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[XI. The Future]
[XIII. Glossary]


Wayne R. Ferren Jr.[1], Peggy L. Fiedler[2], Robert A. Leidy[3]

Many agencies, organizations, institutions, and individuals assisted with this extensive undertaking. First we wish to thank Lewis Cowardin and his colleagues, Virginia Carter, Francis Golet, and Edward LaRoe, for providing a classification framework upon which we could build and consequently illustrate the great diversity of wetland types in California. Acknowledgment and gratitude to all others are organized by type of assistance.

Funding. We thank the Wetlands and Coastal Planning Section of the U.S Environmental Protection Agency, Region IX, in San Francisco, California, for providing the funding for the initial proposeal in 1991, and subsequent requests in 1992 and 1993. In particular, we thank Mary Butterwick, EPA Project Manager, for her interest in and enthusiasm for our project and for her patience during our effort to compile the draft report. We also thank Dr. James Kelley, Dean of the College of Science and Engineering at San Francisco State University, for providing matching release time for Peggy Fiedler; and we thank the Department of Biological Sciences of the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) for assisting with the administration of this project and for the support for Wayne Ferren to serve as principal investigator.

Authorships. We thank the contributors of the various sections of the report for their sincere commitment to produce a piece of quality work, even with difficult deadlines and limited funding. In particular we thank Kevin Lafferty and Keith Hamm (UCSB) for spearheading the marine section, and Kevin for his interest and insights in helping to produce the classification methodology. We thank Leal Mertes and John Hawksworth (UCSB) and Mark Capelli for their major contributions on the Ventura River section, particularly Leal Mertes without whom this section would not have been as rigorous or revealing.

Inspiration & Guidance. Bob Haller has for many years given one of us in particular (WRF) much of his time and encouragement, recognizing before most California botanists the paucity of adequate information on wetland types within the state. We also wish to thank Lyndon C. Lee for providing us with much guidance on the application of this classification, and in general, for sharing his perspicacity into wetland ecosystems in the American West. Joy Zedler provided inspiration and reminders that our efforts were worthwhile.

Access. Many federal, state, county, and municipal agencies, utility districts, military bases, and private organizations and individuals granted or facilitated access to lands owned or managed by them. We extend a broad thanks for their assistance in making this study as inclusive of the resources as possible. Parks and reserves were this was particularly helpful include: Carmel River, Andrew Molera, Pfieffer Big Sur, San Simeon, Morro Bay, Gaviota, Emma Wood, McGrath, Rancho Cuyamaca, and Silver Strand State Parks or Beaches; Nojoqui Falls, Arroyo Burro, and Lake Morena County Parks; Las Padres, Angeles, San Bernardino, and Cleveland National Forests; Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area; and many others such as the Hollister Ranch Association, Casitas Municipal Water District, Topanga-La Virgenes Resource Conservation District, Vandenberg Air Force Base, and Camp Pendelton Marine Base. We also thank the Sweetwater Springs Audubon Reserve at Morro Bay, Coal Oil Point Reserve at UCSB, Goleta Slough State Ecological Reserve, Carpinteria Salt Marsh Reserve, Sedgwick Ranch Reserve, Santa Rosa Plateau Reserve, Baldwin Lake State Ecological Reserve, Miramar Mounds National Natural Monument, Buena Vista Lagoon State Ecological Reserve, San Elijo Ecological Reserve, San Jacinto National Wildlife Refuge, and Tijuana National Estuarine Research Reserve. We also extend great thanks to Jeanette Sainz for access to Rancho Las Flores.

Field Work. Many individuals assisted with field work during the three years of the project. In particular we thank: Fred and Carol Roberts of the Carlsbad Office of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; Dave Bramlet for Riverside County work; Maile Neil, Jody Sawasaki, and Becky during work in the San Bernardino National Forest; Sharon Lockhart for access and visit to Ballona Wetlands; Keith Hamm for his tireless efforts in the field along the coast; Ellen Bauder and Steve McMillan for visits to San Diego County vernal pools; John Hawksworth during the Ventura River portion of the project; Mark Holmgren (UCSB) during an evaluation of the Santa Clara River and elsewhere in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties; Jason Hamilton (UCSB) during trips to the Cuyama Valley and Santa Barbara and Ventura counties; Mark Olson (UCSB) for assistance with vernal pools in northern Santa Barbara County; and Garrett and Jena Leidy for assistance during many excursions.

Photographs and Figures. Most of the photographs in this volume where taken by the authors. We have noted in several situations when this is not the case and thank the photographers for their help. We especially thank Frank Davis and David Stoms of the Biogeography Lab (UCSB) for the Landsat false color composite of the study region. We also thank Art Works, especially Steve Brown, Roberta Bloom, and D.J. McLaren, at Instructional Development (UCSB) for their enthusiasm and undivided attention during the preparation of the color plates, in addition to Zyzyx in Los Angeles for scaning the slides, and The Alternative in Goleta for printing the plates.

Document and Report Preparation. We thank Jason Hamilton for producing most of the reference list; Vicki Ferrari for preparing the list of species of special concern; and Lisa Lacabanne for preparing part of the glossary; and Angie Gallagher and Terri Dunson of the Department of Biological Sciences at UCSB for miscellaneous word processing.

Reviewers. We thank the many reviewers who provided much assistance during the revision process. Formal reviews for specific portions or for an overview of the document as requested by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency were provided by Mark Borchert, U.S. Forest Service; Dr. Frank Davis, University of California, Santa Barbara; Dr. Lyndon C. Lee, L.C. Lee & Associates, Inc.; Dr. Todd Keeler-Wolf, California Department of Fish and Game; Elizabeth White, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and Dr. Joy Zedler, San Diego State University. Informal reviewers included Dr. Dennis Whigham, David Magney, and Steve Hartman.

To all of these individuals and groups we offer our appreciation for assistance during the preparation, field, analysis, writing, and revision phases of this project.