osaka Castle